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Sudden unexpected death in an undiagnosed sickle disease

Author(s): Pillai Lalitha | Husainy Saifuddin | Gosavi Sameer | Vaidya Narendra
Psychotrauma and effective treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder in soldiers and peacekeepers

Author(s): Vitzthum Karin | Mache Stefanie | Joachim Ricarda | Quarcoo David | Groneberg David
Ketamine Enhanced Psychotherapy: Preliminary Clinical Observations on its Effectiveness in Treating Death Anxiety

Author(s): Eli Kolp | Evgeny Krupitsky | M. Scott Young | Karl Jansen | Harris Friedman | Laurie-Ann O’Connor
Cancer and Psychiatric Disorders

Author(s): Gulcan Gulec | Alev Buyukkinaci
Psychological process from hospitalization to death among uninformed terminal liver cancer patients in Japan

Author(s): Maeda Yuko | Hagihara Akihito | Kobori Eiko | Nakayama Takeo
Neurobehavioral effects of Phoenix dactylifera in mice

Author(s): Vyawahare N | Pujari R | Rajendran R | Khsirsagar A | Ingawale D | Patil M
Preterm Infant Born to a Mother with Severe Pandemic H1N1 Influenza

Author(s): Sezgin Güneş | Betul Siyah Bilgin | Mehmet Yalaz | Mete Akisu | Mete Ergenoğlu | Nilgün Kültürsay
Is Opioids Production By Pharmaceutical Industry Justified ?

Author(s): Dr Balvinder Arora | Dr. Sandeep Bagga

Author(s): Uribe-Rodríguez, Ana Fernanda | Valderrama, Laura | Durán Vallejo, Diana María | Galeano-Monroy, César | Gamboa, Karina | López, Santiago
Establishing the added benefit of measuring MMP9 in FOB positive patients as a part of the Wolverhampton colorectal cancer screening programme

Author(s): Wilson Sue | Taskila Taina | Ismail Tariq | Stocken Deborah | Martin Ashley | Redman Val | Wakelam Michael | Perry Ian | Hobbs Richard
A systematic review of the evidence of the burden of bipolar disorder in Europe

Author(s): Fajutrao Liberty | Locklear Julie | Priaulx Jennifer | Heyes Anne
A survey of death anxiety among personnel of a hospital in Sari

Author(s): Abbas Masoudzadeh | Javad Setareh | Reza Ali Mohammadpour | Mona Modanloo kordi
Physical distress is associated with cardiovascular events in a high risk population of elderly men

Author(s): Einvik Gunnar | Ekeberg Øivind | Klemsdal Tor | Sandvik Leiv | Hjerkinn Elsa
Perceptions from undergraduate nursing students about finitude in hospitals

Author(s): Julio César Batista Santana | Anna Carolina Leal | Priscilla Almeida Torres Lopes | Renata Gomes Guimarães | Tássila Silva Melo de Holanda | Bianca Santana Dutra
Depression and post-traumatic stress disorder among Haitian immigrant students: implications for access to mental health services and educational programming

Author(s): Fawzi Mary | Betancourt Theresa | Marcelin Lilly | Klopner Michelle | Munir Kerim | Muriel Anna | Oswald Catherine | Mukherjee Joia
The fear of being laughed at, social anxiety, and memories of being teased during childhood

Author(s): Kim R. Edwards | Rod A. Martin | David J. A. Dozois
Yoga as a complementary treatment for smoking cessation: rationale, study design and participant characteristics of the Quitting-in-Balance study

Author(s): Bock Beth | Morrow Kathleen | Becker Bruce | Williams David | Tremont Geoffrey | Gaskins Ronnesia | Jennings Ernestine | Fava Joseph | Marcus Bess
Can we predict intensive care relatives at risk for posttraumatic stress disorder?

Author(s): Pillai Lalitha | Aigalikar Supriya | Vishwasrao Sunil | Husainy S. M. K.
Violence toward physicians in emergency departments of Morocco: prevalence, predictive factors, and psychological impact

Author(s): Belayachi Jihane | Berrechid Kamal | Amlaiky Fatiha | Zekraoui Aicha | Abouqal Redouane
Designing and implementing a longitudinal study of children with neurological, genetic or metabolic conditions: charting the territory

Author(s): Siden Harold | Steele Rose | Brant Rollin | Cadell Susan | Davies Betty | Straatman Lynn | Widger Kimberley | Andrews Gail
Nursing students’ stressors and anxiety in their first clinical practice

Author(s): Ana Isabel Cobo Cuenca | Raquel Carbonell Gómez de Zamora | Concepción Rodríguez Aguilera | Inmaculada Vivo Ortega | Rosa Mª Castellanos Rainero | Asunción Sánchez Donaire
Epilepsy and suicide: pathogenesis, risk factors, and prevention

Author(s): Alberto Verrotti | Alessandra Cicconetti | Barbara Scorrano | Domenico De Berardis | Carla Cotellessa | et al
Anxiety Disorder amongst Secondary School Children in an Urban City in Nigeria

Author(s): Angela I. Frank-Briggs | E. A. D. Alikor
Psychiatric disorders and clinical correlates of suicidal patients admitted to a psychiatric hospital in Tokyo

