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The Monastery of Uclés (Cuenca, Spain): characterization and deterioration of building materials

Author(s): Álvarez De Buergo, M. | Fort, R. | Gómez-Heras, M.
Contribution to the speleology of Sterkfontein Cave, Gauteng Province, South Africa

Author(s): Martini,J.E.J. | Wipplinger,P.E. | Moen,H.F.G. | Keyser,A.
Contribution to the speleology of Sterkfontein cave, Gauteng province, South Africa.

Author(s): Martini Jacques E. J. | Wipplinger Paul E. | Moen Herni F.J. | Keyser André
Bioreceptivity of dolostones to fungal colonization

Author(s): Cámara, B. | de los Ríos, A. | García del Cura, M. A. | Galván, V. | Ascaso, C.
Effect of anisotropy on Madrid-region Cretaceous dolostone durability in salt crystallization processes

Author(s): Fort, R. | Fernández-Revuelta, B. | Varas, M. J. | Alvarez de Buergo, M. | Taborda-Duarte, M.
Silurian dolostones of eastern Lithuania

Author(s): Kaminskas, Donatas | Bičkauskas, Giedrius | Brazauskas, Antanas
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