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Asymptotic behavior of discrete solutions to impulsive logistic equations

Author(s): Haydar Akca | Eada Ahmed Al-Zahrani | Valery Covachev
$O(ell)$ shift in Hopf bifurcations for a class o

Author(s): Murray E. Alexander | Seyed M. Moghadas
Advanced Discrete Halanay-Type Inequalities: Stability of Difference Equations

Author(s): Ravi P. Agarwal | Young-Ho Kim | S. K. Sen
Noncommutative symmetric functions III: Deformations of Cauchy and convolution algebras

Author(s): Gérard H. E. Duchamp | Alexander Klyachko | Daniel Krob | Jean-Yves Thibon
Applicatin of the α-Approximation for Discretization of Analogue Systems

Author(s): Tomislav B. Šekara | Milić R. Stojć
Implementation of Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm

Author(s): Aqeel Khalique | Kuldip Singh | Sandeep Sood
Growth of Meromorphic Solutions of Some Difference Equations

Author(s): Xiu-Min Zheng | Zong-Xuan Chen | Jin Tu
On Lyapunov-Type Inequalities for Two-Dimensional Nonlinear Partial Systems

Author(s): Lian-Ying Chen | Chang-Jian Zhao | Wing-Sum Cheung
On p-Adic Analogue of q-Bernstein Polynomials and Related Integrals

Author(s): T. Kim | J. Choi | Y. H. Kim | L. C. Jang
Computational investigation of epithelial cell dynamic phenotype in vitro

Author(s): Kim Sean | Park Sunwoo | Mostov Keith | Debnath Jayanta | Hunt C Anthony
The visualisation of discrete sequential systems

Author(s): J. Świder | M. Hetmańczyk
A computational approach to resolve cell level contributions to early glandular epithelial cancer progression

Author(s): Kim Sean | Debnath Jayanta | Mostov Keith | Park Sunwoo | Hunt C Anthony
CCD microscopy-image analysis by Group for Intelligent Systems GIS

Author(s): Jovanović Aleksandar B. | Đorđević Zoran 1 | Marić Filip | Marić Miroslav | Perišić Dragoljub
The Fourier U(2) Group and Separation of Discrete Variables

Author(s): Kurt Bernardo Wolf | Luis Edgar Vicent
Lack of interchangeability between visual analogue and verbal rating pain scales: a cross sectional description of pain etiology groups

Author(s): Lund Iréne | Lundeberg Thomas | Sandberg Louise | Budh Cecilia | Kowalski Jan | Svensson Elisabeth
A fast vectorial network analyser for frequencies up to 4 GHz

Author(s): B. Schulte | T. Musch | B. Schiek
Modelling AIDS epidemic and treatment with difference equations

Author(s): K. M. Tamizhmani | A. Ramani | B. Grammaticos | A. S. Carstea
Irreversibility in quantum mechanics

Author(s): R. C. Bishop | A. Bohm | M. Gadella
Staircase baker's map generates flaring-type time series

Author(s): G. Radons | G. C. Hartmann | H. H. Diebner | O. E. Rossler
A Discrete Equivalent of the Logistic Equation

Author(s): Petropoulou EugeniaN
On Lyapunov-Type Inequalities for Two-Dimensional Nonlinear Partial Systems

Author(s): Chen Lian-Ying | Zhao Chang-Jian | Cheung Wing-Sum
The inequality of Milne and its converse

Author(s): Alzer Horst | Kovačec Alexander
Modelling AIDS epidemic and treatment with difference equations

Author(s): Tamizhmani KM | Ramani A | Grammaticos B | Carstea AS
Elliptic Half-Band IIR Filters

Author(s): Miroslav Lutovac and Ljiljana Milić | Miroslav Lutovac and Ljiljana Milić
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