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Turbulator Diameter and Drag on a Sphere

Author(s): Nicholas Robson
Estimating Flow Resistance of Wetlands Using SAR Images and Interaction Models

Author(s): Mercedes Salvia | Mariano Franco | Francisco Grings | Pablo Perna | Roman Martino | Haydee Karszenbaum | Paolo Ferrazzoli
An Experimental Study of Drag Reduction in a Pipe with Superhydrophobic Coating at Moderate Reynolds Numbers

Author(s): Chen J.H. | Tsai C.C. | Kehr Y.Z. | Horng L. | Chang K. | Kuo L.
Applications of Circulation Control, Yesterday and Today

Author(s): Jonathan Kweder | Chad C. Panthe | James E. Smit
Drag reduction by surfactant in closed turbulent flow

Author(s): Ferhat HADRI, | Sylvain GUILLOU
Drag-Reduction characteristics in air flow over the iced surface at Re>104

Author(s): MohamadMehdi Hemmasian | Manouchehr Rad
Clad strip casting by a twin roll caster

Author(s): T. Haga | R. Nakamura | S. Kumai | H. Watari
Fluid-structure interaction of a patient-specific abdominal aortic aneurysm treated with an endovascular stent-graft

Author(s): Molony David | Callanan Anthony | Kavanagh Eamon | Walsh Michael | McGloughlin Tim
The Study of Glycolic Acid Ethoxylate 4-nonylphenyl Ether on Drag Reduction

Author(s): E. Suali | H.A. Abdul Bari | Z. Hassan | M.M. Rahman
Simulation Study of Bionic Jetting Direction Influence on Drag Reduction Effect

Author(s): Gang ZHAO | Hua-lin ZHAO | Hai-sheng SHU | Dan ZHAO | Yun-qing GU | Dong-lai XIA
Drag Reduction Characteristics Using Aloe Vera Natural Mucilage: An Experimental Study

Author(s): Hayder A. Abdul Bari | Kumaran Letchmanan | Rosli Mohd. Yunus
Drag optimization for transport aircraft Mission Adaptive Wing

Author(s): Martins A. L. | Catalano F. M.
Study on Drag Reduction Characteristic Around Bodies of Revolution with Bionic Non-smooth Surface

Author(s): L. M. TIAN | L.Q. REN | X. JIANG | J.N. ZHAO | S.C. ZHANG | S.W. YU
Drag Reduction of Bacterial Cellulose Suspensions

Author(s): Satoshi Ogata | Tetsuya Numakawa | Takuya Kubo
Active and Passive Flow Control around Simplified Ground Vehicles

Author(s): C.H. Bruneau | E. Creusé | D. Depeyras | P. Gilliéron | I. Mortazavi
Experimental Study of Fluid Flow Around Cylinder in the Presence of EHD Actuators

Author(s): F. Mardkari | M. Aghakhani | E. Esmaeilzadeh
Pengendalian Aliran Pasif pada Silinder Sirkular dengan Inlet Disturbance Body Berbentuk Silinder Elip (AR = 1/4)

Author(s): Wawan Aries Widodo | Triyogi Yuwono | P. Indiyono | Wasis Dwi Aryawan
Drag reduction of a miniature boat with superhydrophobic grille bottom

Author(s): C. G. Jiang | S. C. Xin | C. W. Wu

Author(s): Jabir Shanshool | Marwa F. Abdul Jabbar | Izzat N. Slaiman
Drag Reduction of Turbulent Flow by Additives

Author(s): Jinjia Wei | Yasuo Kawaguchi | Bo Yu
Review on Drag Reduction and Its Heat Transfer by Additives

Author(s): Yi Wang | Bo Yu | Jacques L. Zakin | Haifeng Shi
CFD analysis for road vehicles - case study

Author(s): Dan BARBUT | Eugen Mihai NEGRUS
Investigating Drag Reduction Characteristic using Okra Mucilage as New Drag Reduction Agent

Author(s): Hayder A. Abdul Bari | Siti Nuraffini Kamarulizam | Rohaida Che Man
Drag Reduction of Biopolymer Flows

Author(s): A. Jaafar | R.J. Poole
A Biomimetic Smart Control of Viscous Drag Reduction

Author(s): X. F. ZHENG | Y.Y. YAN
Aluminum Powder and Zwitrionic Surfactants as Drag Reducing Agents in Pipe Lines

Author(s): Hayder A.A. Bari | Rosli B.M. Yunus | Tania S. Hadi
Development of Farmer-led Integrated Management of Major Pests of Cauliflower Cultivated in Rainy Season in India

Author(s): Desh Bandhu Ahuja | Usha Rani Ahuja | P. Srinivas | R.V. Singh | Meenakshi Malik | Pratibha Sharma | O. M. Bamawale
Investigating the Effect of Powder Type on Improving the Flow in Pipelines

Author(s): Hayder A.A. Bari | Rosli B.M. Yunus | Tania S. Hadi
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