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Laboratory characteristics of recent hepatitis A in Korea: Ongoing epidemiological shift

Author(s): Hee Won Moon, Jin Hee Cho, Mina Hur, Yeo-Min Yun, Won Hyeok Choe, So Young Kwon, Chang Hong Lee
Evaluation of a university hospital trauma team activation protocol

Author(s): Dehli Trond | Fredriksen Knut | Osbakk Svein | Bartnes Kristian
Designing an Electronic Medical Case Simulator for Health Professional Education

Author(s): Ronald S. Joe | Anthony Otto | Elizabeth Borycki
Increasing incidence and mortality of infective endocarditis: a population-based study through a record-linkage system

Author(s): Fedeli Ugo | Schievano Elena | Buonfrate Dora | Pellizzer Giampietro | Spolaore Paolo
Problems of Digital Sustainability

Author(s): Tamás Szádeczky
A clinical trial alert tool to recruit large patient samples and assess selection bias in general practice research

Author(s): Heinemann Stephanie | Thüring Sabine | Wedeken Sven | Schäfer Tobias | Scheidt-Nave Christa | Ketterer Mirko | Himmel Wolfgang
Utility of electronic patient records in primary care for stroke secondary prevention trials

Author(s): Dregan Alex | Toschke Michael | Wolfe Charles | Rudd Anthony | Ashworth Mark | Gulliford Martin
Prediction of absolute risk of fragility fracture at 10 years in a Spanish population: validation of the WHO FRAX ™ tool in Spain

Author(s): Azagra Rafael | Roca Genís | Encabo Gloria | Prieto Daniel | Aguyé Amada | Zwart Marta | Güell Sílvia | Puchol Núria | Gene Emili | Casado Enrique | Sancho Pilar | Solà Sílvia | Torán Pere | Iglesias Milagros | Sabaté Victòria | López-Expósito Francesc | Ortiz Sergio | Fernandez Yolanda | Diez-Perez Adolf
Minor surgery in general practice and effects on referrals to hospital care: Observational study

Author(s): van Dijk Christel | Verheij Robert | Spreeuwenberg Peter | Groenewegen Peter | de Bakker Dinny
Investigating concordance in diabetes diagnosis between primary care charts (electronic medical records) and health administrative data: a retrospective cohort study

Author(s): Harris Stewart | Glazier Richard | Tompkins Jordan | Wilton Andrew | Chevendra Vijaya | Stewart Moira | Thind Amardeep
Feedback GAP: study protocol for a cluster-randomized trial of goal setting and action plans to increase the effectiveness of audit and feedback interventions in primary care

Author(s): Ivers Noah | Tu Karen | Francis Jill | Barnsley Jan | Shah Baiju | Upshur Ross | Kiss Alex | Grimshaw Jeremy | Zwarenstein Merrick
Ethnographic study of ICT-supported collaborative work routines in general practice

Author(s): Swinglehurst Deborah | Greenhalgh Trisha | Myall Michelle | Russell Jill
Prevalence of lipid abnormalities before and after introduction of lipid modifying therapy among Swedish patients with dyslipidemia (PRIMULA)

Author(s): Pettersson Billie | Ambegaonkar Baishali | Sazonov Vasilisa | Martinell Mats | Stålhammar Jan | Wändell Per
Diagnostic accuracy of existing methods for identifying diabetic foot ulcers from inpatient and outpatient datasets

Author(s): Sohn Min-Woong | Budiman-Mak Elly | Stuck Rodney | Siddiqui Farah | Lee Todd
Health plan administrative records versus birth certificate records: quality of race and ethnicity information in children

Author(s): Smith Ning | Iyer Rajan | Langer-Gould Annette | Getahun Darios | Strickland Daniel | Jacobsen Steven | Chen Wansu | Derose Stephen | Koebnick Corinna
Prescriber and staff perceptions of an electronic prescribing system in primary care: a qualitative assessment

Author(s): Devine Emily | Williams Emily | Martin Diane | Sittig Dean | Tarczy-Hornoch Peter | Payne Thomas | Sullivan Sean
Educating Health Professionals about the Electronic Health Record (EHR): Removing the Barriers to Adoption

Author(s): Elizabeth Borycki | Ronald S. Joe | Brian Armstrong | Paule Bellwood | Rebecca Campbell
DataGenno: building a new tool to bridge molecular and clinical genetics

Author(s): Fabricio F Costa | Luciano S Foly | Marcelo P Coutinho

Author(s): Branko Mihailović | Zoran Lazić | Miloš Duka | Dragan Mladenović | Goran Tošić | Aleksandar Janković | Dušan Živković
DursiGed, projecte de gestió documental implantat a l’antic DURSI

