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Bayesian Functional Data Analysis Using WinBUGS

Author(s): Ciprian M. Crainiceanu | A. Jeffrey Goldsmith
Feature selection environment for genomic applications

Author(s): Lopes Fabrício | Martins David | Cesar Roberto
Neural networks for modeling gene-gene interactions in association studies

Author(s): Günther Frauke | Wawro Nina | Bammann Karin
A Novel Feature Selection Algorithm Based on Hypothesis-Margin

Author(s): Ming Yang | Fei Wang | Ping Yang
Ovarian cancer classification based on dimensionality reduction for SELDI-TOF data

Author(s): Tang Kai-Lin | Li Tong-Hua | Xiong Wen-Wei | Chen Kai
Classification of Agarwood Oil Using an Electronic Nose

Author(s): Wahyu Hidayat | Ali Yeon Md. Shakaff | Mohd Noor Ahmad | Abdul Hamid Adom
A New MLP Approach for the Detection of the Incipient Bearing Damage

Real-Time Joint Coupling of the Spine for Inverse Kinematics

Author(s): Daniel Raunhardt | Ronan Boulic
Power of grammatical evolution neural networks to detect gene-gene interactions in the presence of error

Author(s): Motsinger-Reif Alison | Fanelli Theresa | Davis Anna | Ritchie Marylyn
Hybrid Mammogram Classification Using Rough Set and Fuzzy Classifier

Author(s): Fadi Abu-Amara | Ikhlas Abdel-Qader
8q24 sequence variants in relation to prostate cancer risk among men of African descent: A case-control study

Author(s): Benford Marnita | VanCleave Tiva | Lavender Nicole | Kittles Rick | Kidd LaCreis
Gene Expression Based Acute Leukemia Cancer Classification: a Neuro-Fuzzy Approach

Author(s): B.B.M.Krishna Kanth | U.V.kulkarni | B.G.V.Giridhar
Facial Expressions with Some Mixed Expressions Recognition Using Neural Networks

Author(s): Dr.R.Parthasarathi | V.Lokeswar Reddy, | K.Vishnuthej, | G.Vishnu Vandan
Haplotype block partitioning as a tool for dimensionality reduction in SNP association studies

Author(s): Pattaro Cristian | Ruczinski Ingo | Fallin Danièle | Parmigiani Giovanni
Selecting subsets of newly extracted features from PCA and PLS in microarray data analysis

Author(s): Li Guo-Zheng | Bu Hua-Long | Yang Mary | Zeng Xue-Qiang | Yang Jack
Distributed Principal Component Analysis for Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Yann-Aël Le Borgne | Sylvain Raybaud | Gianluca Bontempi
A method for analyzing censored survival phenotype with gene expression data

Author(s): Wu Tongtong | Sun Wei | Yuan Shinsheng | Chen Chun-Houh | Li Ker-Chau
Association analyses of the interaction between the ADSS and ATM genes with schizophrenia in a Chinese population

Author(s): Zhang Fuquan | Xu Yong | Liu Pozi | Fan Hua | Huang Xuezhu | Sun Gaoxiang | Song Yuqing | Sham Pak
Reducing dimensionality for prediction of genome-wide breeding values

Author(s): Solberg Trygve | Sonesson Anna | Woolliams John | Meuwissen Theo
Accelerating of Image Retrieval in CBIR System with Relevance Feedback

Author(s): Goran Zajić | Nenad Kojić | Vladan Radosavljević | Maja Rudinac | Stevan Rudinac | Nikola Reljin | Irini Reljin | Branimir Reljin
Accelerating epistasis analysis in human genetics with consumer graphics hardware

Author(s): Sinnott-Armstrong Nicholas | Greene Casey | Cancare Fabio | Moore Jason
The role of TNF genetic variants and the interaction with cigarette smoking for gastric cancer risk: a nested case-control study

