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A Study of Urban Quality of Life in a Developing Country

Author(s): Sedigheh Lotfi | Amin Faraji | Husain Hataminejad | Ahmad Pourahmad
Specific Features in Accessing European Funding

Author(s): Andreea Lorena RADU | Elena Alexandra CĂLDĂRARU | Maria DIMITRIU
Migration, Agribusiness and Nutritional Status of Children under Five in Northwest Mexico

Author(s): María-Isabel Ortega | Cecilia Rosales | Jill Guernsey de Zapien | Patricia Aranda | Alejandro Castañeda | Socorro Saucedo | Cecilia Montaño | Alma Contreras
Racial Disparities in Prostate Cancer Incidence, Biochemical Recurrence, and Mortality

Author(s): Cathryn H. Bock | Isaac Powell | Rick A. Kittles | Ann W. Hsing | John Carpten
A Retrospective Study on Pathologic Features and Racial Disparities in Prostate Cancer

Author(s): Steven A. Bigler | Charles R. Pound | Xinchun Zhou
Child Health and Nutrition: Getting better and facing new challenges in China

Author(s): Shougang Wei | Lirong Ju | Man Li | Wei Wang
Gender, Women and Health: Gendered health differences

Author(s): Paul A. Bourne | Desmond Brooks
A Screening Method for Assessing Cumulative Impacts

Author(s): George V. Alexeeff | John B. Faust | Laura Meehan August | Carmen Milanes | Karen Randles | Lauren Zeise | Joan Denton
Attitudes to and practice of breast and cervical cancer screening in Romania

Author(s): Cornelia Rada | Ileana Prejbeanu | Suzana Manolescu
Structural characterization of canopies of Eucalyptus spp. Using radiometric data from TM/Landsat 5

Author(s): Ludmila Roque Ferraz Pacheco | Flávio Jorge Ponzoni | Sandra Benfica dos Santos | Clódis de Oliveira Andrades Filho | Márcio Pupin Mello | Rogério Costa Campos
Regional Growth transitions and the evolution of income disparities in Europe

Author(s): Carlos Pinho | Carlos Andrade | Maria de F tima Pinho
Assimilation and emerging health disparities among new generations of U.S. children

Author(s): Erin Hamilton | Jodi Berger Cardoso | Robert A. Hummer | Yolanda C. Padilla
Successful long-term weight loss maintenance in a rural population

Author(s): Milsom VA | Ross Middleton KM | Perri MG
The development of unemployment in nuts ii region of Eastern Slovakia

Author(s): Radomír Babiak Mgr. | Martin Rosič PhD.,RNDr.
Do Spatial Price Indices Reshuffle the Italian Income Distribution?

Author(s): Maria Grazia Pittau | Roberto Zelli | Riccardo Massari
The Politics of Data:Uncovering Whiteness in Conventional Social Policy and Social Work Research

Author(s): Ann Curry-Stevens | Amanda Cross-Hemmer | Nichole Maher | Julia Meier
Disparities exist between National food group recommendations and the dietary intakes of women

Author(s): Blumfield Michelle | Hure Alexis | MacDonald-Wicks Lesley | Patterson Amanda | Smith Roger | Collins Clare
Overweight at age two years in a multi-ethnic cohort (ABCD study): the role of prenatal factors, birth outcomes and postnatal factors

Author(s): de Hoog Marieke | van Eijsden Manon | Stronks Karien | Gemke Reinoud | Vrijkotte Tanja
Factors Influencing Receipt of Iron Supplementation by Young Children and their Mothers in Rural India: Local and National Cross-Sectional Studies

Author(s): Pasricha Sant-Rayn | Biggs Beverley-Ann | Prashanth NS | Sudarshan H | Moodie Rob | Black Jim | Shet Arun
Proceedings of the 1st Biennial Science of Global Prostate Cancer Disparities in Black Men

Author(s): Odedina Folakemi | Shavers Vickie | Segal Richard | Pressey Shannon
Bridging the urological divide

Author(s): Roberts Robin
Prostate cancer outcome in Burkina Faso

Author(s): Kabore Fasnéwindé | Zango Barnabé | Sanou Adama | Yameogo Clotaire | Kirakoya Brahima
Review of prostate cancer research in Nigeria

