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Data Guard: A New Approach For Disaster Recovery & Rolling Upgrades

Author(s): Auf Akhtar | Syed S. Rizvi | Laiali Almazaydeh
La cuerda dulce – a tolerability and acceptability study of a novel approach to specimen collection for diagnosis of paediatric pulmonary tuberculosis

Author(s): Chow Felicia | Espiritu Nora | Gilman Robert | Gutierrez Rosmery | Lopez Sonia | Escombe A Roderick | Evans Carlton | Moore David
A Review of Colloidal Interactions in Membrane Separation

Author(s): Akram Dakheel | Naif A. Darwish | Nidal Hilal
Una metodologia per installare i service pack di Aleph500

Author(s): Zeno Tajoli | Rosalba Galloni
Failover of Software Services with State Replication

Author(s): Karsten Wolke | K. Yermashov | K. H. Siemsen | Rolf Andreas Rasenack
Life Cycle for Change Management in Business Processes using Semantic Technologies

Author(s): Uttam Kumar Tripathi | Knut Hinkelmann | Daniela Feldkamp
Feedback optimal control of dynamic stochastic two-machine flowshop with a finite buffer

Author(s): Thang Diep | Jean-Pierre Kenné | Thien-My Dao
Multicriteria Model of Preventive Maintenance

Author(s): Cristiano Alexandre Virgínio Cavalcante | Ana Paula Cabral Seixas Costa
Novel technology in the treatment of acne scars: The matrix-tunable radiofrequency technology

Author(s): Ramesh M | Gopal M | Kumar Sharath | Talwar Ankur

Author(s): Hari Adianto | Carles Sitompul | Susana Susana
Availability Analysis and Improvement of Software Rejuvenation Using Virtualization

Author(s): Thandar THEIN | Sung-Do CHI | Jong Sou PARK
Predict Success or Failure of Remote Infrastructure Management

Author(s): Satinder Pal Ahuja | Sanjay P. Sood
Nonablative lasers and nonlaser systems in dermatology: Current status

Author(s): Sachdev Mukta | Hameed Sunaina | Mysore Venkataram
c-Bottlenecks in serial production lines: Identification and application

Author(s): Chiang S.-Y. | Kuo C.-T. | Meerkov S. M.
Low-Cost Oil Quality Sensor Based on Changes in Complex Permittivity

Author(s): Angel Torres Pérez | Mark Hadfield
A Review on Prognosis of Rolling Element Bearings

Author(s): N.S. Jammu | P.K. Kankar
Application of the GRASP of trucks in the programming to carry poultry

Author(s): Carlos Ropelatto Fernandes | Celso Carnieri | Sebastião Geraldo Barbosa
The Performance between XEN-HVM, XEN-PV and Open-VZ during live-migration

Author(s): Igli Tafa | Elinda Kajo | Ariana Bejleri | Olimpjon Shurdi | Aleksandër Xhuvani
Modeling the Impact of Disk Scrubbing on Storage System

Author(s): Junping Liu | Ke Zhou | Zhikun Wang | Liping Pang | Dan Feng
Formation of Roll Contact in Four-High Mill Stand

Author(s): V. A. Nikolaev | S. V. Zhuchenko
Real-Time Fault Classification for Plasma Processes

Author(s): Ryan Yang | Rongshun Chen
Biomaterials. The Behavior of Stainless Steel as a Biomaterial

Author(s): Sanda VISAN | Rodica Filofteia POPESCU
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