Author(s): Yang Jae | Ko Kwang-Pil | Cho Lisa | Shin Aesun | Gwack Jin | Chang Soung-Hoon | Shin Hai-Rim | Yoo Keun-Young | Kang Daehee | Park Sue
A comparison of random forest and its Gini importance with standard chemometric methods for the feature selection and classification of spectral data

Author(s): Menze Bjoern | Kelm B Michael | Masuch Ralf | Himmelreich Uwe | Bachert Peter | Petrich Wolfgang | Hamprecht Fred
Detecting purely epistatic multi-locus interactions by an omnibus permutation test on ensembles of two-locus analyses

Author(s): Wongseree Waranyu | Assawamakin Anunchai | Piroonratana Theera | Sinsomros Saravudh | Limwongse Chanin | Chaiyaratana Nachol
Feature selection for fMRI-based deception detection

Author(s): Jin Bo | Strasburger Alvin | Laken Steven | Kozel F Andrew | Johnson Kevin | George Mark | Lu Xinghua
Examination of polymorphic glutathione S-transferase (GST) genes, tobacco smoking and prostate cancer risk among Men of African Descent: A case-control study

Author(s): Lavender Nicole | Benford Marnita | VanCleave Tiva | Brock Guy | Kittles Rick | Moore Jason | Hein David | Kidd La Creis
Modeling Shapes for Pattern Recognition: A Simple Low-Cost Spline-based Approach

Author(s): VATAVU, R. D. | PENTIUC, S. G. | RISONI, L. | CHAILLOU, C.
Polymorphisms in IL-1β, vitamin D receptor Fok1, and Toll-like receptor 2 are associated with extrapulmonary tuberculosis

Author(s): Motsinger-Reif Alison | Antas Paulo | Oki Noffisat | Levy Shawn | Holland Steven | Sterling Timothy
Dimensionality Reduction using SOM based Technique for Face Recognition

Author(s): Dinesh Kumar | C.S. Rai | Shakti Kumar
Clustering Mass Spectral Peaks Increases Recognition Accuracy and Stability of SVM-based Feature Selection

Author(s): Mikhail Pyatnitskiy | Maria Karpova | Sergei Moshkovskii | Andrey Lisitsa | Alexander Archakov
Prediction of epigenetically regulated genes in breast cancer cell lines

Author(s): Loss Leandro | Sadanandam Anguraj | Durinck Steffen | Nautiyal Shivani | Flaucher Diane | Carlton Victoria | Moorhead Martin | Lu Yontao | Gray Joe | Faham Malek | Spellman Paul | Parvin Bahram
A Simple Feature Extraction Technique of a Pattern By Hopfield Network

Author(s): Amitava Nag | S Biswas | D Sarkar | P.P. Sarkar | B Gupta
A comparison of internal validation techniques for multifactor dimensionality reduction

Author(s): Winham Stacey | Slater Andrew | Motsinger-Reif Alison
Principal Component Analysis of Directional Images for Face Recognition

Author(s): Mohammad A.U. Khan | Muhammad Khalid Khan | Muhammad Aurangzeb Khan | Muhammad Talal Ibrahim | Muhammad Kamran Ahmed | Jahanzeb Afzal Baig
Fast Clustering of Self-Similar Network Traffic Using Wavelet

Author(s): Aqil Burney | Akhter Raza Syed | Afzal Saleemi
Document representations for classification of short web-page descriptions

Author(s): Radovanović Miloš | Ivanović Mirjana
A genetic ensemble approach for gene-gene interaction identification

Author(s): Yang Pengyi | Ho Joshua | Zomaya Albert | Zhou Bing
A machine learning pipeline for quantitative phenotype prediction from genotype data

Author(s): Guzzetta Giorgio | Jurman Giuseppe | Furlanello Cesare
An Evaluation of Feature Selection Approaches in Finding Amyloidogenic Regions in Protein Sequences

