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Monitoring subsidence effects in the urban area of Zonguldak Hardcoal Basin of Turkey by InSAR-GIS integration

Author(s): H. Akcin | H. S. Kutoglu | H. Kemaldere | T. Deguchi | E. Koksal
Surface layer characterisation of bearing rings

Author(s): M. Goły | S.J. Skrzypek
Do crustal deformations observed by GPS in Tierra del Fuego (Argentina) reflect glacial-isostatic adjustment?

Author(s): L. Mendoza | A. Richter | J. L. Hormaechea | R. Perdomo | D. Del Cogliano | R. Dietrich | M. Fritsche
q-Deformed Bi-Local Fields II

Author(s): Haruki Toyoda | Shigefumi Naka
Fully-Non-Contact Masking-Based Holography Inspection on Dimensionally Responsive Artwork Materials

Author(s): Vivi Tornari | Eirini Bernikola | Austin Nevin | Eleni Kouloumpi | Michalis Doulgeridis | Costas Fotakis
Potential Energy Surfaces of the Even-Even 230-238 U Isotopes

Author(s): Sohair M. Diab | Salah A. Eid
Advanced interpretation of subsidence in Murcia (SE Spain) using A-DInSAR data – modelling and validation

Author(s): G. Herrera | J. A. Fernández | R. Tomás | G. Cooksley | J. Mulas
Simulation and Analysis of Unbonded Nonwoven Fibrous Structures

Author(s): Behnam Pourdeyhimi | Benoit Mazé | Hooman Vahedi Tafreshi
Existence and multiplicity of solutions for the noncoercive Neumann p-Laplacian

Author(s): Nikolaos S. Papageorgiou | Eugenio M. Rocha
Development of SPD continuous processes for strip and rod production

Author(s): S. Dobatkin | J. Zrnik | Ilija Mamuzić
Design of a Pressure Sensor Based on Optical Fiber Bragg Grating Lateral Deformation

Author(s): Frantisek Urban | Jaroslav Kadlec | Radek Vlach | Radek Kuchta
Copper nanofiber-networked cobalt oxide composites for high performance Li-ion batteries

Author(s): Nam Sang | Kim Yong | Shim Hee-Sang | Kim Jong | Kim Won
Impact of contractile reserve on acute response to cardiac resynchronization therapy

Author(s): Moonen Marie | Senechal Mario | Cosyns Bernard | Melon Pierre | Nellessen Eric | Pierard Luc | Lancellotti Patrizio
HOCl chemistry in the Antarctic Stratospheric Vortex 2002, as observed with the Michelson Interferometer for Passive Atmospheric Sounding (MIPAS)

Author(s): T. von Clarmann | N. Glatthor | R. Ruhnke | G. P. Stiller | O. Kirner | T. Reddmann | M. Höpfner | S. Kellmann | W. Kouker | A. Linden | B. Funke
Sampling for stereology in lungs

Author(s): J. R. Nyengaard | H. J. G. Gundersen
Deformation dynamics of the solid structural unit from an external action

Author(s): A.A. Mochalov | A.A. Gaisha | K.D. Evfimko
Trade-off between morphological convergence and opportunistic diet behavior in fish hybrid zone

Author(s): Corse Emmanuel | Costedoat Caroline | Pech Nicolas | Chappaz Rémi | Grey Jonathan | Gilles André
A review of monitoring for nanoimprinting

Author(s): H. Hocheng | C.C. Nien
Toward High-Performance Coatings for Biomedical Devices: Study on Plasma-Deposited Fluorocarbon Films and Ageing in PBS

Author(s): Servaas Holvoet | Pascale Chevallier | Stéphane Turgeon | Diego Mantovani
Corrosion resistance of burnished X5CrNi 18-9 stainless steel

Author(s): K. Pałka | A. Weroński | K. Zaleski
Selective preservation of organic matter in marine environments; processes and impact on the sedimentary record

Author(s): K. A. F. Zonneveld | G. J. M. Versteegh | S. Kasten | T. I. Eglinton | K.-C. Emeis | C. Huguet | B. P. Koch | G. J. de Lange | J. W. de Leeuw | J. J. Middelburg | G. Mollenhauer | F. G. Prahl | J. Rethemeyer | S. G. Wakeham
Effect of bending on anodized Ti6Al4V alloy: II. Behavior in vitro

