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Effect of cure period in the giant catus pear cladodes on root emission in neossol in Lagoa Seca County, State Of Paraìba, Brazil.

Author(s): Edson Batista Lopes | Ivanildo Cavalcanti de Albuquerque | Carlos Henrique de Brito | Jacinto de Luna Batista
Comparison between Two Erwinia carotovora L-Asparaginase II Constructions: cloning, Heterologous Expression, Purification, and Kinetic Characterization

Author(s): Priscila Lamb Wink | Heique Marlis Bogdawa | Gaby Renard | Jocelei Maria Chies | Luiz Augusto Basso
Isolation, Identification and Bacteriocin Production by Indigenous Diseased Plant and Soil Associated Bacteria

Author(s): Nusrat Jabeen | Sheikh Ajaz Rasool | Samia Ahmad | Munazza Ajaz | Sadia Saeed
Killing Effect of Membrane Vesicles Produced by Gram-negative Bacteria on Other Bacteria

Author(s): Essam A. Azab | Mostafa H. Osfor | Iman A. Seleem
Antimicrobial activity of some Macrophytes from Lake Manzalah (Egypt)

Author(s): M.F. Fareed | A.M. Haroon | S.A. Rabeh
Epidemiology of Potato Blackleg in Warm Climate

Author(s): Nabil S. Farag | Ahmad A. Gomah | Naglaa A.M. Balabel
Effect of dihydropyrimidine derivatives on kinetic parameters of E.carotovora L-asparaginase

Author(s): Warangkar S.C. | Khobragade C.N. | Dawane B.S. | Bhosale R.B.
Current Status of Post Harvest Soft Rot in Vegetables: A Review

Author(s): K.A. Bhat | S.D. Masood | N.A. Bhat | M. Ashraf Bhat | S.M. Razvi | M.R. Mir | Sabina Akhtar | N. Wani | M. Habib
False Negative Multiplex PCR Results with Certain Groups of Antibiotics

Author(s): Nabil S. Farag | Ahmad A. Gomah | Naglaa M.A. Balabel
Drosophila EGFR pathway coordinates stem cell proliferation and gut remodeling following infection

Author(s): Buchon Nicolas | Broderick Nichole | Kuraishi Takayuki | Lemaitre Bruno
Incidence of pectolytic erwinias associated with blackleg of potato in Rio Grande do Sul

Author(s): Oliveira Andréia M. R. | Duarte Valmir | Silveira José R. P. | Moraes Marcelo G.
Complexes cobalt(II), zinc(II) and copper(II) with some newly synthesized benzimidazole derivatives and their antibacterial activity

The Escherichia coli BarA-UvrY two-component system is a virulence determinant in the urinary tract

Author(s): Tomenius Henrik | Pernestig Anna-Karin | Jonas Kristina | Georgellis Dimitris | Möllby Roland | Normark Staffan | Melefors Öjar
Impacto del almacenamiento en la brotación de bulbos de ajo y especies patogénicas de Penicillium y Erwinia asociadas

Author(s): Fucikovsky Zak, Leopold | González Hernández, Víctor A. | Hernández Anguiano, Ana María | Juárez López, Gabriela | Zavaleta Mejía, Emma
Erwinia carotovora elicitors and Botrytis cinerea activate defense responses in Physcomitrella patens

Author(s): Ponce de León Inés | Oliver Juan | Castro Alexandra | Gaggero Carina | Bentancor Marcel | Vidal Sabina
Identification and Pathogenicity of Phytopathogenic Bacteria Associated with Soft Rot Disease of Girasole Tuber

Author(s): Mamdoh Ewis ISMAIL | Montaser Fawzy ABDEL-MONAIM | Yasser Mahmoud MOSTAFA
Antagonist capacity of Newly Isolated Strains of Pseudomonas Fluorescens against Three Important Phytopathogenic Bacteria

Author(s): Reynaldo D.L. Cruz-Quiroz | Catalina Chavez | Marcela Hernandez | Raul Rodriguez | Daniel Hernandez | Cristobal N. Aguilar
Characterization of a Capsicum chinense Seed Peptide Fraction with Broad Antibacterial Activity

Author(s): L. Brito-Argaez | F. Moguel-Salazar | F. Zamudio | T. Gonzalez-Estrada | I. Islas-Flores
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