Author(s): Smitha Sunil Kumaran Nair | N. V. Subba Reddy | Hareesha K. S
GA-ANN based Dominant Gene Prediction in Microarray Dataset

Author(s): Manaswini Pradhan | Sabyasachi Pattnaik | B. Mittra | Ranjit Kumar Sahu
Two-dimensional graphic representation and analysis of learners’ traces

Author(s): Nicolas Delestre | Nicolas Malandain
A hybridized K-means clustering approach for high dimensional dataset

Author(s): Rajashree Dash | Debahuti Mishra | Amiya Kumar Rath | Milu Acharya
The choice of null distributions for detecting gene-gene interactions in genome-wide association studies

Author(s): Yang Can | Wan Xiang | He Zengyou | Yang Qiang | Xue Hong | Yu Weichuan
Development and validation of a questionnaire on 'Satisfaction with dermatological treatment of hand eczema' (DermaSat)

Author(s): Ruiz Miguel | Heras Felipe | Alomar Agusti | Conde-Salazar Luis | de la Cuadra Jesús | Serra Esther | Regalado Francisco | Halbach Ralf
Performance Analysis of k-NN on High Dimensional Datasets

Author(s): Pradeep Mewada | Jagdish Patil
An Adaptive Neighborhood Graph for LLE Algorithm without Free-Parameter

Author(s): Xianlin Zou | Qingsheng Zhu | Yifu Jin
A New Method Based on MDA to Enhance the Face Recognition Performance

Author(s): Aref Shams Baboli, Seyyedeh Maryam Hosseyni nia, Ali Akbar Shams Baboli & Gholamali Rezai rad
A Decision Tree Algorithm Based on Rough Set Theory after Dimensionality Reduction

Author(s): Shailendra K. Shrivastava | Manisha Tantuway
Learning genetic epistasis using Bayesian network scoring criteria

Author(s): Jiang Xia | Neapolitan Richard | Barmada M Michael | Visweswaran Shyam
Dimensionality Reduction technique using Neural Networks : A Survey

Author(s): Prof. Mrs. Shamla Mantri | Nikhil S. Tarale | Sudip C. Mahajan
A Novel Prostate Cancer Classification Technique Using Intermediate Memory Tabu Search

Author(s): Muhammad Atif Tahir | Ahmed Bouridane | Fatih Kurugollu | Abbes Amira
Lack of association of polymorphic variants of genes encoding zinc transporters with the risk of orofacial cleft-affected pregnancies.

Author(s): Kamil K Hozyasz | Adrianna Mostowska | Margarita Lianeri | Barbara Offert | Pawel P Jagodzinski
Dimensionality Reduction and Channel Selection of Motor Imagery Electroencephalographic Data

Author(s): Muhammad Naeem | Clemens Brunner | Gert Pfurtscheller
Palmprint recognition using Contourlet Transform Energy Features

Author(s): M.A Leo Vijilious | V.Subbiah Bharathi
Speech Recognition: Increasing Efficiency of Support Vector Machines

Author(s): Aamir Khan | Muhammad Farhan | Asar Ali
Compression-Based Tools for Navigation with an Image Database

Author(s): Antonella Di Lillo | Ajay Daptardar | Kevin Thomas | James A. Storer | Giovanni Motta
Intelligent Control of a Sensor-Actuator System via Kernelized Least-Squares Policy Iteration

Author(s): Bo Liu | Sanfeng Chen | Shuai Li | Yongsheng Liang
Statistical Methods of SNP Data Analysis and Applications

Author(s): Alexander Balatskiy | Pavel Yaskov | Vsevolod Tkachuk | Larisa Samokhodskaya | Oleg Butkovsky | Alexander Bulinski | Alexey Shashkin | Victor Sadovnichy
Face Recognition by Classification in Eigenspace

Author(s): Swati Choudhary | Mansi Shirwadkar | Hemlata Patil
A Review of Clustering Techniques Based on Machine learning Approach in Intrusion Detection Systems

