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High speed counter current chromatography: A support-free LC technique

Author(s): Sethi Neha | Anand Ankit | Sharma Aarti | Chandrul Kaushal | Jain Garima | Srinivasa Kona
HBV And HCV Molecular Evolution

Author(s): Flor H. Pujol
High Speed Counter Current Chromatography-A Support free LC Technique

Author(s): Neha sethi | Ankit anand | Aarti Sharma | Kaushal k Chandrul | Garima Jain | Kona S Srinivasa
Some Sustainability Aspects of Energy Conversion in Urban Electric Trains

Author(s): Doru A. Nicola | Marc A. Rosen | Cornelia A. Bulucea | Constantin Brandusa
A Fast Association Rules Mining Algorithm for Dynamic Updated Databases

Author(s): Ni Tian-quan | Wang Jian-dong | Peng Xiao-bing | LiuYi- an
Testing the portal imager GLAaS algorithm for machine quality assurance

Author(s): Nicolini G | Vanetti E | Clivio A | Fogliata A | Boka G | Cozzi L
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Subir Das | Jing Deng | Mario Gerla | Nada Gomie | Jason H. Li | Jiang (Linda) Xie
Validation of the Software Used in Determining the Energy Performance of Buildings

Author(s): Dan CONSTANTINESCU | Cristian Paul STAMATIADE | Horia PETRAN | Gabriela CARACAS
Solving the Near-Far Problem in Dynamic Frequency Hopping-Optical Code Division Multiple Access using Power Control

Author(s): W. J.M. Al-galbi | M. Mokhtar | A. F. Abas | S. B.A. Anas | R. K.Z. Sahbudin
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