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An expanded phylogeny of social amoebas (Dictyostelia) shows increasing diversity and new morphological patterns

Author(s): Romeralo Maria | Cavender James | Landolt John | Stephenson Steven | Baldauf Sandra
Comparing the Dictyostelium and Entamoeba Genomes Reveals an Ancient Split in the Conosa Lineage.

Author(s): Song | Xu | Olsen | Loomis | Shaulsky | Kuspa | Sucgang
STATc is a key regulator of the transcriptional response to hyperosmotic shock

Author(s): Na Jianbo | Tunggal Budi | Eichinger Ludwig
An anatomy ontology to represent biological knowledge in Dictyostelium discoideum

Author(s): Gaudet Pascale | Williams Jeffery | Fey Petra | Chisholm Rex
Segregate or cooperate- a study of the interaction between two species of Dictyostelium

Author(s): Jack Chandra | Ridgeway Julia | Mehdiabadi Natasha | Jones Emily | Edwards Tracy | Queller David | Strassmann Joan
Subcellular localization of ammonium transporters in Dictyostelium discoideum

Author(s): Kirsten Janet | Xiong Yanhua | Davis Carter | Singleton Charles
Characterization of PEBBLEs as a Tool for Real-Time Measurement of Dictyostelium discoideum Endosomal pH

Author(s): Everett Moding | Jessica Hellyer | Kevin Rank | Phoebe Lostroh | Murphy Brasuel
Yersinia outer protein YopE affects the actin cytoskeleton in Dictyostelium discoideum through targeting of multiple Rho family GTPases

Author(s): Vlahou Georgia | Schmidt Oxana | Wagner Bettina | Uenlue Handan | Dersch Petra | Rivero Francisco | Weissenmayer Barbara
Reaction Diffusion and Chemotaxis for Decentralized Gathering on FPGAs

Author(s): Bernard Girau | César Torres-Huitzil | Nikolaos Vlassopoulos | José Hugo Barrón-Zambrano
Cheating does not explain selective differences at high and low relatedness in a social amoeba

Author(s): Saxer Gerda | Brock Debra | Queller David | Strassmann Joan
New components of the Dictyostelium PKA pathway revealed by Bayesian analysis of expression data

Author(s): Parikh Anup | Huang Eryong | Dinh Christopher | Zupan Blaz | Kuspa Adam | Subramanian Devika | Shaulsky Gad
Targets downstream of Cdk8 in Dictyostelium development

Author(s): Greene David | Bloomfield Gareth | Skelton Jason | Ivens Alasdair | Pears Catherine
Searching for the role of protein phosphatases in eukaryotic microorganisms

Author(s): da-Silva A.M. | Zapella P.D.A. | Andrioli L.P.M. | Campanhã R.B. | Fiorini L.C. | Etchebehere L.C. | da-Costa-Maia J.C. | Terenzi H.F.
Cytosolic acidification as a signal mediating hyperosmotic stress responses in Dictyostelium discoideum

Author(s): Pintsch Tanja | Satre Michel | Klein Gérard | Martin Jean-Baptiste | Schuster Stephan
Differential localization in cells of myosin II heavy chain kinases during cytokinesis and polarized migration

Author(s): Liang Wenchuan | Licate Lucila | Warrick Hans | Spudich James | Egelhoff Thomas
Ca2+ regulation in the absence of the iplA gene product in Dictyostelium discoideum

Author(s): Schaloske Ralph | Lusche Daniel | Bezares-Roder Karen | Happle Kathrin | Malchow Dieter | Schlatterer Christina
A comparative sequence analysis reveals a common GBD/FH3-FH1-FH2-DAD architecture in formins from Dictyostelium, fungi and metazoa

Author(s): Rivero Francisco | Muramoto Tetsuya | Meyer Ann-Kathrin | Urushihara Hideko | Uyeda Taro | Kitayama Chikako
cAMP controls cytosolic Ca2+ levels in Dictyostelium discoideum

Author(s): Lusche Daniel | Bezares-Roder Karen | Happle Kathrin | Schlatterer Christina
A novel Dictyostelium RasGEF required for chemotaxis and development

Author(s): Arigoni Maddalena | Bracco Enrico | Lusche Daniel | Kae Helmut | Weeks Gerald | Bozzaro Salvatore
Exploitative and hierarchical antagonism in a cooperative bacterium.

Author(s): Fiegna Francesca | Velicer Gregory J
Aberrant stalk development and breakdown of tip dominance in Dictyostelium cell lines with RNAi-silenced expression of calcineurin B

Author(s): Boeckeler Katrina | Tischendorf Gilbert | Mutzel Rupert | Weissenmayer Barbara
The dictyostelium kinome--analysis of the protein kinases from a simple model organism.

Author(s): Goldberg Jonathan M | Manning Gerard | Liu Allen | Fey Petra | Pilcher Karen E | Xu Yanji | Smith Janet L
Multiple, non-allelic, intein-coding sequences in eukaryotic RNA polymerase genes

Author(s): Goodwin Timothy | Butler Margaret | Poulter Russell
GrlJ, a Dictyostelium GABAB-like receptor with roles in post-aggregation development

Author(s): Prabhu Yogikala | Müller Rolf | Anjard Christophe | Noegel Angelika
Replacement of the essential Dictyostelium Arp2 gene by its Entamoeba homologue using parasexual genetics

Author(s): Zaki Mehreen | King Jason | Fütterer Klaus | Insall Robert
GxcDD, a putative RacGEF, is involved in Dictyostelium development

Author(s): Mondal Subhanjan | Neelamegan Dhamodharan | Rivero Francisco | Noegel Angelika
Reconstruction of cellular variability from spatiotemporal patterns of Dictyostelium discoideum

Author(s): Hilgardt Christiane | Müller Stefan | Hütt Marc-Thorsten
Filamin repeat segments required for photosensory signalling in Dictyostelium discoideum

Author(s): Annesley Sarah | Bandala-Sanchez Esther | Ahmed Afsar | Fisher Paul
A first glimpse at the transcriptome of Physarum polycephalum

Author(s): Glöckner Gernot | Golderer Georg | Werner-Felmayer Gabriele | Meyer Sonja | Marwan Wolfgang
The P450 oxidoreductase, RedA, controls development beyond the mound stage in Dictyostelium discoideum

Author(s): Gonzalez-Kristeller Daniela | Farage Layla | Fiorini Leonardo | Loomis William | da Silva Aline
Molecular and functional characterization of a Rho GDP dissociation inhibitor in the filamentous fungus Tuber borchii

Author(s): Menotta Michele | Amicucci Antonella | Basili Giorgio | Polidori Emanuela | Stocchi Vilberto | Rivero Francisco
Dictyostelium transcriptional responses to Pseudomonas aeruginosa: common and specific effects from PAO1 and PA14 strains

Author(s): Carilla-Latorre Sergio | Calvo-Garrido Javier | Bloomfield Gareth | Skelton Jason | Kay Robert | Ivens Alasdair | Martinez José | Escalante Ricardo
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