Author(s): Akinremi Titilola | Ogo Chidiebere | Olutunde Ayodeji
Magnetic resonance imaging detects significant sex differences in human myocardial strain

Author(s): Lawton Jennifer | Cupps Brian | Knutsen Andrew | Ma Ningning | Brady Beckah | Reynolds Lina | Pasque Michael
HPV infection among rural American Indian women and urban white women in South Dakota: an HPV prevalence study

Author(s): Schmidt-Grimminger Delf | Bell Maria | Muller Clemma | Maher Diane | Chauhan Subhash | Buchwald Dedra
Identifying important breast cancer control strategies in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East/North Africa

Author(s): Bridges John | Anderson Benjamin | Buzaid Antonio | Jazieh Abdul | Niessen Louis | Blauvelt Barri | Buchanan David
Age at diagnosis of diabetes in Appalachia

Author(s): Barker Lawrence | Gerzoff Robert | Crespo Richard | Shrewsberry Molly
Urbanization and physician maldistribution: a longitudinal study in Japan

Author(s): Tanihara Shinichi | Kobayashi Yasuki | Une Hiroshi | Kawachi Ichiro
Alert but less alarmed: a pooled analysis of terrorism threat perception in Australia

Author(s): Stevens Garry | Agho Kingsley | Taylor Melanie | Jones Alison | Jacobs Jennifer | Barr Margo | Raphael Beverley
Stressors and resources mediate the association of socioeconomic position with health behaviours

Author(s): Mulder Bob | de Bruin Marijn | Schreurs Hanneke | van Ameijden Erik | van Woerkum Cees
Social disparities in the use of colonoscopy by primary care physicians in Ontario

Author(s): Jacob Binu | Baxter Nancy | Moineddin Rahim | Sutradhar Rinku | Del Giudice Lisa | Urbach David
Seroprevalence of 13 common pathogens in a rapidly growing U.S. minority population: Mexican Americans from San Antonio, TX

Author(s): Rubicz Rohina | Leach Charles | Kraig Ellen | Dhurandhar Nikhil | Grubbs Barry | Blangero John | Yolken Robert | Göring Harald
Working Inside for Smoking Elimination (Project W.I.S.E.) study design and rationale to prevent return to smoking after release from a smoke free prison

Author(s): Clarke Jennifer | Martin Rosemarie | Stein LAR | Lopes Cheryl | Mello Jennifer | Friedmann Peter | Bock Beth
Mental illness related disparities in diabetes prevalence, quality of care and outcomes: a population-based longitudinal study

Author(s): Mai Qun | Holman C D'Arcy | Sanfilippo Frank | Emery Jonathan | Preen David
How gender disparities drive imbalances in health care leadership

Author(s): Hoss MAK | Bobrowski P | McDonagh KJ | Paris NM
Socio-economic disparities in Balochistan, Pakistan – A multivariate analysis

Author(s): Syed Nawaz-ul-Huda | Farkhunda Burke | Muhammad Azam

Author(s): Gyorgy Attila | Gyorgy Adina Crsitina | |

Author(s): Mihai Talmaciu | Borza Mioara
Análise das disparidades regionais do setor agropecuário brasileiro, 1995 a 2005

Author(s): Filipe de Morais Pessoa | Marilia Fernandes Maciel Gomes | Márcio Antônio Salvato | Daniel Arruda Coronel | Clailton Ataídes de Freitas
Crescimento e desigualdades da renda per capita no arco do povoamento adensado, Amazônia legal

Author(s): Cláudia Maria Sonaglio | Norberto Martins Vieira | Fátima Marília Andrade de Carvalho
Disparities in the Clinical Encounter: Virginia's African American Children with Special Health Care Needs

Author(s): Donald P. Oswald | Joann N. Bodurtha | Janet H. Willis | Donna L. Gilles | Lillian M. Christon | Paula L. Ogston | Susan M. Tlusty
Prevalence of Depression and Anxiety in Medical and Surgical Inpatients: A Systematic Review

Author(s): Ali-Akbar Nejatisafa | Elahe Sahimi-Izadian | Mohammad Arbabi | Sanaz Vahid-Vahdat | Siamak Molavi | Afarin Rahimi-Movaghar | Reza Yousefi-Nooraie