Author(s): Serra, Jordi | Casellas Cucharrera, Montserrat
Document Imaging Systems: Key to Electronic Government in Malaysia

Author(s): Saiful Farik Mat Yatin | Raja Abdullah Raja Yaacob | Khairul Mizan Taib | Adnan Jamaludin
Automated detection of influenza-like illness using clinical surveillance markers at a Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Author(s): Lawrence P. Park | Supriya Rao | Scott A. Nabity | David Abbott | Joyce Frederick | Christopher W. Woods
The effectiveness of strategies to change organisational culture to improve healthcare performance: a systematic review

Author(s): Parmelli Elena | Flodgren Gerd | Beyer Fiona | Baillie Nick | Schaafsma Mary | Eccles Martin
Prescribing habits and caregiver satisfaction with resources for dosing children: Rationale for more informative dosing guidance

Author(s): Barrett Jeffrey | Narayan Mahesh | Patel Dimple | Zuppa Athena | Adamson Peter
Comparison of clinical knowledge management capabilities of commercially-available and leading internally-developed electronic health records

Author(s): Sittig Dean | Wright Adam | Meltzer Seth | Simonaitis Linas | Evans R Scott | Nichol W Paul | Ash Joan | Middleton Blackford
A data-capture system for post-marketing surveillance of drugs that integrates with hospital electronic health records

Author(s): Yamamoto K | Matsumoto S | Yanagihara K | Teramukai S | Fukushima M
Management of Pediatric Skin Abscesses in Pediatric, General Academic and Community Emergency Departments

Author(s): Baumann, Brigitte M | Russo, Christopher J | Pavlik, Daniel | Cassidy-Smith, Tara N | Brown, Naomi | Sacchetti, Alfred
Identification of Significant Features in Signals of Equine Cardiovascular System using ICA

Author(s): Martin Kohut | Jiri Holcik | Jaroslav Hanak | Radovan Kabes
Long-Term EEG Records Analysis Long-Term EEG Records Analysis

Author(s): Josef Rieger | Lenka Lhotska | Vladimir Krajca
Complex Imaging of Photorefractive Records

Author(s): Ivan Turek | Norbert Tarjanyi
What part of the total care consumed by type 2 diabetes patients is directly related to diabetes? Implications for disease management programs

Author(s): Christel van Dijk | Robert Verheij | Ilse Swinkels | Mieke Rijken | François Schellevis | Peter Groenewegen | Dinny de Bakker
Identification of Significant Features in Signals of Equine Cardiovascular System using ICA

Author(s): Martin Kohut | Jiri Holcik | Jaroslav Hanak | Radovan Kabes
Long-Term EEG Records Analysis Long-Term EEG Records Analysis

Author(s): Josef Rieger | Lenka Lhotska | Vladimir Krajca
Complex Imaging of Photorefractive Records

Author(s): Ivan Turek | Norbert Tarjanyi
Implementation of a Controller Unit for an Intelligent Ventilation System (IVS) for a BTS Room

Author(s): Sadeque Reza Khan | Ahmed Al Mansur | S.M. Ferdous
 An Audit of Hypertension at University Health Center in Oman

Author(s): Thuraya Ahmed Al-Shidhani | Kamlesh Bhargava | Syed Rizvi

Author(s): Hee Young Lee, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Studi Perbaikan Pengelolaan Perpustakaan dan Sistem Pengelolaan Arsip & Dokumen di PT Badak

Author(s): Kodrat Iman Satoto | Adian Fatchur Rochim | Yuli Christyono | Tri Handayani | Amin Taufiq | Putut Suharso
 Satisfaction and Perceived Quality of an Electronic Medical Record System in a Tertiary Hospital in Oman

Author(s): Abdullah Al-Mujaini | Yahya Al-Farsi | Abdullah Al-Maniri | Anuradha Ganesh
Privacy protection for patients with substance use problems

Author(s): Hu LL | Sparenborg S | Tai B
Integrated care through disease-oriented critical paths:experience from Japan’s regional health planning initiatives

Author(s): Etsuji Okamoto | Masaki Miyamoto | Kazuhiro Hara | Jun Yoshida | Masaki Muto | Aizan Hirai | Haruyuki Tatsumi | Masaaki Mizuno | Hiroshi Nagata | Daisuke Yamakata | Hiroshi Tanaka
Ileus and Small Bowel Obstruction in an Emergency Department Observation Unit: Are there Outcome Predictors?

