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Deadwood and saproxylic beetle diversity in naturally disturbed and managed spruce forests in Nova Scotia

Author(s): DeLancey Bishop | Christopher Majka | Søren Bondrup-Nielsen | Stewart Peck
Dendrometric, phytopathological and entomological characteristics of a wych elm tree on mt. Goč

Author(s): Medarević Milan | Banković Staniša | Karadžić Dragan | Mihajlović Ljubodrag | Pantić Damjan | Obradović Snežana
On the Damper Cage Bar´s Currents Calculation Forsalient Pole Large Synchronous Machina

Author(s): Liliana Vicol | Attila Banyai | Ioan-Adrian Viorel | Jean Jacques Simond
Application of Open Circuit Voltage Decay to the Characterization of p/n+ and n/p+ Epitaxial Layer

Author(s): Milan Tapajna | Jaroslav Pjencak | Andrej Vrbicky | Pavol Kudela | Ladislav Harmatha
Effect of chemical degradation on fluxes of reactive compounds

Author(s): J. Rinne | T. Markkanen | T. M. Ruuskanen | T. Petäjä | P. Keronen | M. J. Tang | J. N. Crowley | Ü. Rannik | T. Vesala
Ozone zonal asymmetry and planetary waves characterization during Antarctic spring

Author(s): I. Ialongo | V. Sofieva | N. Kalakoski | J. Tamminen | E. Kyrölä
210Pb-226Ra chronology reveals rapid growth rate of Madrepora oculata and Lophelia pertusa on world's largest cold-water coral reef

Author(s): P. Sabatier | J.-L. Reyss | J. M. Hall-Spencer | C. Colin | N. Frank | N. Tisnérat-Laborde | L. Bordier | E. Douville
Understanding and Ameliorating Non-Linear Phase and Amplitude Responses in AMCW Lidar

Author(s): John P. Godbaz | Michael J. Cree | Adrian A. Dorrington
The Cauchy problem and decay rates for strong solutions of a Boussinesq system

Author(s): Francisco Guillén González | Márcio Santos da Rocha | Marko Rojas Medar
Getting Information on |Ue3|2 from Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay

Author(s): Alexander Merle | Werner Rodejohann
Gene decay in archaea

Author(s): M. W. J. van Passel | C. S. Smillie | H. Ochman

Author(s): Kei MAEDA | Masamitsu OHTA | Ikuno MOMOHARA

Author(s): Alba ZAREMSKI | Sabrina PALANTI | Massimo MANNUCCI | Louis GASTONGUAY | Gaétan LE FLOCH
Effectiveness of Pyroligneous Acids from Vapour Released in Charcoal Industry Against Biodegradable Agent under Laboratory Condition

Author(s): S.H. Lee | P.S. H`ng | M.J. Chow | A.S. Sajap | B.T. Tey | U. Salmiah | Y.L. Sun
Local Mode Excitation for Time Resolved Unimolecular Decay Studies

Author(s): T. R. Rizzo | B. D. Cannon | E. S. McGinley | F. F. Crim
UV Laser Decay of Oxygen-Deficient Centers in Silica Glasses

Author(s): V. N. Bagratashvili | S. I. Tsypina | S. S. Alimpiev | Ya. O. Simanovski | A. M. Prokhorov | A. O. Rybaltovski
Photodissociation Mechanisms of Benzene Cluster Ions on the Excitation With hv = 0.5-3.0 eV

Author(s): Kazuhiko Ohashi | Yasuhiro Nakai | Nobuyuki Nishi
Gamma Decay Heat Distribution in Core: A Known Issue Revisited

Author(s): Gianni Petrangeli | Calogero Sollima
Decay Heat Removal and Transient Analysis in Accidental Conditions in the EFIT Reactor

Author(s): Giacomino Bandini | Paride Meloni | Massimiliano Polidori | Maddalena Casamirra | Francesco Castiglia | Mariarosa Giardina
Durante and Wallace-Crabbe: LIMES

Author(s): Besserman, Perle
Laser-induced fluorescence measurements on CdSe quantum dots

Author(s): Zoltan Győri | Dávid Tátrai | Ferenc Sarlós | Gábor Szabó | Ákos Kukovecz | Zoltán Kónya | Imre Kiricsi
Ortodontide beyaz nokta lezyonları ve güncel teşhis, korunma ve tedavi yaklaşımları

