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Telemedical System for Monitoring of Blood Pressure

Author(s): Vratislav Fabian | Marcela Fejtova
The Knowledge Society: A Sustainability Paradigm

Author(s): Naim Hamdija Afgan | Maria G. Carvalho
Usefulness of high resolution coastal models for operational oil spill forecast: the "Full City" accident

Author(s): G. Broström | A. Carrasco | L. R. Hole | S. Dick | F. Janssen | J. Mattsson | S. Berger

Author(s): Giuseppe Boari | Amjad D. Al-Nasser | Luigi D'Ambra | Enrico Ciavolino
A method for the evaluation of the peculiar lexicon significance

Author(s): Flora Amato | Antonino Mazzeo | Sergio Scippacercola
Research and Planning of Application Blueprint for Shanghai Airport Business Intelligence System

Author(s): Huigang Fu | Chongjun Fan | Jianbai Wang | Ding Fang | Lu Yu | Xianglai Ran
Construction of Spatial Dataset from Remote Sensing using GIS for Deforestation Study

Author(s): K.R.Manjula | Dr. S. Jyothi | S. Anand Kumar Varma | Dr.S.Vijaya Kumar
Bankruptcy Prediction using SVM and Hybrid SVM Survey

Author(s): Jayanthi. J | Suresh Joseph. K | Vaishnavi. J
A Personnel Selection Model Based on TOPSIS

Author(s): Fengru XI | Lili ZHANG
Pour un échantillonnage et un conseil agronomique raisonné, les outils d'aide à la décision

Author(s): Genot, V. | Buffet, D. | Legrain, X. | Goffaux, MJ. | Cugnon, T. | Oger, R. | Bock, L. | Colinet, G.
Epidemiology of multi-resistant organisms – challenges to a regional data management system

Author(s): Gerlich, Miriam G. | Möller, Andreas | Schäfer, Christian | Strohbach, Anne-Kathrin | Krafczyk-Korth, Janina | Hoffmann, Wolfgang
Intellectual Property Valuation Decision Support System for University Research Output: A Conceptual Model

Author(s): Kamarulzaman Ab Aziz | Hezlin Harris | Nor Azlina Ab. Aziz
Conceptual Knowledge Approach to Operational Risk Management (A Case Study)

Author(s): Ali Hadi Jebrin | Abdalla Jamil Abu-Salma
Preparing future teachers for inclusive education in Serbia: Current situation and needs

Author(s): Macura-Milovanović Sunčica | Gera Iboja | Kovačević Mirjana
Analysis of the Characteristics of EIA Review System in Taiwan, A Case Study of Pinnan Industrial Park

Author(s): Binghua Li | Jing Du | Sachihiko Harashina | Shigeo Nishikizawa | Kuang-huei Huang
K-GATE Ontology Driven Knowledge Based System for Decision Support

Author(s): Ladislav Burita | Pavel Gardavsky | Tomas Vejlupek
Telemedical System for Monitoring of Blood Pressure

Author(s): Vratislav Fabian | Marcela Fejtova
Implementation of a Controller Unit for an Intelligent Ventilation System (IVS) for a BTS Room

Author(s): Sadeque Reza Khan | Ahmed Al Mansur | S.M. Ferdous
A Data Mining-Based Response Model for Target Selection in Direct Marketing

Author(s): Eniafe Festus Ayetiran | Adesesan Barnabas Adeyemo
Time ontology with Reference Event based Temporal Relations (RETR)

Author(s): M .Hemalatha | V. Uma | G. Aghila
Presenting a hybrid method in order to predict the2009 pandemic influenza A (H1N1)

Author(s): Reza Boostani | Mojtaba Rismanchi | Abbas Khosravani | Lida Rashidi
Experiences from online and classroom education in hydroinformatics

Author(s): I. Popescu | A. Jonoski | B. Bhattacharya
Dynamic Real Time Distributed Sensor Network Based Database Management System Using XML, JAVA and PHP Technologies

Author(s): D. Sudharsan | J. Adinarayana | S. Ninomiya | M. Hirafuji | T. Kiura
Clasification Of Arrhythmic ECG Data Using Machine Learning Techniques

Author(s): Abhinav Vishwa | Mohit K. Lal | Sharad Dixit | Pritish Vardwa
Melanoma Decision Support System for Dermatologist

