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Recurrent boosting effects of short inactivity delays on performance: an ERPs study

Author(s): Schmitz Remy | Schabus Manuel | Perrin Fabien | Luxen André | Maquet Pierre | Peigneux Philippe
Mismatch task conditions and error related ERPs

Author(s): Karanasiou Irene | Papageorgiou Charalabos | Tsianaka Eleni | Kyprianou Miltiades | Matsopoulos George | Ventouras Errikos | Uzunoglu Nikolaos
Maturation of auditory temporal integration and inhibition assessed with event-related potentials (ERPs)

Author(s): Fox Allison | Anderson Mike | Reid Corinne | Smith Tim | Bishop Dorothy
EEG Fractal Dimension Measurement before and after Human Auditory Stimulation

Author(s): Stiliyan Georgiev | Zlatogor Minchev | Christina Christova | Dolja Philipova1
Multimodal evoked potential abnormalities in patients with Wilson's disease

Author(s): Ilić Tihomir V. | Svetel Marina | Petković Stevan | Kostić Vladimir S.
Event-related evoked potentials in chronic respiratory encephalopathy

Author(s): A R Al Tahan | R Zaidan | S Jones | et al
Development of the time course for processing conflict: an event-related potentials study with 4 year olds and adults

Author(s): Rueda M Rosario | Posner Michael | Rothbart Mary | Davis-Stober Clintin
Memory recall in arousing situations – an emotional von Restorff effect?

Author(s): Wiswede Daniel | Rüsseler Jascha | Hasselbach Simone | Münte Thomas
Statistical language learning in neonates revealed by event-related brain potentials

Author(s): Teinonen Tuomas | Fellman Vineta | Näätänen Risto | Alku Paavo | Huotilainen Minna
Impact of Surrounding Illumination on Visual Fatigue and Eyestrain While Viewing Television

Author(s): John D. Bullough | Yukio Akashi | Charles R. Fay | Mariana G. Figueiro
Event-Related Potentials in Psychiatric Patients

Author(s): Mustafa Karagöz | Ümmühan İşoğlu Alkaç | Neslihan Ergen | Nezih Eradamlar | Latif Alpkan
Neurophysiological correlates of linearization in language production

Author(s): Habets Boukje | Jansma Bernadette | Münte Thomas
Evaluation of Cognitive Functions in Subclinical Hypothyroidism by Event Related Potentials

Author(s): Babürhan GÜLDİKEN | Sibel GÜLDİKEN | Bengür TAŞKIRAN | Hande PEYNİRCİ | Nilda TURGUT | Armağan TUĞRUL
Usefulness of event-related potentials in the assessment of mild cognitive impairment

Author(s): Papaliagkas Vasileios | Kimiskidis Vasileios | Tsolaki Magda | Anogianakis George

Author(s): Jasna Martinovic | Thomas Gruber | Matthias M. Müller
Hilbert-Huang versus Morlet wavelet transformation on mismatch negativity of children in uninterrupted sound paradigm

Author(s): Cong Fengyu | Sipola Tuomo | Huttunen-Scott Tiina | Xu Xiaonan | Ristaniemi Tapani | Lyytinen Heikki
Spatiotemporal dipole source localization of face processing ERPs in adolescents: a preliminary study

Author(s): Wong Teresa | Fung Peter | McAlonan Grainne | Chua Siew
Event-related potentials and illusory conjunctions in the time domain

Author(s): Gil Gómez de Liaño, Beatriz | Rodríguez, Carmen | Valle Inclán, Fernando | Botella, Juan | Rubio, Ma Eugenia
Magnitude Squared of Coherence to Detect Imaginary Movement

Author(s): Sady Antônio Santos Filho | Carlos Julio Tierra-Criollo | Ana Paula Souza | Marcos Antonio Silva Pinto | Maria Luiza Cunha Lima | Gilberto Mastrocola Manzano
Age-related increases in parathyroid hormone may be antecedent to both osteoporosis and dementia

Author(s): Braverman Eric | Chen Thomas | Chen Amanda | Arcuri Vanessa | Kerner Mallory | Bajaj Anish | Carbajal Javier | Braverman Dasha | Downs B William | Blum Kenneth
Comparison of Birkeland current observations during two magnetic cloud events with MHD simulations

Author(s): H. Korth | B. J. Anderson | J. G. Lyon | M. Wiltberger
Classification of ADHD patients on the basis of independent ERP components using a machine learning system

Author(s): Mueller Andreas | Candrian Gian | Kropotov Juri | Ponomarev Valery | Baschera Gian-Marco
Non-linear laws of echoic memory and auditory change detection in humans

