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The current status of community drug testing via the analysis of drugs and drug metabolites in sewage

Author(s): Malcolm J. Reid Reid | Christopher Harman | Merete Grung | Kevin V. Thomas
Evidence-Based Approaches to Remedy and Also to Prevent Abuse of Community-Dwelling Older Persons

Author(s): Donna M. Wilson | Sandra E. Ratajewicz | Charl Els | Mary A. Asirifi
Invasive home mechanical ventilation, mainly focused on neuromuscular disorders

Author(s): Geiseler, Jens | Karg, Ortrud | Börger, Sandra | Becker, Kurt | Zimolong, Andreas
Individual health services

Author(s): Schnell-Inderst, Petra | Hunger, Theresa | Hintringer, Katharina | Schwarzer, Ruth | Seifert-Klauss, Vanadin Regina | Gothe, Holger | Wasem, Jürgen | Siebert, Uwe
Op weg naar een interactieve benadering van evidence-based werken in de sociale sector in Nederland

Author(s): Renske van der Zwet | Deirdre Beneken Genaamd Kolmer | René Schalk
Renewal and Change (Editorial)

Author(s): Denise Koufogiannakis
Research Methods: Content Analysis

Author(s): Virginia Wilson
The 6th International Evidence Based Library and Information Practice Conference (EBLIP6): Conference Report and Reflections

Author(s): Alison Brettle | Maria Grant | Katie Fraser | Katrina Dalziel | Paolo Gardois | Suzanne Lewis | Hilde Kaalvik | Jonathan Eldredge
Diagnosis and treatment of acute ankle injuries: development of an evidence-based algorithm

Author(s): Hans Polzer | Karl-Georg Kanz | Wolf Christian Prall | Florian Haasters | Ben Ockert | Wolf Mutschler | Stefan Grote
First evidence of non-parental male infanticide in the endangered Iberian Lynx (Lynx pardinus)

Author(s): Guillermo López | Marcos López-Parra | Leonardo Fernández | Gema Ruiz | José M. Gil-Sánchez | Miguel A. Simón
Employers’ Perspectives on Future Roles and Skills Requirements for Australian Health Librarians

Author(s): Suzanne Lewis | Gillian Hallam | Ann Ritchie | Catherine Clark | Cheryl Hamill | Melanie Kammermann | Patrick O'Connor
Achievements of Nursing Portal Development in Selected Countries

Author(s): Reza Safdari | Mashaallah Torabi | Mohammad Ali Cheraghi | Niloufar Masoori | Zahra Azadmanjir
Evidence Based Medicine in Pediatric Practice: Brief Review

Author(s): Hamid-Reza Kianifar | Javad Akhondian | Mehri Najafi-Sani | Ramin Sadeghi
Evidence-Based Radiology: A New Approach to the Practice of Radiology

Author(s): Kombiz Steadie Seifi | Jalal Jalal Shokouhi | Abdolrasul Sedaghat | Mansoor Fatehi | Ahmad Tavakoli
Public health in action: effective school health needs renewed international attention

Author(s): Habib Benzian | Bella Monse | Vicente Belizario | Alexander Schratz | Murat Sahin | Wim van Palenstein Helderman
Executive MBA Programs: What Do Students Perceive as Value for their Practices?

Author(s): Ana Claudia Souza Vazquez | Roberto Lima Ruas
Diagnosis and treatment of acute ankle injuries: development of an evidence-based algorithm

Author(s): Hans Polzer | Karl Georg Kanz | Wolf Christian Prall | Florian Haasters | Ben Ockert | Wolf Mutschler | Stefan Grote
Six Years of Lessons Learned in Monitoring and Evaluating Online Discussion Forums

Author(s): Megan Avila | Kavitha Nallathambi | Catherine Richey | Lisa Mwaikambo
Exploring the development of a cultural care framework for European caring science

Author(s): John Albarran | Elizabeth Rosser | Shirley Bach | Lisbeth Uhrenfeldt | Pranee Lundberg | Kate Law
Evidence-Based Urology: How Does a Randomized Clinical Trial Achieve Its Designed Goals?