Author(s): Priya Shetty | Varsha Turkar
Web based Farmers Bulletin for agricultural development using PAP Approach

Author(s): N.Manikandan | M.Sakthiganesh | P.J.Kumar | M.SenthilKumar
The Expert System Designed To Improve Customer Satisfaction

Author(s): P.Isakki alias Devi | S.P.Rajagopalan
Empirical Study of Evolution of Decision making Factors from 1990-2010

Author(s): Mohammed Suliman Al-Shakkah | Wan Rozaini Sheik Osman
Cerdà and Barcelona: The need for a new city and service provision

Author(s): Montserrat Pallares Barbera | Anna Badia | Jordi Duch
Paraconsistent Algorithm Extractor of Contradiction Effects - Paraextrctrctr

Author(s): Joao Inacio Da Silva Filho | Germano Lambert-Torres | Luiz Fernando Pompeo Ferrara | Maurício Conceição Mário | Marcos Rosa dos Santos | Alexandre Shozo Onuki | José de Melo Camargo | Alexandre Rocco
Spatial Analysis for Flood Control by Using Environmental Modeling

Author(s): Alireza Gharagozlou | Hassan Nazari | Mohammadjavad Seddighi
Web-Based Spatial Decision Support System andWatershed Management with a Case Study

Author(s): Yanli Zhang | Ramanathan Sugumaran | Matthew McBroom | John DeGroote | Rebecca L Kauten | Paul K Barten
Fuzzy obesity index (MAFOI) for obesity evaluation and bariatric surgery indication

Author(s): Miyahira Susana | de Azevedo João | Araújo Ernesto
Computerized clinical decision support systems for chronic disease management: A decision-maker-researcher partnership systematic review

Author(s): Roshanov Pavel | Misra Shikha | Gerstein Hertzel | Garg Amit | Sebaldt Rolf | Mackay Jean | Weise-Kelly Lorraine | Navarro Tamara | Wilczynski Nancy | Haynes R Brian
Can computerized clinical decision support systems improve practitioners' diagnostic test ordering behavior? A decision-maker-researcher partnership systematic review

Author(s): Roshanov Pavel | You John | Dhaliwal Jasmine | Koff David | Mackay Jean | Weise-Kelly Lorraine | Navarro Tamara | Wilczynski Nancy | Brian Haynes R
Stakeholders' perspectives on the regulation and integration of complementary and alternative medicine products in Lebanon: a qualitative study

Author(s): Alameddine Mohamad | Naja Farah | Abdel-Salam Sarah | Maalouf Salwa | Matta Claudia
Computerized clinical decision support systems for drug prescribing and management: A decision-maker-researcher partnership systematic review

Author(s): Hemens Brian | Holbrook Anne | Tonkin Marita | Mackay Jean | Weise-Kelly Lorraine | Navarro Tamara | Wilczynski Nancy | Brian Haynes R
Enhanced health event detection and influenza surveillance using a joint Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense biosurveillance application

Author(s): Lucero Cynthia | Oda Gina | Cox Kenneth | Maldonado Frank | Lombardo Joseph | Wojcik Richard | Holodniy Mark
Improved delivery of cardiovascular care (IDOCC) through outreach facilitation: study protocol and implementation details of a cluster randomized controlled trial in primary care

Author(s): Liddy Clare | Hogg William | Russell Grant | Wells George | Armstrong Catherine | Akbari Ayub | Dahrouge Simone | Taljaard Monica | Mayo-Bruinsma Liesha | Singh Jatinderpreet | Cornett Alex
Protocol for implementation of family health history collection and decision support into primary care using a computerized family health history system

Author(s): Orlando Lori | Hauser Elizabeth | Christianson Carol | Powell Karen | Buchanan Adam | Chesnut Blair | Agbaje Astrid | Henrich Vincent | Ginsburg Geoffrey
Development of quality indicators for monitoring outcomes of frail elderly hospitalised in acute care health settings: Study Protocol

Author(s): Brand Caroline | Martin-Khan Melinda | Wright Olivia | Jones Richard | Morris John | Travers Catherine | Tropea Joannne | Gray Leonard
Incremental Support Vector Machine Framework for Visual Sensor Networks