Author(s): Inui Koji | Urakawa Tomokazu | Yamashiro Koya | Otsuru Naofumi | Nishihara Makoto | Takeshima Yasuyuki | Keceli Sumru | Kakigi Ryusuke
Time-Frequency Data Reduction for Event Related Potentials: Combining Principal Component Analysis and Matching Pursuit

Author(s): Selin Aviyente | Edward M. Bernat | Stephen M. Malone | William G. Iacono
When decisions of others matter to me: an electrophysiological analysis

Author(s): Marco-Pallarés Josep | Krämer Ulrike | Strehl Saskia | Schröder Andrea | Münte Thomas
Neurophyhysiology (P300) Auditory Event Related Potentials in Major Depressive Disorder

Author(s): Mustafa Karagöz | Ümmühan İşoğlu Alkaç | Neslihan Ergen | Nezih Eradamlar | Latif Alpkan
Event-Related Potentials in Major Depression

Author(s): Mustafa Karagöz | Ümmühan İşoğlu Alkaç | Neslihan Ergen | Nezih Eradamlar | Latif Alpkan
The presentation order of cue and target matters in deception study

Author(s): Dong Guangheng | Hu Yanbo | Lu Qilin | Wu Haiyan
Event-related potentials following exercise bouts of different intensity

Author(s): Barak Otto | Ivetić Vesna | Filipović Danka | Naumović Nada | Lukač Damir | Drapšin Miodrag | Karaba-Jakovljević Dea | Popadić-Gaćeša Jelena | Klašnja Aleksandar | Grujić Nikola
Cognitive impairment after cerebrovascular stroke: Relationship to vascular risk factors

Author(s): Eman M Khedr | Sherifa A Hamed | Hala K El-Shereef | Ola A Shawky | Khalid A Mohamed | et al
EEG Correlates of Cognitive Strategies: Forced Choice in Uncertain Conditions

Author(s): Evgeny LEVIN | Onur BAYAZIT | Adile ONIZ | Murat OZGOREN
International Study to Predict Optimized Treatment for Depression (iSPOT-D), a randomized clinical trial: rationale and protocol

Author(s): Williams Leanne | Rush A | Koslow Stephen | Wisniewski Stephen | Cooper Nicholas | Nemeroff Charles | Schatzberg Alan | Gordon Evian
Gender Event-related Brain Oscillatory Differences in Normal Elderly Population EEG

Author(s): Stiliyan Georgiev | Zlatogor Minchev | Christina Christova | Dolja Philipova
Electroencephalographic Brain Dynamics Following Manually Responded Visual Targets

Author(s): Makeig Scott | Delorme Arnaud | Westerfield Marissa | Jung Tzyy-Ping | Townsend Jeanne | Courchesne Eric | Sejnowski Terrence J
Effects of caffeine on the electrophysiological, cognitive and motor responses of the central nervous system

Author(s): Deslandes A.C. | Veiga H. | Cagy M. | Piedade R. | Pompeu F. | Ribeiro P.

Author(s): Gül Y. Özkaya | Hülya Aydin | Füsun N. Toraman | Ferah Kizilay | Özgür Özdemir | Vedat Cetinkaya
Using mixture models to characterize disease-related traits

Author(s): Duan Tao | Finch Stephen | Ye Kenny | Chase Gary | Mendell Nancy
Response inhibition deficits in externalizing child psychiatric disorders: An ERP-study with the Stop-task

Author(s): Albrecht Björn | Banaschewski Tobias | Brandeis Daniel | Heinrich Hartmut | Rothenberger Aribert
Crossmodal attention effects on brain responses to different stimulus classes

Author(s): Nager Wido | Estorf Kaija | Münte Thomas
Differential cognitive impairment for diverse forms of multiple sclerosis

Author(s): Gonzalez-Rosa Javier | Vazquez-Marrufo Manuel | Vaquero Encarnacion | Duque Pablo | Borges Monica | Gamero Miguel | Gomez Carlos | Izquierdo Guillermo
The N2 Wave Of Event-Related Potentials Reflects The Novelty Of The Eliciting Stimuli

Author(s): Ergenoğlu, T. | Uslu, A. | Ergen, M. | Reşitoğlu, B. | Beydağı, H. | Demiralp, T.
Gender differences in hemispheric asymmetry for face processing

Author(s): Proverbio Alice | Brignone Valentina | Matarazzo Silvia | Del Zotto Marzia | Zani Alberto
Event related potentials during the visual discrimination of words and pseudowords by children

