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Characteristics of the near-surface turbulence during a bora event

Author(s): Ž. Večenaj | D. Belušić | B. Grisogono
The lynx in the Italian Alps

Author(s): Bernardino Ragni | Mariagrazia Possenti | Stefano Mayr | Marco Carrer | Erica Zangrando | Marco Catello | Enrico Dorigatti | Marco Di Lorenzo | Alessandro Mosca | Mauro Fattor | Giuseppina Lombardi
Re-introduction and present status of the lynx (Lynx Lynx) in Switzerland

Author(s): Urs Breitenmoser | Christine Breitenmoser-Würsten | Simon Capt
Red deer in Italy: recent changes in range and numbers

Author(s): Stefano Mattioli | Pier Giuseppe Meneguz | Alessandro Brugnoli | Sandro Nicoloso
Present status and distribution of the Lynx in the German Alps

Author(s): Manfred Wölfl | Petra Kaczensky
Comparison between sampling methods for the assessment of rangeland resources in eastern Italian Alps

Author(s): Argenti G | Bartoletti C | Staglianò N | Albertosi A | Bianchetto E
Una nueva especie del género Gentianella (Gentianaceae) del Sistema Ibérico

Author(s): López Udias, Silvia | Fabregat Llueca, Carlos | Renobales, Gustavo
Welfare problems in alpine dairy cattle farms in Alto Adige (Eastern Italian Alps)

Author(s): Silvana Mattiello | Christine Klotz | Daniela Baroli | Michela Minero | Valentina Ferrante | Elisabetta Canali
The structure of small mammal communities in some alpine habitats

Author(s): Roberta Locatelli | Paolo Paolucci
Evaluation of seismic effects on the landslide deposits of Monte Salta (Eastern Italian Alps) using distinct element method

Author(s): G. Marcato | K. Fujisawa | M. Mantovani | A. Pasuto | S. Silvano | F. Tagliavini | L. Zabuski
Age distribution of fossil landslides in the Tyrol (Austria) and its surrounding areas

Author(s): C. Prager | C. Zangerl | G. Patzelt | R. Brandner
The occurrence of an upper decomposed peat layer, or “kultureller Trockenhorizont”, in the Alps and Jura Mountains

Author(s): P. Sjögren | W.O. van der Knaap | J.F.N. van Leeuwen | M. Andrič | A. Grünig
Mesoscale heat waves induced by orography

Author(s): I. Gladich | I. Gallai | D. B. Giaiotti | Gp. Mordacchini | A. Palazzo | F. Stel
Livestock systems and farming styles in Eastern Italian Alps: an on-farm survey

Author(s): Enrico Sturaro | Giampaolo Cocca | Luigi Gallo | Meriam Mrad | Maurizio Ramanzin
Genetic analysis reveals Roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) population structure in North-Eastern Italian Alps

Author(s): Giuseppe Valvo | Enrico Sturaro | Fabio Maretto | Maurizio Ramanzin
Ecological Effects of Land Use Changes on European Terrestrial Mountain Ecosystems

Author(s): Cernusca, Alexander | Tappeiner, Ulrike | Bahn, Michael | Bayfield, Neil | Chemini, Claudio | Fillat, Federico | Graber, Werner | Rosset, Marc | Siegwolf, Rolf | Tenhunen, John
Efficiency and Ergonomic Benefits of Using Radio Controlled Chokers in Cable Yarding

Author(s): Karl Stampfer | Thomas Leitner | Rien Visser
Integrating phylogeographic patterns of microsatellite and mtDNA divergence to infer the evolutionary history of chamois (genus Rupicapra)

Author(s): Rodríguez Fernando | Pérez Trinidad | Hammer Sabine | Albornoz Jesús | Domínguez Ana
New particle formation and ultrafine charged aerosol climatology at a high altitude site in the Alps (Jungfraujoch, 3580 m a.s.l., Switzerland)

Author(s): J. Boulon | K. Sellegri | H. Venzac | D. Picard | E. Weingartner | G. Wehrle | M. Collaud Coen | R. Bütikofer | E. Flückiger | U. Baltensperger | P. Laj
Large outbreaks of Ips acuminatus in Scots pine stands of the Italian Alps

Author(s): Faccoli M | Colombari F | Dal Pont C | Finozzi V | D’Ambros E | Battisti A
A 3D gravity model of crustal structure in the Central-Eastern Alpine sector

Author(s): R. Cassinis | F. Federici | A. Galmozzi | S. Scarascia
Seasonal impact of natural and anthropogenic emissions on the highest glacier of the Eastern European Alps

Author(s): J. Gabrieli | L. Carturan | P. Gabrielli | C. Turetta | N. Kehrwald | G. Cozzi | H. Staffler | R. Dinale | R. Seppi | G. dalla Fontana | L. Thompson | C. Barbante
Present status and distribution of the Lynx in the Swiss Alps

Author(s): Anja Molinari-Jobin | Fridolin Zimmermann | Christine Breitenmoser-Würsten | Simon Capt | Urs Breitenmoser
Present status and distribution of the Eurasian Lynx (Lynx lynx) in the Italian Alps

Author(s): Paolo Molinari | Luca Rotelli | Marco Catello | Bruno Bassano
Planning the Brown Bear Ursus arctos reintroduction in the Adamello Brenta Natural Park. A tool to establish a metapopulation in the Central-Eastern Alps

Author(s): Andrea Mustoni | Eugenio Carlini | Barbara Chiarenzi | Simonetta Chiozzini | Edoardo Lattuada | Eugenio Dupré | Piero Genovesi | Luca Pedrotti | Adriano Martinoli | Damiano Preatoni | Luc Wauters | Guido Tosi
The STARTWAVE atmospheric water database

Author(s): J. Morland | B. Deuber | D. G. Feist | L. Martin | S. Nyeki | N. Kämpfer | C. Mätzler | P. Jeannet | L. Vuilleumier
The disastrous storm of 4 November 1966 on Italy

Author(s): S. De Zolt | P. Lionello | A. Nuhu | A. Tomasin
Recovering logging residue: experiences from the Italian Eastern Alps

Author(s): Raffaele Spinelli | Carla Nati | Natascia Magagnotti
IODP Expedition 317: Exploring the Record of Sea-Level Change off New Zealand

Author(s): Craig S. Fulthorpe | Koichi Hoyanagi | Peter Blum | the IODP Expedition 317 Scien
Exploring Different Model Structures for the Genetic Evaluation of Dairy Bull Fertility

Author(s): Francesco Tiezzi | Mauro Penasa | Christian Maltecca | Alessio Cecchinato | Giovanni Bittante
Impact of Po Valley emissions on the highest glacier of the Eastern European Alps

Author(s): J. Gabrieli | L. Carturan | P. Gabrielli | N. Kehrwald | C. Turetta | G. Cozzi | A. Spolaor | R. Dinale | H. Staffler | R. Seppi | G. dalla Fontana | L. Thompson | C. Barbante
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