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Electron-cylotron maser radiation from electron holes: downward current region

Author(s): R. A. Treumann | W. Baumjohann | R. Pottelette
Conditional Measures on MV-algebras

Author(s): Martin Kalina | Olga Nanasiova
The collective origin of spiral structures in disk galaxies

Author(s): D’Onghia E. | Vogelsberger M. | Hernquist L.
Laboratory measurements and model sensitivity studies of dust deposition ice nucleation

Author(s): G. Kulkarni | J. Fan | J. M. Comstock | X. Liu | M. Ovchinnikov
Distribution of the sequence $p_n/n mod1$

Author(s): Oto Strauch | Oľga Blažeková
A comparison theorem for matrix limitation methods with applications

Author(s): Rita Giuliano Antonini | Milan Paštéka
On large families of pseudorandom binary lattices

Author(s): Christian Mauduit | András Sárközy
Distribution functions of ratio sequences, II

Author(s): Georges Grekos | Oto Strauch
Kloosterman sums for modified van der Corput sequences

Author(s): William Banks | Filip Saidak | Mayumi Sakata
Discrepancy between QMC and RQMC

Author(s): Shu Tezuka
On the convergence of a series of Bundschuh

Author(s): Johannes Schoissengeier
On distribution functions of certain block sequences

Author(s): Ferdinánd Filip | Ladislav Mišík | János T. Tóth
Further Baire results on the distribution of subsequences

Author(s): Martin Goldstern | Reinhard Winkler | Jörg Schmeling
Robert F. Tichy: 50 Years --- The unreasonable effectiveness of a number theorist

Author(s): Hansjörg Albrecher | Michael Drmota | Martin Goldstern | Reinhard Winkler | Peter J. Grabner
Common prime factors of $a^n-b$ and $c^n-d$

Author(s): Christian Ballot | Florian Luca
Weighted limit theorems for general Dirichlet series

Author(s): Jonas Genys | Antanas Laurinčikas
Exponential sums with polynomial values of the discrete logarithm

Author(s): William D.Banks | Igor E. Shparlinski
Large families of pseudorandom subsets formed by power residues

Author(s): Cécile Dartyge | András Sárközy
Pseudo-randomness of quadratic generators

Author(s): Oľga Blažeková | Oto Strauch
Character sums with the aliquot divisors function

Author(s): Sanka Balasuriya | Florian Luca
On weighted distribution functions of sequences

Author(s): Rita Giuliano Antonini | Oto Strauch
Discrepancy estimate of normal vectors

Author(s): Mordechay B. Levin | Irina L. Volinsky
On some oscillating sums

Author(s): J. Arias de Reyna | J. van de Lune
A theorem of Khintchine type

Author(s): Enrico Zoli
On the distribution of rational functions on consecutive powers

Author(s): Jaime Gutierrez | Igor E. Shparlinski
The four-dimensional divisor problem

Author(s): Ekkehard Krätzel
Weighted sums in finite abelian groups

Author(s): Sukumar D. Adhikari | Mohan N. Chintamani | Bhavin K. Moriya | Prabal Paul
Sets with prescribed arithmetic densities

Author(s): Florian Luca | Carl Pomerance | Štefan Porubský
On weighted uniform density

Author(s): Martin Mačaj | Martin Sleziak | Vladimír Toma
Sum of divisors of Fibonacci numbers

Author(s): Sergei V. Konyagin | Florian Luca | Pantelimon Stănică
Weighted limit theorems for general Dirichlet series. II

Author(s): Jonas Genys | Antanas Laurinčikas
The quality parameter of cyclic nets and hyperplane nets

Author(s): Friedrich Pillichshammer | Gottlieb Pirsic
Average distance between consecutive points of uniformly distributed sequences

Author(s): Friedrich Pillichshammer | Stefan Steinerberger
On Legendre symbol lattices

Author(s): Katalin Gyarmati | András Sárközy | Cameron L . Stewart
Uniform distribution on fractals

