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Influence of continuous light on the tomato

Author(s): I. BARBAT | Eugenia POP | Olimpiu HENEGARIU
Identification of flowering genes in strawberry, a perennial SD plant

Author(s): Mouhu Katriina | Hytönen Timo | Folta Kevin | Rantanen Marja | Paulin Lars | Auvinen Petri | Elomaa Paula
The photoperiodic control of growth and development of Chenopodium rubrum L. plants in vitro

Author(s): Mitrović Aleksandra | Giba Z. | Ćulafić Ljubinka
Effects of Scarification Chemical Treatments on the Germination of Crotalaria retusa L. Seeds

Author(s): A. Alderete- Chavez | L. Aguilar-Marin | N. De la Cruz-Landero | J.J. Guerra-Santos | R. Brito | E. Guevara | R. Gelabert
Selection for later flowering in soybean (Glycine max L.Merrill) F2 populations cultivated under short day conditions

Author(s): Oliveira Antonio Carlos Baião de | Sediyama Carlos Sigueyuki | Cruz Cosme Damião
Design and fabrication of adjustable red-green-blue LED light arrays for plant research

Author(s): Folta Kevin | Koss Lawrence | McMorrow Ryan | Kim Hyeon-Hye | Kenitz J Dustin | Wheeler Raymond | Sager John
Rapid phase adjustment of melatonin and core body temperature rhythms following a 6-h advance of the light/dark cycle in the horse

Author(s): Murphy Barbara | Elliott Jeffrey | Sessions Dawn | Vick Mandi | Kennedy Erin | Fitzgerald Barry
Fine-scale differences in diel activity among nocturnal freshwater planarias (Platyhelminthes: Tricladida)

Author(s): Lombardo Paola | Giustini Marco | Miccoli Francesco Paolo | Cicolani Bruno
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