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Perceptions of drug use within a UK Bengali community

Author(s): Uddin Mohammad | Bhugra Dinesh | Johnson Mark
Ethnomedical survey of Berta ethnic group Assosa Zone, Benishangul-Gumuz regional state, mid-west Ethiopia

Author(s): Flatie Teferi | Gedif Teferi | Asres Kaleab | Gebre-Mariam Tsige
Ethnic identity: The Serbs in Hungary

Author(s): Prelić Mladena M.
The Public Health Impact of Coccidioidomycosis in Arizona and California

Author(s): Richard F. Hector | George W. Rutherford | Clarisse A. Tsang | Laura M. Erhart | Orion McCotter | Shoana M. Anderson | Kenneth Komatsu | Farzaneh Tabnak | Duc J. Vugia | Ying Yang | John N. Galgiani
Cancer Occurrence in Fars Province, Southern Iran

Author(s): D Mehrabani | SZ Tabei | ST Heydari | SJ Shamsina | N Shokrpour | M Amini | SJ Masoumi | H Julaee | M Farahmand | A Manafi
A model to optimize public health care and downstage breast cancer in limited-resource populations in southern Brazil. (Porto Alegre Breast Health Intervention Cohort)

Author(s): Caleffi Maira | Ribeiro Rodrigo | Filho Dakir | Ashton-Prolla Patrícia | Bedin Ademar | Skonieski Giovana | Zignani Juliana | Giacomazzi Juliana | Franco Luciane | Graudenz Márcia | Pohlmann Paula | Fernandes Jefferson | Kivitz Philip | Weber Bernardete
Blood pressure and body mass index in an ethnically diverse sample of adolescents in Paramaribo, Suriname

Author(s): Agyemang Charles | Oudeman Eline | Zijlmans Wilco | Wendte Johannes | Stronks Karien
Association between neighborhood safety and overweight status among urban adolescents

Author(s): Duncan Dustin | Johnson Renee | Molnar Beth | Azrael Deborah
Use of the out-of-hours emergency dental service at two south-east London hospitals

Author(s): Austin Rupert | Jones Kate | Wright Desmond | Donaldson Nora | Gallagher Jennifer
Vitamin D and Calcium Insufficiency-Related Chronic Diseases: an Emerging World-Wide Public Health Problem

Author(s): Meinrad Peterlik | Steven Boonen | Heide S. Cross | Christel Lamberg-Allardt
Risk of obesity in immigrants compared with Swedes in two deprived neighbourhoods

Author(s): Faskunger Johan | Eriksson Ulf | Johansson Sven-Erik | Sundquist Kristina | Sundquist Jan
The Social Capital of the Silver Ornaments in Northeastern, Thailand

Author(s): Warit Witsrutwait | Songkhoon Chantachon | Penchan Kriengkrisuk | Prasopsuk Rittidet | Budsakorn Saenyabud
Prevalence of sleep problems and habits in a sample of Saudi primary school children

Author(s): BaHammam Ahmed | AlFaris Eiad | Shaikh Shaffi | Saeed Abdulaziz
Measuring attitudes, behaviours, and influences in inner city victims of interpersonal violence (VIVs) - a Swiss emergency room pilot study

Author(s): Exadaktylos Aristomenis | Evangelisti Anja | Anghern Fiorenzo | Keller Ursula | Dopke Kathrin | Ringger Annette | Jeger Victor | Zimmermann Heinz | Laffer Urs | Guggenbühl Allan
Terrorism and identity problem

Author(s): Šijaković Ivan
The Strategy - Ending Globalization Disorders

Author(s): Yunus Lubega Butanaziba
The Social Movement of the Phuan in Thailand

Author(s): Niwat Thongwol | Jaruwan Tammawat | Prasopsuk Rittidej | Budsakorn Saenyabud
Generation Scotland: Donor DNA Databank; A control DNA resource

Author(s): Kerr Shona | Liewald David | Campbell Archie | Taylor Kerrie | Wild Sarah | Newby David | Turner Marc | Porteous David
Child Abuse in India

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Iravani

Author(s): Lucia Hilman | Lily Tjahjandari | Retno Untari
Eating Disorders

Author(s): Gucciardi Enza | Celasun Nalan | Ahmad Farah | Stewart Donna
Epidemiology of forest malaria in central Vietnam: a large scale cross-sectional survey

Author(s): Erhart Annette | Thang Ngo | Van Ky Phan | Tinh Ta | Van Overmeir Chantal | Speybroeck Niko | Obsomer Valerie | Hung Le | Thuan Le | Coosemans Marc | D'alessandro Umberto
Ten years of lesbian health survey research in the UK West Midlands

Author(s): Meads Catherine | Buckley Emily | Sanderson Paul
Infección por virus del papiloma humano (VPH) en una población indígena del Amazonas venezolano.

Author(s): Graciela Nicita | Aldo Reigosa | José Torres | Carmen Vázquez | Yolima Fernández | Maritza Álvarez | Nancy Núñez | Magda Magris
Overweight at age two years in a multi-ethnic cohort (ABCD study): the role of prenatal factors, birth outcomes and postnatal factors

Author(s): de Hoog Marieke | van Eijsden Manon | Stronks Karien | Gemke Reinoud | Vrijkotte Tanja
Characterization of the genetic diversity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in São Paulo city, Brazil

Author(s): Mendes Natália | Melo Fernando | Santos Adolfo | Pandolfi José | Almeida Elisabete | Cardoso Rosilene | Berghs Henri | David Suzana | Johansen Faber | Espanha Lívia | Leite Sergio | Leite Clarice
The Transition from Corporate Careers to Business Ownership: The Case for Women Entrepreneurs in Malaysia

Author(s): Siri Roland Xavier | Syed Zamberi Ahmad | Suganthi Perumal | Leilanie Mohd Nor | Jagadesan Chandra Mohan
Prevention of: self harm in British South Asian women: study protocol of an exploratory RCT of culturally adapted manual assisted Problem Solving Training (C- MAP)

Author(s): Husain Nusrat | Chaudhry Nasim | Durairaj Steevart | Chaudhry Imran | Khan Sarah | Husain Meher | Nagaraj Diwaker | Naeem Farooq | Waheed Waquas
Prevention of Vitamin D deficiency in infancy: daily 400 IU vitamin D is sufficient

Author(s): Mutlu Gul | Kusdal Yusuf | Ozsu Elif | Cizmecioglu Filiz | Hatun Sukru
Regionalism and Its Effects on Iranian Agricultural Exports: The Case of Economic Cooperation Organization

Author(s): Mandana Toosi | Reza Moghaddasi | Saeed Yazdani | Majid Ahmadian
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