Author(s): Ala' Yaseen Ibrahim Shakhatreh | Kamalrulnizam Abu Bakar
Efficient Multichannel NLMS Implementation for Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Author(s): Lindstrom Fredric | Schüldt Christian | Claesson Ingvar
Determining factors of thermoelectric properties of semiconductor nanowires

Author(s): Demchenko Denis | Heinz Peter | Lee Byounghak
A Novel Prostate Cancer Classification Technique Using Intermediate Memory Tabu Search

Author(s): Tahir Muhammad Atif | Bouridane Ahmed | Kurugollu Fatih | Amira Abbes
Accelerating of Image Retrieval in CBIR System with Relevance Feedback

Author(s): Zajić Goran | Kojić Nenad | Radosavljević Vladan | Rudinac Maja | Rudinac Stevan | Reljin Nikola | Reljin Irini | Reljin Branimir
The Proper Orthogonal Decomposition for Dimensionality Reduction in Mode-Locked Lasers and Optical Systems

Author(s): Eli Shlizerman | Edwin Ding | Matthew O. Williams | J. Nathan Kutz
Dimensionality Reduction for Optimal Clustering In Data Mining

Author(s): Ch. Raja Ramesh | DVManjula | Dr. G. Jena | Dr C V Sastry
Density-Based LLE Algorithm for Network Forensics Data

Author(s): Peng Tao | Chen Xiaosu | Liu Huiyu | Chen Kai
Classification Accuracy of Neural Networks with PCA in Emotion Recognition

Author(s): Novakovic Jasmina | Minic Milomir | Veljovic Alempije
Gaussian Process Latent Variable Models for Inverse Kinematics

Author(s): Shi Qu | Ronghuan Yu | Yingmei Wei | Lingda Wu
H-cluster: A Novel Efficient Algorithm for Data Clustering in Sensor Networks

Author(s): Longjiang Guo | Meirui Ren | Jinbao Li | Yong Liu | Chunyu Ai
Comparative analysis of methods for detecting interacting loci

Author(s): Chen Li | Yu Guoqiang | Langefeld Carl | Miller David | Guy Richard | Raghuram Jayaram | Yuan Xiguo | Herrington David | Wang Yue
Face Recognition Using Neural Network Based Fourier Gabor Filters & Random Projection

Author(s): Anissa Bouzalmat, Naouar Belghini, Arsalane Zarghili, Jamal Kharroubi & Aicha Majda
Kernel Dimensionality Reduction on Sleep Stage Classification using ECG Signal

Author(s): Sani M Isa | Ito Wasito | Aniati Murni Arymurthy
Text Clustering Based on Frequent Items Using Zoning and Ranking

Author(s): S. Suneetha | M. Usha Rani | Yaswanth Kumar.Avulapati
Thermodynamically consistent model calibration in chemical kinetics

Author(s): Jenkinson Garrett | Goutsias John
A Beta-mixture model for dimensionality reduction, sample classification and analysis

Author(s): Laurila Kirsti | Oster Bodil | Andersen Claus | Lamy Philippe | Orntoft Torben | Yli-Harja Olli | Wiuf Carsten
A Fuzzy Clustering Based Approach for Mining Usage Profiles from Web Log Data

Author(s): Zahid Ansari | Mohammad Fazle Azeem | A. Vinaya Babu | Waseem Ahmed
Dimension Reduction with Principal Component Analysis Applied to Speech Supervectors

Author(s): VISZLAY Peter | PLEVA Matúš | JUHÁR Jozef
Support Vector Machine for Abnormal Pulse Classification

Author(s): Bhaskar Thakker | Anoop Lal Vyas
Index Financial Time Series Based on Zigzag-Perceptually Important Points

Author(s): Ali Selamat | Chawalsak Phetchanchai | Tanzila Saba | Amjad Rehman
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