Author(s): Fonseca Lineu C. | Tedrus Gloria M.A.S. | Gilbert Maria Agnes P.
Not every pseudoword disrupts word recognition: an ERP study

Author(s): Friedrich Claudia | Eulitz Carsten | Lahiri Aditi
Earthquake related tsunami hazard along the western coast of Thailand

Author(s): F. Løvholt | H. Bungum | C. B. Harbitz | S. Glimsdal | C. D. Lindholm | G. Pedersen
Electrophysiological evidence for notation independence in numerical processing

Author(s): Libertus Melissa | Woldorff Marty | Brannon Elizabeth
Dissociating object familiarity from linguistic properties in mirror word reading

Author(s): Proverbio Alice | Wiedemann Friederike | Adorni Roberta | Rossi Valentina | Del Zotto Marzia | Zani Alberto
Temporal dynamics of selective attention and conflict resolution during cross-dimensional go-nogo decisions

Author(s): Kopp Bruno | Tabeling Sandra | Moschner Carsten | Wessel Karl
Neighborhood consistency in mental arithmetic: Behavioral and ERP evidence

Author(s): Domahs Frank | Domahs Ulrike | Schlesewsky Matthias | Ratinckx Elie | Verguts Tom | Willmes Klaus | Nuerk Hans-Christoph
A Framework to Support Automated Classification and Labeling of Brain Electromagnetic Patterns

Author(s): Gwen A. Frishkoff | Robert M. Frank | Jiawei Rong | Dejing Dou | Joseph Dien | Laura K. Halderman
Electrophysiological correlates of selective attention: A lifespan comparison

Author(s): Mueller Viktor | Brehmer Yvonne | von Oertzen Timo | Li Shu-Chen | Lindenberger Ulman
Differences in the processing of anaphoric reference between closely related languages: neurophysiological evidence

Author(s): Lamers Monique | Jansma Bernadette | Hammer Anke | Münte Thomas
Electroencephalography in eating disorders

Author(s): Jáuregui-Lobera I
Using P300 to Evaluate the Effect of Object Color Knowledge in Novelty Detection

Author(s): Mohammad Amin Khoshlessan1 | Sadra Sadeh | Reza Nilipour
Electrophysiological correlates of cognitive inhibition in college students with schizotypal traits

Author(s): Huije Che | Chang-Hwan Im | Kyoung Mi Jang | Myung-Sun Kim | Sung Hwa Oh
Attachment Styles are Related to ERPs Elicited to Angry Faces in an Oddball Paradigm

Author(s): Marrie H. J. Bekker | Fienke I. M. Geurdes | Ruth E. Mark
Attachment Styles are Related to ERPs Elicited to Angry Faces in an Oddball Paradigm

Author(s): Marrie H. J. Bekker | Fienke I. M. Geurdes | Ruth E. Mark
Time-Frequency Data Reduction for Event Related Potentials: Combining Principal Component Analysis and Matching Pursuit

Author(s): Aviyente Selin | Bernat EdwardM | Malone StephenM | Iacono WilliamG
The Comparing Auditory Discrimination in Blind and Sighted Subjects

Author(s): Sayyed Hasan Khamooshi | Ensye Abassi | Dr. Ali Asghar Kakojoibari | Dr. Mohammad Reza Keyhani | Dr. Hassan Ashayeri
P300 Detection Algorithm Based on Fisher Distance

Author(s): Pan WANG | Ji-zhong SHEN | Jin-he SHI
Comparison of Auditory Event-Related Potential P300 in Sighted and Early Blind Individuals

Author(s): Fatemeh Heidari | Saeed Farahani | Ghassem MohammadKhani | Dr. Ebrahim Jafarzadepour | Dr. Shohre Jalaie
Facial and semantic emotional interference: A pilot study on the behavioral and cortical responses to the dual valence association task

Author(s): Ibáñez Agustín | Hurtado Esteban | Riveros Rodrigo | Urquina Hugo | Cardona Juan | Petroni Agustín | Lobos-Infante Alejandro | Barutta Joaquin | Baez Sandra | Manes Facundo
Cluster analysis of behavioural and event-related potentials during a contingent negative variation paradigm in remitting-relapsing and benign forms of multiple sclerosis

Author(s): Gonzalez-Rosa Javier | Vazquez-Marrufo Manuel | Vaquero Encarnacion | Duque Pablo | Borges Monica | Gomez-Gonzalez Carlos | Izquierdo Guillermo
Discriminating between ADHD adults and controls using independent ERP components and a support vector machine: a validation study

Author(s): Mueller Andreas | Candrian Gian | Grane Venke | Kropotov Juri | Ponomarev Valery | Baschera Gian-Marco
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