Author(s): Awad Mariette | Jiang Xianhua | Motai Yuichi
Towards case-based medical learning in radiological decision making using content-based image retrieval

Author(s): Welter Petra | Deserno Thomas | Fischer Benedikt | Günther Rolf | Spreckelsen Cord
Web-enabled Decision Support System on Most Probable Producing Ability and a Searchable Database on Herd Strength for Livestock Farm Management

Author(s): A.K.Sharma | V.K.Sharma | A. K. Chakravarty | D. K. Jain | A. P. Ruhil | R, Malhotra | R. C. Agrawal | M. Grover
Design and Implementation of Fuzzy Expert System for Back pain Diagnosis

Author(s): Mohammed Abbas Kadhim#1, M.Afshar Alam#2, Harleen Kaur#3
Design of Data Cubes and Mining for Online Banking System

Author(s): Dr.Harsh Dev | Suman Kumar Mishra

Author(s): Giuseppe Boari | Amjad D. Al-Nasser | Luigi D'Ambra | Enrico Ciavolino
Case Based Medical Diagnosis of Occupational Chronic Lung Diseases From Their Symptoms and Signs

Author(s): Prempal Singh Tomar, Ranjit Singh, P K Saxena, Jeetu Sharma
The Aegean sea marine security decision support system

Author(s): L. Perivoliotis | G. Krokos | K. Nittis | G. Korres
A data mining based model for selecting type of treatment for kidney stone patients

Author(s): Sepehri MM | Rahnama P | Shadpour P | Teimourpour B
Developing the US Wildland Fire Decision Support System

Author(s): Erin K. Noonan-Wright | Tonja S. Opperman | Mark A. Finney | G. Thomas Zimmerman | Robert C. Seli | Lisa M. Elenz | David E. Calkin | John R. Fiedler
Iran’s Approach to Knowledge Translation

Author(s): R Majdzadeh | S Nedjat | A Fotouhi | H Malekafzali
Electronic Reporting in Radiology

Author(s): M. Fatehi
Financial decision making support computer system

Author(s): Anatoly I. Zmitrovich | Aleksey V. Krivko-Krasko | Andrey A. Voschevoz
Aplicación de un modelo numérico para la priorización de la inversión en tratamiento de aguas residuales en Colombia

Author(s): Sergio Barrera | Mario Díaz-Granados | Juan Pablo Ramos Bonilla | Luís A. Camacho | Ramón Rosales | Nicolás Escalante | Mario Tórres
Utilization Rates and Cost Factors in Timber Harvesting Based on Long-term Machine Data

Author(s): Franz Holzleitner | Karl Stampfer | Rien Visser
The primary goals of decision support system in management of sea coastal regions

Author(s): Yuriy I. Dreizis | Irina V. Grigoryan | Olga E. Lobova
Ecosystem approach to integral estimation of coastal zones ecologic situation on the basis of desicion support system

Author(s): Yuriy I. Dreizis | Irina V. Grigoryan | Olga E. Lobova | Victor S. Shevtsov
A system for the evaluation of environmental risk for lagoon arachaeological sites

Author(s): Claudio Carlon | Luigi Fozzati | Antonio Marcomini
The Application of Bayesian Classification Theories in Distance Education System

Author(s): Ma Da | Wei Wei | Hu Hai-guang | Guan Jian-he
Prioritizing Preferable Locations for Increasing Urban Tree Canopy in New York City

Author(s): Dexter H. Locke | J. Morgan Grove | Jacqueline W.T. Lu | Austin Troy | Jarlath P.M. O'Neil-Dunne | Brian D. Beck
Bayesian models of thermal and pluviometric time series in the Fucino plateau

Author(s): Adriana Trabucco | Federico M. Stefanini
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Mohammad Al-Rousan | Wei Li | Ahmed Al-Dubai
An Architecture for Integrated Online Analytical Mining

Author(s): Muhammad Usman | Sohail Asghar
Design and Implement of Customer Communication Behavior Analysis System

Author(s): Qingzhang Chen | Yanqing Ou | Hang Sun
Multi-source Information Fusion Based on Data Driven

Author(s): Xin Zhang | Li Yang | Yan Zhang | Jinxue Sui
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Jameela Al-Jaroodi | Nader Mohamed
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Deng-Yiv Chiu | Chen-Shu Wang | Wen-Chih Chang
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