Author(s): Adrian Liviu SCUTARIU | Lucia Hedviga PASCARIU

Author(s): Marcela Cristina HURJUI

Author(s): Adrian Liviu SCUTARIU | Cristian Valentin HAPENCIUC
The burden of cancer risk in Canada's indigenous population: a comparative study of known risks in a Canadian region

Author(s): Elias B | Kliewer EV | Hall M | Demers AA | Turner D | Martens P | Hong SP | Hart L | Chartr | C | Munro G
Women and Coronary Artery Disease. Part I: Basic Considerations

Author(s): Seyed-Hesameddin Abbasi | Seyed-Ebrahim Kassaian

Author(s): Gheorghe ZAMAN | Daniela-Luminita CONSTANTIN | Zizi GOSCHIN
Quit Attempt Correlates among Smokers by Race/Ethnicity

Author(s): Jennifer W. Kahende | Ann M. Malarcher | Anna Teplinskaya | Kat J. Asman
Modeling Joint Exposures and Health Outcomes for Cumulative Risk Assessment: The Case of Radon and Smoking

Author(s): Teresa Chahine | Bradley D. Schultz | Valerie G. Zartarian | Jianping Xue | S. V. Subramanian | Jonathan I. Levy
Comparisons of temperature, pressure and humidity measurements by balloon-borne radiosondes and frost point hygrometers during MOHAVE 2009

Author(s): D. F. Hurst | E. G. Hall | A. F. Jordan | L. M. Miloshevich | D. N. Whiteman | T. Leblanc | D. Walsh | H. Vömel | S. J. Oltmans
Reproductive health for refugees by refugees in Guinea IV: Peer education and HIV knowledge, attitudes, and reported practices

Author(s): Woodward Aniek | Howard Natasha | Souare Yaya | Kollie Sarah | von Roenne Anna | Borchert Matthias
Providers’ perspectives on collaboration

Author(s): Patricia Bruner | Roberta Waite | Maureen P. Davey
Hypertension in the elderly: Are we all on the same wavelength?

Author(s): Sadip Pant | Pritam Neupane | Khatri Chhetri Ramesh | Murari Barakoti
Explaining household socio-economic related child health inequalities using multiple methods in three diverse settings in South Africa

Author(s): Nkonki Lungiswa | Chopra Mickey | Doherty Tanya | Jackson Debra | Robberstad Bjarne
A community based participatory approach to improving health in a Hispanic population

Author(s): Dulin Michael | Tapp Hazel | Smith Heather | Urquieta de Hernandez Brisa | Furuseth Owen
The development of socio-economic health differences in childhood: results of the Dutch longitudinal PIAMA birth cohort

Author(s): Ruijsbroek Annemarie | Wijga Alet | Kerkhof Marjan | Koppelman Gerard | Smit Henriette | Droomers Mariël
Epidemiology of menthol cigarette use in the United States

Author(s): Caraballo Ralph | Asman Katherine
Preventable maternal mortality: Geographic/rural-urban differences and associated factors from the population-based maternal mortality surveillance system in China

Author(s): Liang Juan | Dai Li | Zhu Jun | Li Xiaohong | Zeng Weiyue | Wang He | Li Qi | Li Mingrong | Zhou Rong | Wang Yanping
Urban - rural disparities in antenatal care utilization: a study of two cohorts of pregnant women in Vietnam

Author(s): Tran Toan | Nguyen Chuc | Nguyen Hinh | Eriksson Bo | Bondjers Goran | Gottvall Karin | Ascher Henry | Petzold Max
Using quantile regression to investigate racial disparities in medication non-adherence

Author(s): Gebregziabher Mulugeta | Lynch Cheryl | Mueller Martina | Gilbert Gregory | Echols Carrae | Zhao Yumin | Egede Leonard
Falling behind: life expectancy in US counties from 2000 to 2007 in an international context

Author(s): Kulkarni Sandeep | Levin-Rector Alison | Ezzati Majid | Murray Christopher
Rural-urban differences of neonatal mortality in a poorly developed province of China

Author(s): Yi Bin | Wu Li | Liu Hong | Fang Weimin | Hu Yang | Wang Youjie
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