Author(s): E. Krasicka-Cydzik | A. Kierzkowska | I. Glazowska
The dynamic nature of hydrogen assisting crack extension

Author(s): Y. Katz | N. Tymiak | W.W. Gerberich
Physicochemical properties of fixation plates used in funnel chest treatment

Author(s): A. Krauze | W. Kajzer | W. Walke | J. Dzielicki
Tsunami hazard assessment in the Ionian Sea due to potential tsunamogenic sources – results from numerical simulations

Author(s): G-A. Tselentis | G. Stavrakakis | E. Sokos | F. Gkika | A. Serpetsidaki
ECAE, una tecnología de procesado emergente para producir propiedades relevantes en materiales metálicos

Author(s): González, P. A. | Luis-Pérez, C. | Garcés, Y. | Gil-Sevillano, J.
Usefulness of a Flexible Port for Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery by the Transrectal and Transvaginal Routes

Author(s): Takeshi Ohdaira | Keiichi Ikeda | Hisao Tajiri | Yoshikazu Yasuda | Makoto Hashizume
Effects of Fiber Type and Content on the Rutting Performance of Stone Matrix Asphalt

Author(s): H. Behbahani | S. Nowbakht | H. Fazaeli | J. Rahmani
Baroclinic Rossby radius of deformation in the southern Baltic Sea

Author(s): Robert Osiński | Daniel Rak | Waldemar Walczowski | Jan Piechura
Assessment of the regional myocardial deformation changes and viability in anterior acute myocardial infarction patients by strain and strain rate imaging

Author(s): Enbiya Aksakal | Yekta Gürlertop | Bedri Seven | Serdar Sevimli | Fuat Gündoğdu | Şakir Arslan | Erhan Varoğlu | Mustafa Kemal Erol | Hüseyin Şenocak | Şule Karakelleoğlu
A Review of Constitutive Models for Rubber-Like Materials

Author(s): Aidy Ali | M. Hosseini | B. B. Sahari
Tailoring the morphology and crystallinity of poly(L-lactide acid) electrospun membranes

Author(s): Clarisse Ribeiro, Vitor Sencadas, Carlos Miguel Costa, José Luís Gómez Ribelles and Senentxu Lanceros-Méndez
Surface deformation of active volcanic areas retrieved with the SBAS-DInSAR technique: an overview

Author(s): A. Pepe | M. Manzo | F. Casu | G. Solaro | P. Tizzani | G. Zeni | S. Pepe
A microseismic study in a low seismicity area of Italy: the Città di Castello 2000-2001 experiment

Author(s): D. Piccinini | M. Cattaneo | C. Chiarabba | L. Chiaraluce | M. De Martin | M. Di Bona | M. Moretti | G. Selvaggi | P. Augliera | D. Spallarossa
In-vitro corrosion resistance study of hot worked Ti-6Al-7Nb alloy in a isotonic medium

Author(s): Rosa S. | Barbosa P.F. | Button S.T. | Bertazzoli R.
Drag optimization for transport aircraft Mission Adaptive Wing

Author(s): Martins A. L. | Catalano F. M.
Crustal deformation and AE monitoring: annual variation and stress-soliton propagation

Author(s): M. Poscolieri | G. P. Gregori | G. Paparo | A. Zanini
Antiplane frictional contact of electro-viscoelastic cylinders

Author(s): Mohamed Dalah | Mircea Sofonea
Multimodal Data Integration for Computer-Aided Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation

Author(s): Jonghye Woo | Byung-Woo Hong | Sunil Kumar | Indranill Basu Ray | C.-C. Jay Kuo
Reflection of internal waves by sand ripples

Author(s): Samiran Mandal | Uma Basu
A System for Monitoring Pressures and Spinal Curvature in Spinally Injured People Immobilised on a Spinal Raft

Author(s): Ruairi de Frein | Eoin Flinn | Annraoi de Paor | Edward Burke
Modeling of Electron Mobility of GaN at Low Temperature and Low Electric Field

Author(s): Souradeep Chakrabarti | Shyamasree Gupta Chatterjee | Somnath Chatterjee
Structure аnd Physical-Mechanical Properties of nc-TiN Coatings Obtained by Vacuum-Arc Deposition and Deposition of HF Discharge

