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Quantum Information and Entanglement

Author(s): Shao-Ming Fei | Sergio Albeverio | Adan Cabello | Naihuan Jing | Debashish Goswami
Roofs and Convexity

Author(s): Armin Uhlmann
Entanglement Entropy of AdS Black Holes

Author(s): Mariano Cadoni | Maurizio Melis
Monoamniotic Twin Pregnancy: Is there a Need for Frequent Fetal-Doppler Surveillance?

Author(s): Suhaiza A | Che Anuar, CY | Nik Zuky, NL | Mokhtar, A
A Possible Mechanism for Evading Temperature Quantum Decoherence in Living Matter by Feshbach Resonance

Author(s): Nicola Poccia | Alessandro Ricci | Davide Innocenti | Antonio Bianconi

Author(s): Javier Gu00F3mez | Antonio Peimbert | Juan Echevarru00EDa
Stone extraction balloon-guided repeat self-expanding metal stent placement

Author(s): Hyung Hun Kim, Jeong Seop Moon, Soo Hyung Ryu, Jung Hwan Lee, You Sun Kim
Evidence of epimeletic behavior involving a Pontoporia blainvillei calf (Cetacea, Pontoporiidae)

Author(s): Marta Jussara Cremer | Fernando Augusto Sliva Hardt | Antonio José Tonello Júnior
Quantum Entanglement and Projective Ring Geometry

Author(s): Michel Planat | Metod Saniga | Maurice R. Kibler
Entropy of Black Holes: A Quantum Algebraic Approach

Author(s): A. Iorio | G. Lambiase | G. Vitiello
Entanglement, Causality and the Cohesion of Spacetime

Author(s): Michael A. Amaral, MD, FACS
Modeling of the Hydroentanglement Process

Author(s): Ping Xiang | Andrey V. Kuznetsov | Abdelfattah Mohamed Seyam
Entangled States in Quantum Cosmology and the Interpretation of Λ

Author(s): Salvatore Capozziello | Orlando Luongo

Author(s): D. Sravana Kurmar | CH. Suneetha, | A. Chandra Sekhar

Author(s): Anand Sharma, | Vibha Ojha
Three qubit entanglement within graphical Z/X-calculus

Author(s): Bob Coecke | Bill Edwards
The Origin of Mass

Author(s): Frank Wilczek
The Influence of Hofmeister Series Ions on Hyaluronan Swelling and Viscosity

Author(s): Aleš Mráček | Júlia Varhaníková | Marián Lehocký | Lenka Gřundělová | Alena Pokopcová | Vladimír Velebný
Entanglement Transfer through an Antiferromagnetic Spin Chain

Author(s): Abolfazl Bayat | Sougato Bose

Author(s): Lorenzo Chiesa | Alberto Toscano
Dynamics of Entanglement between a Quantum Dot Spin Qubit and a Photon Qubit inside a Semiconductor High-Q Nanocavity

Author(s): Hubert Pascal Seigneur | Gabriel Gonzalez | Michael Niklaus Leuenberger | Winston Vaughan Schoenfeld
Spunlaced Cotton and Cotton Blend Cosmetic Pads and Bed Sheets: Study of Fiber Entanglement

Author(s): Dharnidhar V. Parikh, Ph.D. | Randall R. Bresee, Ph.D. | U. Muenstermann | Alfred Watzl | LeGrand Crook | Don Gillespie
Understanding the Quantum Computational Speed-up via De-quantisation

Author(s): Alastair A. Abbott | Cristian S. Calude
A Quantum Secure Direct Communication with Authentication

Author(s): Zu-Ning Chen | Zheng Qin | Lei Lu
How Can Quasi-trusted Nodes Help to Securely Relay QKD Keys?

Author(s): Quoc-Cuong Le | Patrick Bellot
Electrospraying, a Reproducible Method for Production of Polymeric Microspheres for Biomedical Applications

Author(s): Nathalie Bock | Maria A. Woodruff | Dietmar W. Hutmacher | Tim R. Dargaville
From the complex system leadership perspective: DNA leadership

Author(s): Hasan Basri Gündüz | Şenol Beşoluk | İsmail Önder
Quantum Teleportation circuit using Matlab and Mathematica

Author(s): Ms.Swati Sharma, | Prof Asok De | Prof S.N Kulkarni, | Prof Asok De | Prof S.N Kulkarni

Author(s): Marcos Theodoro Muller | Rafael Rodolfo de Melo | Diego Martins Stangerlin
Discrete Vector Models for Catalysis and Autocatalysis

Author(s): Ernst-Christoph Haß | Sonja Sauerbrei | Peter Jörg Plath
Two Bit Quantum Protocol for a Three Party Modular Function

Author(s): Bhagaban Swain | Sudipta Roy

Author(s): B. Krishna Gandhi | A. Chandra Sekhar | S. Sri lakshmi
Data on Lontra longicaudis (Carnivora: Mustelidae) Mortality in Southeast and Southern Brazil

Author(s): Fernando Marques Quintela | Fabiano Aguiar da Silva | Clodoaldo Lopes de Assis | Vanessa Cardoso Antunes
Efficient Quantum Information Transfer Through a Uniform Channel

Author(s): Leonardo Banchi | Tony J. G. Apollaro | Alessandro Cuccoli | Ruggero Vaia | Paola Verrucchi
Maximally Entangled States in the Hydrogen Molecule: The Role of Spin and Correlation

Author(s): Mohammad Ali Vesaghi | Mohsen Babamoradi | Mehdi Heidari Saani
Calculation of the Zeeman-Fine Energies and the Spectrum with Doppler-Shift Correction of Atomic Lithium

Author(s): Laila Babsail | Leda Bousiakou | Salwa Alsaleh | Mesude Saglam
Correlations and Hyper-Correlations

Author(s): Gennaro Auletta
Entanglement Entropy of Black Holes

Author(s): Sergey N. Solodukhin
Far from Equilibrium Percolation, Stochastic and Shape Resonances in the Physics of Life

Author(s): Nicola Poccia | Alessio Ansuini | Antonio Bianconi
Incomparability Through Superposition of Many States under LOCC

Author(s): Amit Bhar | Santi Prasad Sinha
Data Security using Quantum Cryptography

Author(s): Dr. Garima Dhingra | Sunil Maggu | Meenu Dhingra
Phase-Controlled Atom-Photon Entanglement in a Three-Level V-Type Atomic System via Spontaneously Generated Coherence

Author(s): Mohammad Abazari | Ali Mortezapour | Mohammad Mahmoudi | Mostafa Sahrai
Action Duality: A Constructive Principle for Quantum Foundations

Author(s): Ken B. Wharton | David J. Miller | Huw Price
A Qualitative Perstective on Idempotency Defect of Two Level System Interacting with Laser and Quantized Field

Author(s): Sayed Abdel-Khalek | Mohammed Mohammed Ahmed | Waleed Nabeel Razek | Abdel Shafy Obada
Entangled States and Observables in Open Quantum Relativity

Author(s): Salvatore Capozziello | Giuseppe Basini
Quantum entanglement and locality

Author(s): Blaauboer M.
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