Author(s): Tancan Uysal | Mihri Amasyali | Alper Erdin Koyuturk
Effects of Ozonated Water on Storage Life and Postharvest Quality of Iranian Table Grape (cv. Bidaneh Qermez)

Author(s): Mahsa Geransayeh | Younes Mostofi | Vahid Abdossi | Mohammad Ali Nejatian
Riboflavin alleviates cardiac failure in Type I diabetic cardiomyopathy

Author(s): Guoguang Wang | Wei Li | Xiaohua Lu | Xue Zhao
Plasmonic Molecular Nanohybrids—Spectral Dependence of Fluorescence Quenching

Author(s): Maria Olejnik | Łukasz Bujak | Sebastian Mackowski
Full Gauge-Parameter-Independent Higgs-Boson Self-Energy

Author(s): Bernd Kniehl | Caesar Palisoc
Verhulst's Lagrangean and self-regulated systems

Author(s): .G. Mu oz S. | D. Sierra Porta | T. Soldovieri | D. Montiel | R.O. Rodr guez | J. Toro Mendoza | L. Rivero
Dependencia con la temperatura de los fonones activos en Raman del compuesto TlGaS2

Author(s): F.V. Perez G. | Ch. Power | J.C. Chervin | J. Gonz lez
Effect of aging in HDPE blended with DEM in decalin

Author(s): P. Silva | C. Albano | A. Karam | M.G. Vargas | R. Perera
On the Damper Cage Bar´s Currents Calculation Forsalient Pole Large Synchronous Machina

Author(s): Liliana Vicol | Attila Banyai | Ioan-Adrian Viorel | Jean Jacques Simond
Application of Open Circuit Voltage Decay to the Characterization of p/n+ and n/p+ Epitaxial Layer

Author(s): Milan Tapajna | Jaroslav Pjencak | Andrej Vrbicky | Pavol Kudela | Ladislav Harmatha
MR Diffusion Studies of Human Brain in-vivo

Author(s): M Nezamzadeh | I Cameron
Effect of Jojoba Oil Emulsion on Prolonging Storage Periods of Costata Persimmon Fruits

Author(s): A.S.E. Abd-Allah | A.A. Eman | Abd El-Moneim | M.M.S. Saleh | M.A.A. El-Naggar
The dynamics of long-lived spiral arms

Author(s): Fujii M.S. | Baba J. | Saitoh T.R. | Kokubo E. | Makino J. | Wada K.
The Strong Decay Properties of the 1−+ Hybrid Mesons

Author(s): Huang Peng-Zhi | Chen Hua-Xing | Zhu Shi-Lin
Experimental plan of Σp scatterings at J-PARC

Author(s): Miwa K. | Honda R. | Matsumoto Y. | Kanda H. | Tamura H. | Ieiri M.
Level Densities in the actinide region and indirect n,y cross section measurements using the surrogate method

Author(s): Wilson J.N. | Gunsing F. | Bernstein L. | Bürger A. | Görgen A. | Thompson I.J. | Guttormssen M. | Larsen A-C. | Mansouri P. | Renstrøm T. | Rose S.J. | Siem S. | Wiedeking M. | Wiborg T.
Asymmetric Fission in the 78Kr+40Ca reactions at 5.5 MeV/nucleon

Author(s): Wieleczko J.P. | Ademard G. | Mazurek K. | Schmitt C. | Bonnet E. | Chbihi A. | Frankland J.D. | del Campo J. Gomez | Commara M. La | Vigilante M. | Rosato E. | Spadaccini G. | Beck C. | Barlini S. | Borderie B. | Bougault R. | Dayras R. | De Angelis G. | Sanctis J. De | Kravchuk V.L. | Lautesse P. | Neindre N. Le | D’Onofrio A. | Parlog M. | Pierroutsakou D. | Romoli M. | Roy R.
Study and comparison of the decay modes of the systems formed in the reactions 78Kr+40Ca and 86Kr+48Ca at 10 AMeV

Author(s): Politi G. | Pirrone S. | Commara M. La | Wieleczko J.P. | Ademard G. | Filippo E. De | Vigilante M. | Amorini F. | Auditore L. | Beck C. | Berceanu I. | Bonnet E. | Borderie B. | Cardella G. | Chbihi A. | Colonna M. | D'Onofrio A. | Frankland J.D. | Geraci E. | Henry E. | LaGuidara E. | Lanzalone G. | Lautesse P. | Lebhertz D. | LeNeindre N. | Lombardo I. | Loria D. | Mazurek K. | Pagano A. | Papa M. | Piasecki E. | Porto F. | Quinlann M. | Rizzo F. | Rosato E. | Russotto P. | Schroeder W.U. | Spadaccini G. | Trifirò A. | Verde G.
Neutron capture experiments with 4π DANCE Calorimeter