Author(s): Maria Infusino | Aljoša Volčič
Constructions of pseudorandom binary lattices

Author(s): Katalin Gyarmati | Christian Mauduit | András Sárközy
Professor Walter Philipp died

Author(s): Robert F. Tichy
Edmund Hlawka (1916 - 2009)

Author(s): Robert F. Tichy
Baire results of multisequences

Author(s): Robert Tichy | Martin Zeiner
Metric discrepancy theory, functions of bounded variation and GCD sums

Author(s): Christoph Aistleitner | Philipp A. Mayer | Volker Ziegler
A characterization of higher order nets using Weyl sums and its applications

Author(s): Jan Baldeaux | Josef Dick | Friedrich Pillichshammer
The discrepancy of a needle on a checkerboard, II

Author(s): Alex Iosevich | Mihail N. Kolountzakis
Approximation results for $\alpha$-Rosen fractions

Author(s): Cor Kraaikamp | Ionica Smeets
Continued fractions with minimal remainders

Author(s): Elena Zhabitskaya
Approximations to two real numbers

Author(s): Igor D. Kan | Nikolay G. Moshchevitin
The $b$-adic diaphony of digital sequences

Author(s): Julia Greslehner
The sequence of Lucas numbers is not stable modulo $2$ and $5$

Author(s): Peter Bundschuh | Ralf Bundschuh
Discrepancy estimate of normal vectors (the case of hyperbolic matrices)

Author(s): Mordechay B. Levin | Irina L. Volinsky
A unifying probabilistic interpretation of Benford's Law

Author(s): Rita Giuliano | Élise Janvresse
Measures of pseudorandomness of binary lattices, III ( $Q_k$, correlation, normality, minimal values)

Author(s): Katalin Gyarmati | Christian Mauduit | András Sárközy
On moving averages and continued fractions

Author(s): Hailiza Kamarul Haili | Radhakrishnan Nair
On the Distribution of the Subset Sum Pseudorandom Number Generator on Elliptic Curves

Author(s): Simon R. Blackburn | Alina Ostafe | Igor E. Shparlinski
An explicit construction of finite-row digital $(0,s)$-sequences

Author(s): Roswitha Hofer | Gottlieb Pirsic
On modifying normal numbers

Author(s): Christoph Aistleitner
$L_2$ discrepancy of linearly digit scrambled Zaremba point sets

Author(s): Henri Faure | Friedrich Pillichshammer | Gottlieb Pirsic
Gaps and the exponent of convergence of an integer sequence

Author(s): Georges Grekos | Martin Sleziak | Jana Tomanová
On lower bounded orbits of the times-$q$ map

Author(s): Jonas Lindstrøm Jensen
Value distribution of cyclotomic polynomial coefficients

Author(s): Gallot Yves | Pieter Moree | Huib Hommerson
On sequences involving primes

Author(s): Yukio Ohkubo
Gérard Rauzy (1938 -- 2010)

Author(s): Pierre Liardet
Similarity of tree species in relation to distance in a rain forest in the National Forest Saracá-Taquera, Pará

Author(s): Leandro Valle Ferreira | Rafael de Paiva Salomão | Darley Calderaro Leal Matos | Jorge Luis Gavina Pereira
Areal-averaged trace gas emission rates from long-range open-path measurements in stable boundary layer conditions

Author(s): K. Schäfer | R. H. Grant | S. Emeis | A. Raabe | C. von der Heide | H. P. Schmid
On the death of Peter Szüsz

Author(s): Bodo Volkmann
Optimal discrete Riesz energy and discrepancy

Author(s): Johann S. Brauchart
Las simetrías del esgrafiado Segoviano: Frisos

Author(s): Gilsanz-Mayor, M. A. | Pérez-Gómez, R. | del Río-Merino, M.
Curvature Entropy for Curved Profile Generation

Author(s): Yoshiki Ujiie | Takeo Kato | Koichiro Sato | Yoshiyuki Matsuoka
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