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Research on ERP Teaching Model Reform for Application-oriented Talents Education

Author(s): Chongjun Fan | Peng Zhang | Qin Liu | Jianzheng Yang | Wanyu Xi
Top-Down, Routinized Reform in Low-Income, Rural Schools

Author(s): Robert Bickel | Terry Tomasek | Teresa Hardman Eagle
Education Reform in Hong Kong

Author(s): Chris Dowson | Peter Bodycott | Allan Walker | David Coniam
Secondary Education in Argentina during the 1990s

Author(s): Jorge M. Gorostiaga | Clementina Acedo | Susana E. Xifra
NCLB: Local implementation and impact in southwest Washington state.

Author(s): Linda Mabry | Linda Mabry and Jason Margolis
Educating Higher Education and School Leaders in Matters of Peace

Author(s): Susan Carson | Susanne Chandler | Elaine C Collins | Deborah Snow
The Social Construction of School Failure

Author(s): Merylann J. Schuttloffel
Reforming Educational Governance and Management in Egypt: National and International Actors and Dynamics

Author(s): Mark Ginsburg | Nagwa Megahed | Mohammed Elmeski | Nobuyuki Tanaka
Education Reform: Ten Years after the Massachusetts Education Reform Act of 1993

Author(s): Linda Driscoll, Joseph B. Berger, Ronald K. Hambleton, Lisa A. Keller, Robert W. Maloy, David Hart, Paul Oh, Victoria Getis, Susan Bowles, Francis L. Gougeon, Kathryn A. McDermott, Andrew Churchill
Critical Evaluation for Education Reform

Author(s): Gisele A. Waters
Constructing Outcomes in Teacher Education

Author(s): Marilyn Cochran-Smith
The Possibility of Reform: Micropolitics in Higher Education

Author(s): Susan Haag | Mary Lee Smith
Restructuring Teachers' Work

Author(s): Lisa Kirtman
The Question of the Student In Educational Reform

Author(s): David P. Ericson | Frederick S. Ellett
Teacher Absenteeism in Urban Schools

Author(s): James E. Bruno
Politics of School-Based Management

Author(s): Elaine M. Walker
Local Impact of State Testing in Southwest Washington

Author(s): Linda Mabry | Jayne Poole | Linda Redmond | Angelia Schultz
From centralization to decentralization in Chinese higher education

Author(s): Xiaohong Qian | Jef C. Verhoeven
The Black-White achievement gap: Do state policies matter?

Author(s): Henry I. Braun | Aubrey Wang | Frank Jenkins | Elliot Weinbaum
Small schools and the pressure to consolidate.

Author(s): Aimee Howley | Craig Howley
Standards-based mathematics reforms and mathematics achievement of American Indian/Alaska Native eighth graders.

Author(s): Motoko Akiba | Ya-Fang Chiu | Yue-Lin Zhuang | Heather E. Mueller
Enhanced virtual microscopy for collaborative education

Author(s): Triola Marc | Holloway William
A User-Centered Design Approach to Develop a Web-Based Instructional Resource System for Homeland Education

Author(s): Chaoyun Liang | Wen-Shou Chou | Yu-Ling Hsu | Chien-Chien Yang
Assessing Accrual Accounting Reform in Greek Public Hospitals: An Empirical Investigation

Author(s): Nikolaos Eriotis | Filippos Stamatiadis | Dimitrios Vasiliou
Development of Public Health Education in Bulgaria

Author(s): Stoyanka Popova | Lora Georgieva | Yordanka Koleva
A New Experience in Medical Student Admission in Iran

Author(s): R Majdzadeh | S Nedjat | H Keshavarz | A Rashidian | B Eynollahi | B Larijani | KB Lankarani
Reform in Medical Ethics Curriculum: A Step by Step Approach Based on Available Resources

Author(s): Fariba Asghari | Azim Mirzazadeh | Aniseh Samadi | Aliakbar Nejati Safa | Ali Jafarian | Ali Vasheghani Farahani | Seyed Hasan Emami Razavi
Estudios de Grado en Cerámica en la Escuela Superior de Alcora

Author(s): Nebot-Díaz, I. | Llop, J. | Notari, M. D. | Marcelo, V. | Collado, M.
The Politics of League Tables

Author(s): Gita Steiner-Khamsi
Civic Education in Spain: A Critical Review of Policy

Author(s): Concepción Naval | Murray Print | Concepción Iriarte
21. Yüzyılda Öğretmen Yetiştirme Eğitim Programının Boyutları

Author(s): Ömer Faruk TUTKUN | Yasemin AKSOYALP
Política educacional no e do campo: práticas educativas em agroecologia no MST/PR

Author(s): Amélia Kimiko Noma | Aparecida do Carmo Lima
Reflection as a Strategy for Teaching Performance-Based Assessment

Author(s): Moira A. Fallon | Susan C. Brown | Blaine C. Ackley
The future of university teacher training

Author(s): Mari Paz García Sanz | Javier J. Maquilón Sánchez
The Reform of Teacher Education at the University of New Brunswick: Why and How?

Author(s): Mark Hirschkorn | Alan Sears | Sharon Rich
An Analysis of Merit Pay Reforms in Educational Institutions

Author(s): Jared Honeycutt | Steven Loomis | Andrew Brulle
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