Author(s): Baramsai B. | Mitchel G.E. | Walker C.L. | Bredeweg T.A. | Couture A. | Haight R.C. | Jandel M. | O'Donnell J.M. | Rundberg R.S. | Ullmann J. | Vieira D.J. | Agvaanluvsan U. | Dashdorj D. | Tseren T. | Bečvář F. | Krtička M.
Monte Carlo Simulation for Statistical Decay of Compound Nucleus

Author(s): Kawano T. | Talou P. | Chadwick M.B.
Scissors Mode in Gd Nuclei

Author(s): Kroll J. | Baramsai B. | Becker J.A. | Bečvář F. | Bredeweg T.A. | Couture A. | Chyzh A. | Dashdorj D. | Haight R.C. | Jandel M. | Krtička M. | Mitchell G.E. | O'Donnell J.M. | Parker W. | Rundberg R.S. | Ullmann J.L. | Vieira G.J. | Walker C.L. | Wilhelmy J.B. | Wouters J.M. | Wu C.Y.
Monte Carlo Hauser-Feshbach Modeling of Prompt Fission Neutrons and Gamma Rays

Author(s): Talou Patrick | Becker Bjorn | Kawano Toshihiko | Danon Yaron
Nuclear matter phase diagram from compound nucleus decay

Author(s): Moretto L.G. | Elliott J.B. | Lake P.T. | Phair L.
Minimization of actinide waste by multi-recycling of thoriated fuels in the EPR reactor

Author(s): Rose S.J. | Wilson J.N. | Capellan N. | David S. | Guillemin P. | Ivanov E. | Méplan O. | Nuttin A. | Siem S.
Spatial- and Time-Correlated Detection of Fission Fragments

Author(s): Granja C. | Kraus V. | Kopatch Y. | Telezhnikov S.A. | Vacik J. | Tomandl I. | Platkevic M. | Pospisil S.
Thermal Neutron Capture onto the Stable Tungsten Isotopes

Author(s): Hurst A.M. | Firestone R.B. | Sleaford B.W. | Summers N.C. | Revay Zs. | Szentmiklósi L. | Belgya T. | Basunia M.S. | Capote R. | Choi H. | Dashdorj D. | Escher J. | Krticka M. | Nichols A.
Application of time domain induced polarization to the mapping of lithotypes in a landfill site

Author(s): A. Gazoty | G. Fiandaca | J. Pedersen | E. Auken | A. V. Christiansen | J. K. Pedersen
The Role of Water in Lanthanide-Catalyzed Carbon–Carbon Bond Formation

Author(s): Derek J. Averill | Prabani Dissanayake | Matthew J. Allen
In Vitro Control of Post-Harvest Fruit Rot Fungi by Some Plant Essential Oil Components

Author(s): Ippolito Camele | Luciana Altieri | Laura De Martino | Vincenzo De Feo | Emilia Mancini | Gian Luigi Rana
Effects of Different Postharvest Heat Treatments on Decreasing Decay, Reducing Chilling Injury and Maintaining Quality of Nectarine Fruit

Author(s): Goran Fruk | Lidija Nišević | Zdravka Sever | Tihomir Miličević | Tomislav Jemrić
Physiological response of Norway spruce foliage in the drought vegetation period 2009

Author(s): Jaroslav Kmeť | Ľubica Ditmarová | Daniel Kurjak | Tibor Priwitzer
Evolution of trace gases and particles emitted by a chaparral fire in California

Author(s): S. K. Akagi | J. S. Craven | J. W. Taylor | G. R. McMeeking | R. J. Yokelson | I. R. Burling | S. P. Urbanski | C. E. Wold | J. H. Seinfeld | H. Coe | M. J. Alvarado | D. R. Weise
A Note on Stability of Longitudinal Vibrations of an Inhomogeneous Beam

Author(s): Samarjit Kar | Ganesh Chandra Gorain | Prasanta Kumar Nandi
A Vietnamese version of the 14-item oral health impact profile (OHIP-14VN)