Author(s): Steven T. Dorsey | Eric T. Harrington | W. F. Peacock | Charles L. Emerman
Epidemiology of Schizophrenia in Bandarabbass in 2009

Author(s): Seyyed Mohammad Mousavi | Javad Golmirzaei | Yaghoub Hamedi | Forough Mahmoudi | Hamidreza Mahboobi | Mohammad Esmaeil Shahrzad | Fatemeh Hafezipour | Maryam Tashk | Samaneh Bavaghari
Adherence to and appropriateness of anti-osteoporotic treatments in patients aged 50 and over in the Valencia Region (Spain). The ESOSVAL-AD Study

Author(s): Sanfélix-Gimeno Gabriel | Sanfélix-Genovés José | Peiró Salvador | Hurtado Isabel | Trillo José | Usó Ruth | Ruiz Vicente | de la Torre Manuel | Ferreros Inmaculada
Diabetes screening with hemoglobin A1c prior to a change in guideline recommendations: prevalence and patient characteristics

Author(s): Greiver Michelle | Aliarzadeh Babak | Moineddin Rahim | Meaney Christopher | Ivers Noah
Effect of lifestyle intervention for people with diabetes or prediabetes in real-world primary care: propensity score analysis

Author(s): Linmans Joris | Spigt Mark | Deneer Linda | Lucas Annelies | de Bakker Marlies | Gidding Luc | Linssen Rik | Knottnerus J André
The transition into veterinary practice: Opinions of recent graduates and final year students

Author(s): Rhind Susan | Baillie Sarah | Kinnison Tierney | Shaw Darren | Bell Catriona | Mellanby Richard | Hammond Jenny | Hudson Neil | Whittington Rachel | Donnelly Ruth
Validation of an arterial tortuosity measure with application to hypertension collection of clinical hypertensive patients

Author(s): Diedrich Karl | Roberts John | Schmidt Richard | Kang Chang-Ki | Cho Zang-Hee | Parker Dennis
Benefits and problems of electronic information exchange as perceived by health care professionals: an interview study

Author(s): Zwaanswijk Marieke | Verheij Robert | Wiesman Floris | Friele Roland
Towards case-based medical learning in radiological decision making using content-based image retrieval

Author(s): Welter Petra | Deserno Thomas | Fischer Benedikt | Günther Rolf | Spreckelsen Cord
The appropriateness of prescribing antibiotics in the community in Europe: study design

Author(s): van Bijnen Evelien | den Heijer Casper | Paget W John | Stobberingh Ellen | Verheij Robert | Bruggeman Cathrien | Pringle Mike | Goossens Herman | Schellevis François
Mechanisms of Health Care Information Technology Development

Author(s): Dargahi H | Safdari R | Mahmoudi M | Mohammadzadeh N
Managing Clinical Risk in Romania

Author(s): P Radu | C Tereanu | S Baculea
Information system planning work on maintenance metrological equipment

Author(s): Dmitry V. Shtoller | Elena A. Eremina
Ectopic Pregnancy risk factors among the patients referred to Shariati hospital in Bandarabbas

Author(s): Minoo Rajaee | Mahnaz Zamani | Narges Salagegheh | Hamidreza Mahboobi | Tahereh Khorgoei
Ensuring the security and privacy of information in mobile health-care communication systems

Author(s): Ademola O. Adesina | Kehinde K. Agbele | Ronald Februarie | Ademola P. Abidoye | Henry O. Nyongesa
Translational research in retinology

Author(s): Siqueira RC | Jorge R
Use of electronic medical records (EMR) for oncology outcomes research: assessing the comparability of EMR information to patient registry and health claims data

Author(s): Lau EC | Mowat FS | Kelsh MA | Legg JC | Engel-Nitz NM | Watson HN | Collins HL | Nordyke RJ | Whyte JL
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Deng-Yiv Chiu | Chen-Shu Wang | Wen-Chih Chang
Proposta de Sistema de Informação para Atenção Farmacêutica baseado no Método Dáder

The efficacy of computer reminders on external quality assessment for point-of-care testing in Danish general practice: rationale and methodology for two randomized trials

Author(s): Waldorff Frans | Siersma Volkert | Ertmann Ruth | Kousgaard Marius | Nielsen Anette | Felding Peter | Mosbæk Niels | Hjortsø Else | Reventlow Susanne
Randomised controlled trial of tailored interventions to improve the management of anxiety and depressive disorders in primary care

Author(s): Sinnema Henny | Franx Gerdien | Volker Daniëlle | Majo Cristina | Terluin Berend | Wensing Michel | van Balkom Anton
Increased incidence of kidney diseases in general practice after a nationwide albuminuria self-test program