Author(s): Homayoun Sadeghi Bazargani | Sakineh Hajebrahimi
Dissemination of Evidence-Based Standards of Care

Author(s): Andre Barkhordarian | Brett Hacker | Francesco Chiappelli
Identifying quality improvement intervention publications - A comparison of electronic search strategies

Author(s): Hempel Susanne | Rubenstein Lisa | Shanman Roberta | Foy Robbie | Golder Su | Danz Marjorie | Shekelle Paul
Uncovering Tacit Knowledge: A Pilot Study to Broaden the Concept of Knowledge in Knowledge Translation

Author(s): Kothari Anita | Bickford Julia | Edwards Nancy | Dobbins Maureen | Meyer Mechthild
Consensus and Discordance in the Management of Growth Hormone-Treated Patients: Results of a Knowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs, and Practices Survey

Author(s): Miller BradleyS | Shulman DorothyI | Shillington Alicia | Harshaw Qing | Wilson DarrellM | Schwartz David | Kappy Michael | Bakker Bert | Wyatt David
Consensus in Guidelines for Evaluation of DSD by the Texas Children's Hospital Multidisciplinary Gender Medicine Team

Author(s): Douglas Ganka | Axelrad MarniE | Brandt MaryL | Crabtree Elizabeth | Dietrich Je | French Shannon | Gunn Sheila | Karaviti Lefkothea | Lopez | Macias CharlesG | McCullough LaurenceB | Suresh Deepa | Sutton VReid
Comparison of pharmacist managed anticoagulation with usual medical care in a family medicine clinic

Author(s): Young Stephanie | Bishop Lisa | Twells Laurie | Dillon Carla | Hawboldt John | O'Shea Patrick
The physical therapy profile questionnaire (PTPQ): development, validation and pilot testing

Author(s): Dizon Janine Margarita | Grimmer-Somers Karen | Kumar Saravana
Rationale, design, and implementation protocol of an electronic health record integrated clinical prediction rule (iCPR) randomized trial in primary care

Author(s): Mann Devin | Kannry Joseph | Edonyabo Daniel | Li Alice | Arciniega Jacqueline | Stulman James | Romero Lucas | Wisnivesky Juan | Adler Rhodes | McGinn Thomas
A Guide for applying a revised version of the PARIHS framework for implementation

Author(s): Stetler Cheryl | Damschroder Laura | Helfrich Christian | Hagedorn Hildi
Implementing knowledge into practice for improved neonatal survival; a cluster-randomised, community-based trial in Quang Ninh province, Vietnam

Author(s): Wallin Lars | Målqvist Mats | Nga Nguyen | Eriksson Leif | Persson Lars-Åke | Hoa Dinh | Huy Tran | Duc Duong | Ewald Uwe
Measles vaccination in humanitarian emergencies: a review of recent practice

Author(s): Grais Rebecca | Strebel Peter | Mala Peter | Watson John | Nandy Robin | Gayer Michelle
Protocol for Northern Ireland Caries Prevention in Practice Trial (NIC-PIP) trial: a randomised controlled trial to measure the effects and costs of a dental caries prevention regime for young children attending primary care dental services

Author(s): Tickle Martin | Milsom Keith | Donaldson Michael | Killough Seamus | O'Neill Ciaran | Crealey Grainne | Sutton Matthew | Noble Solveig | Greer Margaret | Worthington Helen
How many steps/day are enough? for adults

Author(s): Tudor-Locke Catrine | Craig Cora | Brown Wendy | Clemes Stacy | De Cocker Katrien | Giles-Corti Billie | Hatano Yoshiro | Inoue Shigeru | Matsudo Sandra | Mutrie Nanette | Oppert Jean-Michel | Rowe David | Schmidt Michael | Schofield Grant | Spence John | Teixeira Pedro | Tully Mark | Blair Steven
Improved delivery of cardiovascular care (IDOCC) through outreach facilitation: study protocol and implementation details of a cluster randomized controlled trial in primary care

Author(s): Liddy Clare | Hogg William | Russell Grant | Wells George | Armstrong Catherine | Akbari Ayub | Dahrouge Simone | Taljaard Monica | Mayo-Bruinsma Liesha | Singh Jatinderpreet | Cornett Alex
Design, rationale, and baseline characteristics of a cluster randomized controlled trial of pay for performance for hypertension treatment: study protocol

Author(s): Petersen Laura | Urech Tracy | Simpson Kate | Pietz Kenneth | Hysong Sylvia | Profit Jochen | Conrad Douglas | Dudley R Adams | Lutschg Meghan | Petzel Robert | Woodard LeChauncy
Strengthening organizational performance through accreditation research-a framework for twelve interrelated studies: the ACCREDIT project study protocol

Author(s): Braithwaite Jeffrey | Westbrook Johanna | Johnston Brian | Clark Stephen | Brandon Mark | Banks Margaret | Hughes Clifford | Greenfield David | Pawsey Marjorie | Corbett Angus | Georgiou Andrew | Callen Joanne | Øvretveit John | Pope Catherine | Suñol Rosa | Shaw Charles | Debono Deborah | Westbrook Mary | Hinchcliff Reece | Moldovan Max
Clinicians adopting evidence based guidelines: a case study with thromboprophylaxis