Author(s): Ewald M. Bronkhorst | Nico H. J. Creugers | Dick J. Witter | Anneloes E. Gerritsen | Thoa C. Nguyen
A Vietnamese version of the 14-item oral health impact profile (OHIP-14VN)

Author(s): Ewald M. Bronkhorst | Nico H. J. Creugers | Dick J. Witter | Anneloes E. Gerritsen | Thoa C. Nguyen
Albedo parametrization and reversibility of sea ice decay

Author(s): M. Müller-Stoffels | R. Wackerbauer
Scaling laws of diffusion and time intermittency generated by coherent structures in atmospheric turbulence

Author(s): P. Paradisi | R. Cesari | A. Donateo | D. Contini | P. Allegrini
A mechanistic model of global soil nitric oxide emissions: implementation and space based-constraints

Author(s): R. C. Hudman | N. E. Moore | R. V. Martin | A. R. Russell | A. K. Mebust | L. C. Valin | R. C. Cohen
Ultra-portable explosives sensor based on a CMOS fluorescence lifetime analysis micro-system

Author(s): Yue Wang | Bruce R. Rae | Robert K. Henderson | Zheng Gong | Jonathan Mckendry | Erdan Gu | Martin D. Dawson | Graham A. Turnbull | Ifor D. W. Samuel
Investigation of the up-conversion processes in Er3+:LiYF4 crystals

Author(s): Fábio Henrique Jagosich | Luiz Vicente Gomes Tarelho | Laércio Gomes | Izilda Márcia Ranieri
Diaporthe/Phomopsis Species on Soybean in Serbia

Author(s): Miloš Vidić | Stevan Jasnić | Kristina Petrović
Condição oral dos pacientes com síndrome de Sjögren: uma revisão sistemática: uma revisão sistemática

Author(s): Lima Junior, José Ferreira | Sena, Marina Fernandes | Ferreira, Maria Angela
Dental Health Status in Asthmatic Children

Author(s): M - Ghasempour | I Mohammadzade | K. Hosaininia | K. Hosaininia
Enhancing the Properties of Low Density Hardwood Dyera costulata Through Impregnation with Phenolic Resin Admixed with Formaldehyde Scavenger

Author(s): F.A. Nur Izreen | A. Zaidon | M.A. Rabia`tol Adawiah | E.S. Bakar | M.T. Paridah | S. Mohd. Hamami | U.M.K. Anwar
Relationship between BMI and Dental caries index in preschool children in Babol

Author(s): Maryam Ghasempour | Karimollah Hajian | Zoleikha Moazzezi | Maryam Zovvar
Technical Proposal on the Treatment of the Influent of the José Antonio Alzate dam Using Aerobic Pond System

Author(s): S.G. Rosas de Alva | I.D. Barceló–Quintal | A.L. Bussy–Beaurain | E. López–Galván
Distribution and lability of land-derived organic matter in the surface sediments of the Rhône prodelta and the adjacent shelf (Mediterranean Sea, France): a multi proxy study

Author(s): S. Bourgeois | A. M. Pruski | M.-Y. Sun | R. Buscail | F. Lantoine | P. Kerhervé | G. Vétion | B. Rivière | F. Charles
Time-Resolved Fluorescence Immunoassay for C-Reactive Protein Using Colloidal Semiconducting Nanoparticles

Author(s): Harri Härmä | Juha Toivonen | Juhani T. Soini | Pekka Hänninen | Wolfgang J. Parak
Structural Changes in Agriculture in the Pomurje Region After 1991

Author(s): Matej Kraner B.Sc., Postgraduate Student | Lučka Lorber Ph.D., Assistant Professor
X and γ-rays emission probabilities of 131I and 133Xe

Author(s): Paşa Yalçın | Arif Baştuğ
Radioactivity of nuclei in a centrifugal force field

Author(s): O. B Khavroshkin | V. V Tsyplakov
Deviations from Beta Radioactivity Exponential Drop

Author(s): Alexander G. Parkhomov
Alternative UV Sensors Based on Color-Changeable Pigments

Author(s): Martina Vikova | Michal Vik
Book Reviews

Author(s): Redactie KITLV
Book Reviews

Author(s): B.J. Boland | G.F. Pijper | H.J.M. Claessen | Francis Edgar Williams | J.E. van Lohuizen-de Leeuw | A.J. Bernet Kempers | A. de Ruijter | G.N. Appell
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