Author(s): de Borst Julia | Nielen Markus | Verheij Robert | Schellevis François
A fuzzy model for processing and monitoring vital signs in ICU patients

Author(s): Leite Cicília | Sizilio Gláucia | Neto Adrião | Valentim Ricardo | Guerreiro Ana
Rapid progress or lengthy process? electronic personal health records in mental health

Author(s): Ennis Liam | Rose Diana | Callard Felicity | Denis Mike | Wykes Til
Towards successful coordination of electronic health record based-referrals: a qualitative analysis

Author(s): Hysong Sylvia | Esquivel Adol | Sittig Dean | Paul Lindsey | Espadas Donna | Singh Simran | Singh Hardeep
Text Data Mining of In-patient Nursing Records Within Electronic Medical Records Using KeyGraph

Author(s): Muneo Kushima | Kenji Araki | Muneou Suzuki | Sanae Araki | Terue Nikama
Connecting Threads

Author(s): Mirjam Mencej

Author(s): Khaled Piri Kord | Farhad Rahmani Nia | Hamid Arazi | Kakou Hoseini
Physician assessment of disease activity in JIA subtypes. Analysis of data extracted from electronic medical records

Author(s): Miller Michael | Ruprecht Jason | Wang Deli | Zhou Ying | Lales George | McKenna Sean | Klein-Gitelman Marisa
Understanding the management of electronic test result notifications in the outpatient setting

Author(s): Hysong Sylvia | Sawhney Mona | Wilson Lindsey | Sittig Dean | Esquivel Adol | Singh Simran | Singh Hardeep
Cluster randomised trial in the General Practice Research Database: 1. Electronic decision support to reduce antibiotic prescribing in primary care (eCRT study)

Author(s): Gulliford Martin | van Staa Tjeerd | McDermott Lisa | Dregan Alex | McCann Gerard | Ashworth Mark | Charlton Judith | Grieve Andrew | Little Paul | Moore Michael | Yardley Lucy
Comparison of user groups' perspectives of barriers and facilitators to implementing electronic health records: a systematic review

Author(s): McGinn Carrie | Grenier Sonya | Duplantie Julie | Shaw Nicola | Sicotte Claude | Mathieu Luc | Leduc Yvan | Légaré France | Gagnon Marie-Pierre
Gaining insight into benzodiazepine prescribing in General Practice in France: a data-based study

Author(s): Rosman Sophia | Le Vaillant Marc | Pelletier-Fleury Nathalie
Can we use digital life-log images to investigate active and sedentary travel behaviour? Results from a pilot study

Author(s): Kelly Paul | Doherty Aiden | Berry Emma | Hodges Steve | Batterham Alan | Foster Charlie
Concordance of self-reported and medical chart information on cancer diagnosis and treatment

Author(s): Gupta Vinay | Gu Kai | Chen Zhi | Lu Wei | Shu Xiao Ou | Zheng Ying
Payment for performance (P4P): any future in Italy?

Author(s): Castaldi Silvana | Bodina Annalisa | Bevilacqua Luciana | Parravicini Elena | Bertuzzi Michaela | Auxilia Francesco
Design and methods for a randomized clinical trial comparing three outreach efforts to improve screening mammography adherence

Author(s): Costanza Mary | Luckmann Roger | White Mary | Rosal Milagros | Cranos Caroline | Reed George | Clark Robin | Sama Susan | Yood Robert
Retrospective study of the effect of disease progression on patient reported outcomes in HER-2 negative metastatic breast cancer patients

Author(s): Walker Mark | Hasan Murad | Mi Yim Yeun | Yu Elaine | Stepanski Edward | Schwartzberg Lee
Usefulness of primary care electronic networks to assess the incidence of chlamydia, diagnosed by general practitioners

Author(s): Suijkerbuijk Anita | van den Broek Ingrid | Brouwer Henk | Vanrolleghem Ann | Joosten Johanna | Verheij Robert | van der Sande Marianne | Kretzschmar Mirjam
Correlation Between the Audiologic Findings and Tinnitus Disorder

Author(s): Mondelli, Maria Fernanda Capoani Garcia | Rocha, Alice Borges da
Development of Embedded Personal Health CareRecord System

Author(s): Ruba Alawneh | Aism El Sheikh | Raid Kanaan
Medical Information Security

Author(s): William C. Figg, Ph.D. | Hwee Joo Kam, M.S.
Electronic records long term authenticity and integrity demonstration

Author(s): Helena Halas | Jerman Blažič, Aljoša
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