Author(s): Chapman Nicola | Lazar Steven | Fry Margaret | Lassere Marissa | Chong Beng
Health economic evaluations comparing insulin glargine with NPH insulin in patients with type 1 diabetes: a systematic review

Author(s): Hagenmeyer Ernst-Günther | Koltermann Katharina C | Dippel Franz-Werner | Schädlich Peter K
QUALICOPC, a multi-country study evaluating quality, costs and equity in primary care

Author(s): Schäfer Willemijn | Boerma Wienke | Kringos Dionne | De Maeseneer Jan | Greß Stefan | Heinemann Stephanie | Rotar-Pavlic Danica | Seghieri Chiara | Švab Igor | Van den Berg Michael | Vainieri Milena | Westert Gert | Willems Sara | Groenewegen Peter
How learning style affects evidence-based medicine: a survey study

Author(s): Zwolsman Sandra | van Dijk Nynke | Verhoeven Anita | de Ruijter Wouter | Wieringa-de Waard Margreet
A longitudinal, multi-level comparative study of quality and safety in European hospitals: the QUASER study protocol

Author(s): Robert Glenn | Anderson Janet | Burnett Susan | Aase Karina | Andersson-Gare Boel | Bal Roland | Calltorp Johan | Nunes Francisco | Weggelaar Anne-Marie | Vincent Charles | Fulop Naomi
The chronic care for age-related macular degeneration study (CHARMED): Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Frei Anja | Woitzek Katja | Wang Mathyas | Held Ulrike | Rosemann Thomas
The Canadian Bandaging Trial: Evidence-informed leg ulcer care and the effectiveness of two compression technologies

Author(s): Harrison Margaret | VanDenKerkhof Elizabeth | Hopman Wilma | Graham Ian | Carley Meg | Nelson E
Comparison of primary care models in the prevention of cardiovascular disease - a cross sectional study

Author(s): Liddy Clare | Singh Jatinderpreet | Hogg William | Dahrouge Simone | Taljaard Monica
Health equity in the New Zealand health care system: a national survey

Author(s): Sheridan Nicolette | Kenealy Timothy | Connolly Martin | Mahony Faith | Barber P Alan | Boyd Mary Anne | Carswell Peter | Clinton Janet | Devlin Gerard | Doughty Robert | Dyall Lorna | Kerse Ngaire | Kolbe John | Lawrenson Ross | Moffitt Allan
Limiting weight gain in overweight and obese women during pregnancy to improve health outcomes: the LIMIT randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Dodd Jodie | Turnbull Deborah | McPhee Andrew | Wittert Gary | Crowther Caroline | Robinson Jeffrey
Building the capacity of family day care educators to promote children's social and emotional wellbeing: an exploratory cluster randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Davis Elise | Williamson Lara | Mackinnon Andrew | Cook Kay | Waters Elizabeth | Herrman Helen | Sims Margaret | Mihalopoulos Cathrine | Harrison Linda | Marshall Bernard
Implementing collaborative care for depression treatment in primary care: A cluster randomized evaluation of a quality improvement practice redesign

Author(s): Chaney Edmund | Rubenstein Lisa | Liu Chuan-Fen | Yano Elizabeth | Bolkan Cory | Lee Martin | Simon Barbara | Lanto Andy | Felker Bradford | Uman Jane
How and why are communities of practice established in the healthcare sector? A systematic review of the literature

Author(s): Ranmuthugala Geetha | Plumb Jennifer | Cunningham Frances | Georgiou Andrew | Westbrook Johanna | Braithwaite Jeffrey
Management of asthma in pregnant women by general practitioners: A cross sectional survey

Author(s): Lim Angelina | Stewart Kay | Abramson Michael | George Johnson
The appropriateness of prescribing antibiotics in the community in Europe: study design

Author(s): van Bijnen Evelien | den Heijer Casper | Paget W John | Stobberingh Ellen | Verheij Robert | Bruggeman Cathrien | Pringle Mike | Goossens Herman | Schellevis François
Evidence-Based Radiology (EBR)

Author(s): Mansoor Fatehi | Abbas Arjmand Shabestari

Author(s): F. Fereidooni | V. L. Fornasier
Teaching Evidence-Based Medicine More Effectively

Author(s): Zinat Nadia Hatmi | Sousan Tahvildari | Soheila Dabiran | Suraya Soheili | Ahmad Sabouri Kashani | Maedeh Raznahan
The RANKL: Osteoprotegerin (OPG) ratio as a new biomarker for coronary artery disease

Author(s): Jamal Shamsara | Mohammad Ramezani | Amir hooshang Mohammadpour
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