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Unexpected diversity of cnidarian integrins: expression during coral gastrulation

Author(s): Knack Brent | Iguchi Akira | Shinzato Chuya | Hayward David | Ball Eldon | Miller David
Echinoderm immunity

Author(s): F Ramírez-Gómez | JE García-Arrarás
The C. elegans EMAP-like protein, ELP-1 is required for touch sensation and associates with microtubules and adhesion complexes

Author(s): Hueston Jennifer | Herren Gina | Cueva Juan | Buechner Matthew | Lundquist Erik | Goodman Miriam | Suprenant Kathy
Regeneration of the radial nerve cord in the sea cucumber Holothuria glaberrima

Author(s): San Miguel-Ruiz José | Maldonado-Soto Angel | García-Arrarás José
Detailed NMR, Including 1,1-ADEQUATE, and Anticancer Studies of Compounds from the Echinoderm Colobometra perspinosa

Author(s): Anthony D. Wright | Jonathan L. Nielson | Dianne M. Tapiolas | Cherie A. Motti | Simon P. B. Ovenden | Philip S. Kearns | Catherine H. Liptrot
Uncoupling of complex regulatory patterning during evolution of larval development in echinoderms

Author(s): Yankura Kristen | Martik Megan | Jennings Charlotte | Hinman Veronica
Macroinfauna of Six Beaches near Guaratuba Bay, Southern Brazil

Author(s): Barros Francisco | Borzone Carlos Alberto | Rosso Sergio
Multiple lineage specific expansions within the guanylyl cyclase gene family

Author(s): Fitzpatrick David | O'Halloran Damien | Burnell Ann
The 10 sea urchin receptor for egg jelly proteins (SpREJ) are members of the polycystic kidney disease-1 (PKD1) family

Author(s): Gunaratne H Jayantha | Moy Gary | Kinukawa Masashi | Miyata Shinji | Mah Silvia | Vacquier Victor
The sea urchin immune system

Author(s): LC Smith | JP Rast | V Brockton | DP Terwilliger | SV Nair | KM Buckley | AJ Majeske
A New Target in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer: EML4-ALK Fusion Gene

Author(s): Huijuan WANG | Jing YUAN | Zhiyong MA
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