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The crack kinking out of an interface

Author(s): Veljković Jelena M.
Tissue reaction to implants of different metals: A study using guide wires in cannulated screws

Author(s): DM Devine | M Leitner | SM Perren | LP Boure | SG Pearce
Soldadura de metales disimilares por láser de CO2

Author(s): Garciandía, F. | Zubiri, F. | Etayo, J. L. | Cervantes, R. | Iriberri, I
Selling an/other Wales. A deconstructive approach

Author(s): Prieto Arranz, José Igor
TOPICAL REVIEW: Chemistry and application of flexible porous coordination polymers

Author(s): Sareeya Bureekaew, Satoru Shimomura and Susumu Kitagawa
Microstructure and properties of FSW joints of 2017A/6013 aluminium alloys sheets

Author(s): K. Mroczka | J. Dutkiewicz | L. Lityńska-Dobrzyńska | A. Pietras
Friction welding of dissimilar metal joints with intermediate layers

Author(s): A. Ambroziak | M. Korzeniowski | P. Kustroń
Comparison between AC and MFDC resistance spot welding by using high speed filming

Author(s): S.C.A. Alfaro | J.E. Vargas | M.A. Wolff | L.O. Vilarinho
Coupled Nanomechanical and Raman Microspectroscopic Investigation of Human Third Molar DEJ

Author(s): R. R. Gallagher | M. Balooch | G. Balooch | R. S. Wilson | S. J. Marshall | G. W. Marshall
Cooling of a layered plate under mixed conditions

Author(s): F. D. Zaman | R. Al-Khairy
Conducting polymer-hydrogels for medical electrode applications

Author(s): Rylie A Green, Sungchul Baek, Laura A Poole-Warren and Penny J Martens
Aplicación del láser de diodo para la soldadura en tailored blanks

Author(s): Bocos, J. L. | Zubiri, F. | Garciandía, F. | Peña, J. | Cortiella, A. | Berrueta, J. M. | Zapiráin, F.
Laser welding of tailored blanks

Author(s): Peças, P. | Gouveia, H. | Quintino, L. | Rasmussen, M. | Olsen, F. O.
Phenotypic diversity of sugarcane variety germplasm

Author(s): Xinlong Liu | Qing Cai | Caiwen Wu | Li Ma | Xiongmei Ying | Xin Lu | Yuanhong Fan
Modifications for the improvement of catalyst materials for hydrogen evolution

Influencia en la resistencia de engranajes plásticos de la geometría del diente.

Author(s): J. Alberto Velásquez Pérez | J. L. Moya Rodríguez | R. Arencibia Gómez
Welding of AA1050 aluminum with AISI 304 stainless steel by rotary friction welding process

Author(s): Eder Paduan Alves | Francisco Piorino Neto | Chen Ying An
Analytical and numerical study concerning the behaviour of single-sided bonded patch repairs

Author(s): Adriana SANDU | Marin SANDU | Loredana TERZEA | Gheorghi OPATCHI
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