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A Cognitive Approach to Teaching in EFL Writing Classes

Author(s): Hamid Allami | Mohammad Ali Salmani Nodoushan
How Does Text Cohesion Affect Reading Comprehension?

Author(s): Mohammad Hossein Parvaz | Mohammad Ali Salmani Nodoushan
All that glitters is not gold: Curriculum alignment and improving students' test scores

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Ghorbani | Arshad bin Abd Samad | Mohd Sahandri Gani bin Hamzah | Nooreen bte Noordin
Learning English through short stories

Author(s): Ashraf Haji Maibodi
Code-switching as a new strategy: Speak English to overcome your shyness

Author(s): Abbas Eslami Rasekh, | Nematullah Shomoossi | Masoud Soleimani
Further Glimpse at Intonation Teaching

Author(s): Luu Trong Tuan
An Investigation into Ambiguity Tolerance in Iranian Senior EFL Undergraduates

Author(s): Amin Marzban | Hossein Barati | Ahmad Moinzadeh
Application of Critical Classroom Discourse Analysis (CCDA) in Analyzing Classroom Interaction

Author(s): Sima Sadeghi | Saeed Ketabi | Mansoor Tavakoli | Moslem Sadeghi
The book review genre: A structural move analysis

Author(s): Mohammad Ali Salmani Nodoushan | Hamed Montazeran
Persuasive Strategies among Iranian EFL Learners

Author(s): Reza Pishghadam | Parisa Rasouli
On the Status of English as a “Lingua Franca”: An EFL Academic Context

Author(s): Forough Rahimi | Mohammad Sadegh Bagheri
Self-regulation in Chinese College students’ EFL writing

Author(s): Jiangkui ZHAO | Yuanxing DONG
Vocabulary Levels and Vocabulary learning strategies of Iranian Undergraduate students

Author(s): Reza Kafipour | Mehdi Yazdi | Afshin Soori | Nasrin Shokrpour
Speech Act of Condolence in Persian and English: A Cross-Cultural Study

Author(s): Bahareh Lotfollahi | Abbass Eslami-Rasekh
The Impact of Language Anxiety and Language Proficiency on WTC in EFL Context

Author(s): Minoo Alemi | Parisa Daftarifard | Roya Pashmforoosh
The Effect of Teachers’ Self-reflection on EFL Learners’ Writing Achievement

Author(s): Azar Hosseini Fatemi | Majid Elahi Shirvan | Yasser Rezvani
Delving into EFL Learners’ Cultural Conceptions Through Metaphor Analysis

Author(s): Mostafa Morady Moghaddam | Mina Gholamzadeh
Autonomy in EFL Education

Author(s): Jingnan Shen
EFL Students’ Attitudes towards Learning English Language: The Case of Libyan Secondary School Students

Author(s): Mohamad Jafre Zainol Abidin | Majid Pour-Mohammadi | Hanan Alzwari
Gender and Politeness in a Foreign Language Academic Context

Author(s): Nahla Nola Bacha | Rima Bahous | Rula L. Diab
Blended Learning: A Ubiquitous Learning Environment for Reading Comprehension

Author(s): Fatemeh Behjat | Mortaza Yamini | Mohammad Sadegh Bagheri
The Role of Error Types and Feedback in Iranian EFL Classrooms

Author(s): Ali Akbar Jabbari | Ali Mohammad Fazilatfar
Ezafe: A Problematic Invisible Phoneme for Iranian EFL Learners

Author(s): Mohammad Abdollahi Guilani | Mohamad Subakir Mohd Yasin | Tan Kim Hua
Apology Strategies of Iranian Undergraduate Students

Author(s): Mohammad Dadkhah Tehrani | Omid Rezaei | Salman Dezhara | Reza Soltani Kafrani
Gender Bias in the Iranian High School EFL Textbooks

Author(s): Mohadeseh Amini | Parviz Birjandi

Author(s): Sasan Baleghizadeh | Ali Derakhshesh
The Effects of Planned Focus on Form on Iranian EFL Learners’ Oral Accuracy

Author(s): Farahman Farrokhi | Mohammad Hassan Chehrazad
Balanced reading instructions: An action research on elementary cram school students

Author(s): Chou, Chuing Prudence | Wang, Shirly | Ching, Gregory S.
Teaching vocabulary through collocations in EFL Classes: The case of Turkey

Author(s): Balcı, Özgül | Çakır, Abdülkadir
Textbook evaluation: A reflection on the New Interchange Series

Author(s): Soleimani, Hajar | Dr. Dabbaghi, Azizollah
Social Context as an Indirect Trigger in EFL Contexts: Issues and Solutions

Author(s): Reza Gholami | Sharifah Zainab Abd Rahman | Ghazali Mustapha
Developing Cultural Awareness in Foreign Language Teaching

Author(s): Zahra Ghorbani Shemshadsara
Common Error Types of Iranian Learners of English

Author(s): Ali Nezami | Mousa Sadraie Najafi
A Case for Direct and Indirect Feedback: The Other Side of Coin

Author(s): Hossein Hashemnezhad | Saeed Mohammadnejad
Pragmatic Meaning and EFL Learners’ Text-understanding Ability

Author(s): Sorayya Behroozizad | Hossein Bakhtiyarzadeh
Recasts, Modified Output and L2 Development: A Case of Persian EFL Learners

Author(s): Ehsan Rassaei | Ahmad Moinzadeh | Manijeh youhannaee
Fairness of IELTS Test Scores in University Admission

Author(s): Motahar Khodashenas Tavakkoly
The Impact of Concept Mapping on EFL Learners' Critical Thinking Ability

Author(s): Ebrahim Khodadady | Afsaneh Ghanizadeh
Does Gender Play a Role in the Assessment of Oral Proficiency?

Author(s): Khalil Motallebzadeh | Shaahin Nematizadeh
On the Relation of Locus of Control and L2 Reading and Writing Achievement

Author(s): Behzad Ghonsooly | Majid Elahi Shirvan
Using Subtitles to Enliven Reading

Author(s): Yanling Hwang | Peiwen Huang
Expressions of Gratitude: A Case of EFL Learners

Author(s): Reza Pishghadam | Sima Zarei
The impact of formal schemata on L3 reading recall

Author(s): Mohammad Ali Salmani Nodoushan
Techniques for Classroom Interaction

Author(s): Reza Kalantari
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