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Comparative genomic analysis of bacteriophages specific to the channel catfish pathogen Edwardsiella ictaluri

Author(s): Carrias Abel | Welch Timothy | Waldbieser Geoffrey | Mead David | Terhune Jeffery | Liles Mark
Linking Stress to Increased Mortality of Channel Catfish at Varying Concentrations of Edwardsiella ictaluri

Author(s): Todd D. Sink | J. Strange Richard | G. Kattesh Henry | G. Mathew Alan
Evaluation of the toxicity of Streptomyces aburaviensis (R9) extract towards various agricultural pests

Author(s): Ismail Saadoun | Sereen Bataineh | Qutaiba Ababneh | Khalid Hameed | Kevin Schrader | Charles Cantrell | Franck Dayan | David Wedge
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