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Salivary glands neoplasms

Author(s): Ogawa, Allex Itar | Takemoto, Lucio Eidy | Navarro, Paulo de Lima | Heshiki, Rosana Emiko
Arab Researchers Promotions of Open Archives and Free

Author(s): Abd Al-Majid Salih Bu Azza
Stereometry specification of anodised and PVD coated surface of aluminium alloy

Author(s): J. Konieczny | K. Labisz | J. Wieczorek | L.A. Dobrzański
Quality of Researchers' Searches of the ERIC Database

Author(s): Scott Hertzberg | Lawrence Rudner
Theoretical model of digital archives

Author(s): Alenka Kavčič-Čolić
RCLIS : cap a una biblioteca digital de biblioteconomia i documentació

Author(s): Barrueco Cruz, José Manuel | Subirats Coll, Imma
RCLIS : towards a digital library for Information Science

Author(s): Barrueco Cruz, José Manuel | Subirats Coll, Imma
Increasing incidence and mortality of infective endocarditis: a population-based study through a record-linkage system

Author(s): Fedeli Ugo | Schievano Elena | Buonfrate Dora | Pellizzer Giampietro | Spolaore Paolo
Introducing Educate~ online

Author(s): Geoff Whitty
Project and development of the low-cost digital hearing aid - Manaus

Author(s): Penteado, Silvio Pires | Bento, Ricardo Ferreira
Data publication and dissemination of interactive keys under the open access model

Author(s): Lyubomir Penev | Michael Sharkey | Terry Erwin | Simon van Noort | Matthew Buffington | Katja Seltmann | Norman Johnson | Matt Taylor | Chris Thompson | Michael Dallwitz
Stereometry specification and properties of anodization surface of casting aluminium alloys

Author(s): J. Konieczny | K. Labisz | J. Wieczorek | L.A. Dobrzański

Author(s): Robert L. Wiegel
Reporting Iraqi civilian fatalities in a time of war

Author(s): Henderson Schuyler | Olander William | Roberts Les
Structural Learning of Attack Vectors for Generating Mutated XSS Attacks

Author(s): Yi-Hsun Wang | Ching-Hao Mao | Hahn-Ming Lee
IIWM- An Invertible Image Watermarking

Author(s): J Sasi Kiran | PVRD Prasada Rao | G.Charles Babu | G Ravi Kumar | Dr A Yesu Babu
Il digital repository del progetto "Biblioteche nelle Scuole"

Author(s): Andrea Marchitelli | Susanna Mornati
Structural and mechanical properties of ZnTe in the zincblende phase

Author(s): C. Soykan | S. Ozdemir Kart | T. Cagın
DursiGed, projecte de gestió documental implantat a l’antic DURSI

Author(s): Serra, Jordi | Casellas Cucharrera, Montserrat
E-education in pathology including certification of e-institutions

Author(s): Kayser Klaus | Ogilvie Robert | Borkenfeld Stephan | Kayser Gian
Characterization of chestnut (Castanea sativa, mill) starch for industrial utilization

Author(s): Demiate Ivo Mottin | Oetterer Marília | Wosiacki Gilvan
Availability and quality of paraffin blocks identified in pathology archives: A multi-institutional study by the Shared Pathology Informatics Network (SPIN)

Author(s): Patel Ashokkumar | Gupta Dilipkumar | Seligson David | Hattab Eyas | Balis Ulysses | Ulbright Thomas | Kohane Isaac | Berman Jules | Gilbertson John | Dry Sarah | Schirripa Osvaldo | Yu Hong | Becich Michael | Parwani Anil
OPEN JOURNAL SYSTEMS – OJS: Migrating an electronic journal to a web based peer review system

Author(s): Guilherme Ataide Dias | João Bosco Delfino Junior | José Wendell de Morais Silva
Scientific Journal Indexing

Author(s): Getulio Teixeira Batista
Rituals around Sudden Death in Recent Years

Author(s): Anders Gustavsson
A Wise Fool’s Anecdotal Cycle in Malta: A Reappraisal

Author(s): Ġorġ (George) Mifsud-Chircop
Leading dental journals availability through academic network of Serbia

Author(s): Jaćimović Jelena | Živković Slavoljub
Studi Perbaikan Pengelolaan Perpustakaan dan Sistem Pengelolaan Arsip & Dokumen di PT Badak

Author(s): Kodrat Iman Satoto | Adian Fatchur Rochim | Yuli Christyono | Tri Handayani | Amin Taufiq | Putut Suharso
Overview of Imaging Informatics

Author(s): M. Fatehi
Evaluation of the ultrasound reproducibility as a method to measure the subcutaneous tissue of the nasal tip

Author(s): Naves, Marcell de Melo | Sousa, Rogério Costa | Tomé, Raphael Alves Ferreira | Damian, Nicholas Godoy Canazza | Diniz, Angélica Lemos Debs | Patrocinio, Lucas Gomes
Gerenciamento eletrônico de documentos na Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina

Author(s): Eliana Maria dos Santos Bahia | Juliana Fachin
Correlation Between the Audiologic Findings and Tinnitus Disorder

Author(s): Mondelli, Maria Fernanda Capoani Garcia | Rocha, Alice Borges da
Three-Tier Knowledge Management System Based on .NET

Author(s): Mingxing Cai | Jintao Zheng | Ping Shi | Xiaohui Li
Influence of technological conditions on optical properties and morphology of spin-coated PPI thin films

Author(s): M. Chwastek | J. Weszka | J. Jurusik | B. Hajduk | P. Jarka
Microstructure evaluation of long-term aged binary Ag-Cu alloy

Author(s): K. Labisz | Z. Rdzawski | M. Pawlyta
GOKaRT: Graphical Online Search Tool for Maps

Author(s): Mechthild Schüler | Wolfgang Crom
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