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Solving Advection Equations by Applying the Crank-Nicolson Scheme Combined with the Richardson Extrapolation

Author(s): Zahari Zlatev | Ivan Dimov | István Faragó | Krassimir Georgiev | Ágnes Havasi | Tzvetan Ostromsky
Stability of Optimal Controls for the Stationary Boussinesq Equations

Author(s): Gennady Alekseev | Dmitry Tereshko
On Carlson's Type Removability Test for the Degenerate Quasilinear Elliptic Equations

Author(s): Farman I. Mamedov | Aslan D. Quliyev | Mirfaig M. Mirheydarli
Convergence of the New Iterative Method

Author(s): Sachin Bhalekar | Varsha Daftardar-Gejji
Slip Effects on Fractional Viscoelastic Fluids

Author(s): Muhammad Jamil | Najeeb Alam Khan
Recent Advances in Oscillation Theory 2011

Author(s): Yuri V. Rogovchenko | Leonid Berezansky | Elena Braverman | Josef Diblík
Oscillatory Solutions of Neutral Equations with Polynomial Nonlinearities

Author(s): Vasil G. Angelov | Dafinka Tz. Angelova
On periodic solutions of abstract differential equations

Author(s): Y. S. Eidelman | I. V. Tikhonov
Focal decompositions for linear differential equations of the second order

Author(s): L. Birbrair | M. Sobolevsky | P. Sobolevskii
On a boundary value problem for scalar linear functional differential equations

Author(s): R. Hakl | A. Lomtatidze | I. P. Stavroulakis
A Note on the Parabolic Differential and Difference Equations

Author(s): Allaberen Ashyralyev | Yasar Sozen | Pavel E. Sobolevskii
Linear Hyperbolic Functional-Differential Equations with Essentially Bounded Right-Hand Side

Author(s): Alexander Domoshnitsky | Alexander Lomtatidze | Abraham Maghakyan | Jiří Šremr
Study of the Characteristics and Computation Analysis Results of Electromechanical Systems Models

Author(s): Berdai Abdelmajid | Abdelhadi El Moudden | Chornyi O.P.
Numerical Techniques in Loop Quantum Cosmology

Author(s): David Brizuela | Daniel Cartin | Gaurav Khanna
Influence of Thermal Radiation on a Transient MHD Couette Flow through a Porous Medium

Author(s): I.G. Baoku | C. Israel-Cookey | B. I. Olajuwon
Set differential equations with causal operators

Author(s): Z. Drici | F. A. Mcrae | J. Vasundhara Devi
15:1 Resonance effects on the orbital motion of artificial satellites

Author(s): Jorge Kennety S. Formiga | Rodolpho Vilhena de Moraes
Numerical Solution of Fractional Ordinary Differential Equations using a Multiquadric Approximation Scheme

Author(s): M. Avaji | J.S. Hafshejani | S.S. Dehcheshmeh | D.F. Ghahfarokhi
Acoustic waves loss in Al-7075-T6 and St 304

Author(s): A Abdullah | M Malaki
Multimodal State Space Investment Project Presentation

Author(s): O. V. Milov | A. B. Bakanova
The Solution of the Nonlinear Dispersive K(m,n,1) Equations by RDT Method

Author(s): Yücel Çenesiz | Yıldıray Keskin | Aydın Kurnaz
On Linearized Korteweg-de Vries Equations

Author(s): Alfredo Villanueva
Oscillation of Third-Order Neutral Delay Differential Equations

Author(s): Tongxing Li | Chenghui Zhang | Guojing Xing
Fractional Differential Equations 2011

Author(s): Fawang Liu | Om P. Agrawal | Shaher Momani | Nikolai N. Leonenko | Wen Chen
Numerical Solution of the Modified Equal Width Wave Equation

Author(s): Seydi Battal Gazi Karakoç | Turabi Geyikli
Wavelet Collocation Method for Solving Multiorder Fractional Differential Equations

Author(s): M. H. Heydari | M. R. Hooshmandasl | F. M. Maalek Ghaini | F. Mohammadi
The Stability of Some Differential Equations

Author(s): M. M. Pourpasha | Th. M. Rassias | R. Saadati | S. M. Vaezpour
Direct Two-Point Block One-Step Method for Solving General Second-Order Ordinary Differential Equations

Author(s): Zanariah Abdul Majid | Nur Zahidah Mokhtar | Mohamed Suleiman
Solving Linear Coupled Fractional Differential Equations by Direct Operational Method and Some Applications

Author(s): S. C. Lim | Chai Hok Eab | K. H. Mak | Ming Li | S. Y. Chen
Physically-based modelling of granular flows with Open Source GIS

Author(s): M. Mergili | K. Schratz | A. Ostermann | W. Fellin
Dynamical system analysis of a low-order tropical cyclone model

Author(s): Daria Schönemann | Thomas Frisius
The Numerical Investigation on Vortex Flow Behavior Using FLOW-3D

Author(s): Jafar Chapokpour | Firouz Ghasemzadeh | Javad Farhoudi
Error Estimation for the Linearized Auto-Localization Algorithm

Author(s): Jorge Guevara | Antonio R. Jiménez | Jose Carlos Prieto | Fernando Seco
Some Kinds of Sheaf Control Problems for Control Systems

Author(s): Phan Van Tri | Nguyen Dinh Phu
A New Formulation of Quantum Mechanics

Author(s): Faisal A. Yassein | A. I. Arbab
A New Formulation of Quantum Mechanics

Author(s): Faisal A. Yassein | A. I. Arbab
Retrieval of aerosol optical depth over land based on a time series technique using MSG/SERIVI data

Author(s): L. Mei | Y. Xue | G. de Leeuw | T. Holzer-Popp | J. Guang | Y. Li | L. Yang | H. Xu | X. Xu | C. Li | Y. Wang | C. Wu | T. Hou | X. He | J. Liu | J. Dong | Z. Chen
A study of effects of heat source on MHD blood flow through bifurcated arteries

Author(s): Om Prakash | S. P. Singh | Devendra Kumar | Y. K. Dwivedi
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