Author(s): Hayashi Naoki | Igarashi Miyabi | Imai Atsushi | Osawa Yuka | Utsumi Kaori | Ishikawa Yoichi | Tokunaga Taro | Ishimoto Kayo | Harima Hirohiko | Tatebayashi Yoshitaka | Kumagai Naoki | Nozu Makoto | Ishii Hidetoki | Okazaki Yuji
Psychological response of family members of patients hospitalised for influenza A/H1N1 in Oaxaca, Mexico

Author(s): Elizarrarás-Rivas Jesús | Vargas-Mendoza Jaime | Mayoral-García Maurilio | Matadamas-Zarate Cuauhtémoc | Elizarrarás-Cruz Anaid | Taylor Melanie | Agho Kingsley
Voluntary self-poisoning as a cause of admission to a tertiary hospital internal medicine clinic in Piraeus, Greece within a year

Author(s): Tountas Charalambos | Sotiropoulos Alexios | Skliros Stathis | Kotsini Vasiliki | Peppas Theodoros | Tamvakos Elias | Pappas Stavros
Predictors of refusal to participate: a longitudinal health survey of the elderly in Australia

Author(s): Jacomb Patricia | Jorm Anthony | Korten Ailsa | Christensen Helen | Henderson A Scott
Fighting cancer is half the battle... living life is the other half

Author(s): Pahwa Manasi | Babu Nandita | Bhatnagar Sushma
Evaluation of the accuracy of serum MMP-9 as a test for colorectal cancer in a primary care population

Author(s): Wilson Sue | Wakelam Michael | Hobbs Richard | Ryan Angela | Dunn Janet | Redman Val | Patrick Fiona | Colbourne Lynne | Martin Ashley | Ismail Tariq
From ancestral knowledge to clinical practice: the case of agonias and Portuguese clinicians in America

Author(s): Clarke , Juanne N. | James , Susan | Lomotey Wilfrid, Jonathon | Navara , Geoffrey S.
Post-traumatic stress disorder among people exposed to the Ventotene street disaster in Rome

Author(s): Raja Michele | Onofri Antonio | Azzoni Antonella | Borzellino Bruno | Melchiorre Nicoletta
The changing causal foundations of cancer-related symptom clustering during the final month of palliative care: A longitudinal study

Author(s): Olson Karin | Hayduk Leslie | Cree Marilyn | Cui Ying | Quan Hue | Hanson John | Lawlor Peter | Strasser Florian
A reassuring presence: An evaluation of Bradford District Hospice at Home service

Author(s): Lucas Beverley | Small Neil | Greasley Peter | Daley Andrew
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Author(s): H Javidi | M Yadollahie
Factores de riesgo para enfermedad isquémica del corazón en médicos especialistas.

Author(s): Javier J. Pérez | José L. Ramírez | Mónica T. Mejía | Herbert E. Espig | Eysi P. Reales | Luis G. Quijada
Palliative Care and Death Anxiety

Author(s): Figen Inci | Fatma Oz
The neurobiology of posttraumatic stress disorder: dysfunction in the prefrontal-amygdala circuit?

Author(s): Isabela Lobo | Letícia de Oliveira | Mirtes G. Pereira | Eliane Volchan | Vanessa Rocha-Rego | Ivan Figueira | Izabela Mocaiber
Identity Salience and its dynamics in Palestinians Adolescents

Author(s): Ibrahim A. Kira | Abdul Wahhab Nasser Alawneh | Sharifa Aboumediane | Jamal Mohanesh | Bulent Ozkan | Hala Alamia
Protocol for a double-blind randomised placebo-controlled trial of lithium carbonate in patients with amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (LiCALS) [Eudract number: 2008-006891-31]

Author(s): Al-Chalabi Ammar | Shaw Pamela | Young Carolyn | Morrison Karen | Murphy Caroline | Thornhill Marie | Kelly Joanna | Steen I Nicholas | Leigh P Nigel
Drama as a pedagogical tool for practicing death notification-experiences from Swedish medical students

Author(s): Nordström Anna | Fjellman-Wiklund Anncristine | Grysell Tomas
Factors related to surgery worries among iranian high school adolescents

Author(s): Meshkani Z.S | Sedaghat M. | Afshin A.
Perceptions of nursing students about the process of death and dying

Author(s): Camila Leal de Sousa | Amanda Rodrigues Faria
Amelioration of CNS Toxicities of L-Dopa in Experimental Models of Parkinson’s Disease by Concurrent Treatment with Tinospora cordifolia

Author(s): Shanish Antony A | Partha DebRoy | Jaysankar K | Vadivelan R | Vikram M , | Nandini S | Sundeep M | Elango K | Suresh B
Nocturnal panic attack: is it an another subtype?

Author(s): Özlem Girit Çetinkaya | Kürşat Altınbaş | Derya İpekçioğlu | Sezgin Erdiman | Şeref Özer
A study on the attitudes of physicians: approach towards death and terminally ill

Author(s): Ayşe Özkıriş | Gülcan Güleç | Çınar Yenilmez | Ahmet Musmul | Meltem Yanaş
The Graduate Grind: A Critical Look at Graduate Education

Author(s): Annabelle L. Grundy | Michelle K. McGinn
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