Author(s): A.D. Pogrebnyak | A.M. Mahmud | I.T. Karasha | G.V. Kirik | R.Y. Tkachenko | A.P. Sypylenko
Seismic performance assessment based on damage of structures, Part 1: Theory

Author(s): Lađinović Đorđe | Radujković Aleksandra | Rašeta Andrija
A System for Monitoring Pressures and Spinal Curvature in Spinally Injured People Immobilised on a Spinal Raft

Author(s): Ruairi de Frein | Eoin Flinn | Annraoi de Paor | Edward Burke
Microwave Inter-Connections and Switching by means of Carbon Nano-tubes

Author(s): Giorgio De Angelis | Andrea Lucibello | Emanuela Proietti | Romolo Marcelli | Daniele Pochesci | Giancarlo Bartolucci | Mircea Dragoman | Daniela Dragoman
Dynamic Deformation Electron-Phonon Interaction in Disordered Bulk Semiconductor

Author(s): Syed Tahir Hasan | Ami Chand Sharma | Pushpendra Tripathi | Syed Sikandar Zulqarnyn Ashraf
Dynamic Deformation Electron-Phonon Interaction in Disordered Bulk Semiconductor

Author(s): Syed Tahir Hasan | Ami Chand Sharma | Pushpendra Tripathi | Syed Sikandar Zulqarnyn Ashraf
Curling Behavior of Circular Metal Tubes

Author(s): Mohd Rozaiman Aziz | Roslan Ahmad | Kamaruzaman Jusoff
Breaking Pseudo-Rotational Symmetry through H_+^2 Metric Deformation in the Eckart Potential Problem

Author(s): Nehemias Leija-Martinez | David Edwin Alvarez-Castillo | Mariana Kirchbach
A Tilt, Soil Moisture, and Pore Water Pressure Sensor System for Slope Monitoring Applications

Author(s): Rosanno de Dios | Jason Enriquez | Francis Gabriel Victorino | Earl Anthony Mendoza | Marc Caesar Talampas | Joel Joseph Marciano Jr.
Laboratory Experiments on Steady State Seepage-Induced Landslides Using Slope Models and Sensors

Author(s): Sandra G. Catane | Mark Albert H. Zarco | Cathleen Joyce N. Cordero | Roy Albert N. Kaimo | Ricarido M. Saturay, Jr.
Chemopreventive Activity of Sesquiterpene Lactones (SLs) from Yacon against TPA-induced Raji Cells Deformation

Author(s): D. Siriwan | C. Miyawaki | T. Miyamoto | T. Naruse | K. Okazaki | H. Tamura
Modelling of the travelling wave piezoelectric motor stator: an integrated review and new perspective

Author(s): Rodríguez, H. | Ceres, R. | Calderón, L. | Pons, J. L.
Electric properties of the interface quantum dot - matrix

Author(s): R.M. Peleshchak | I.Ya. Bachynsky
Structural rearrangements of polymeric insulin-loaded nanoparticles interacting with surface-supported model lipid membranes

Author(s): Rickard Frost | Christian Grandfils | Bernardino Cerda | Bengt Kasemo | Sofia Svedhem
Identification of Candidate Genes and Physiological Pathways Involved in Gonad Deformation in Whitefish (Coregonus spp.) from Lake Thun, Switzerland

Author(s): David Bittner | Andrew R. Cossins | Helmut Segner | Laurent Excoffier | Carlo R. Largiadèr
Microstructural characterization of high strength high conductivity Cu-Nb microcomposite wires

Author(s): W. Głuchowski | J.P. Stobrawa | Z.M. Rdzawski | K. Marszowski
Early Middle Frasnian platform reef strata in the Moravian Karst interpreted as recording the atmospheric dust changes: the key to understanding perturbations in the punctata conodont zone

Author(s): Hladil J | Koptíková L | Galle A | Sedláček V | Pruner P | Schnabl P | Langrová A | Bábek O | Frána J | Hladíková J | Otava J | Geršl M
Behavior of Expansive Clay of Ngawi Region (East Java) Under Water Content Variation

Author(s): Agus Tugas Sudjianto | Kabul Basah Suryolelono | Ahmad Rifa’i | Indrasurya B Mochtar
A New Approach in Design and Operating Principle of Silicone Tactile Sensor

Author(s): Bakri Ali | Rozaini Othman | Rasdi Deraman | Muhammad A. Ayub
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