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Author(s): OSMAN ALI JAN
Analysis of the “Sonar Hopf” Cochlea

Author(s): Albert Kern | Stefan Martignoli | Wolfgang Mathis | Willi-Hans Steeb | Ralph Lukas Stoop | Ruedi Stoop
The Effects of Open Heart Surgery (Coronary Bypass) on Depression and Social Adjustment of Hospitalized Heart Patients

Author(s): Farah Naderi | Alireza Heideri | Marjan Kargarzadeh | Mohammad Tahmasbi
Strict versus Negligence Software Product Liability

Author(s): Farhah Abdullah | Kamaruzaman Jusoff | Hasiah Mohamed | Roszainora Setia
Instructional technology in higher education: A case of selected universities in the Niger Delta

Author(s): Nwachukwu Prince OLOLUBE | Paul EKE | Michael Chukwuwieke UZORKA | Nkereuwem Stephen EKPENYONG | Ngboawaji Daniel NTE
Inverse folding of RNA pseudoknot structures

Author(s): Gao James | Li Linda | Reidys Christian
Design of An Efficient Neural Key Generation

Author(s): Asst. Prof. R. M.Jogdand1 | Sahana S.Bisalapur
Design of Narrow Stopband Recursive Digital Filter

Author(s): Goran Stančić | Saša Nikolić
A Novel Method of Preparing a Nanometer-Scale Rod Array of Hydroxyapatite Crystals

Author(s): S. Hayakawa | Y. Li | Y. Shirosaki | A. Osaka | E. Fujii | K. Kawabata
Trends and Volatilities in Heterogeneous Patent Quality in Taiwan

Author(s): Wen-Cheng Lu | Jong-Rong Chen | I-Hsuan Tung
Novel banana-discotic hybrid architectures

Author(s): Hari Krishna Bisoyi | H. T. Srinivasa | Sandeep Kumar
A High Density and Low Power Cache Based on Novel SRAM Cell

Author(s): Arash Azizi Mazreah | Mohammad Taghi Manzuri | Ali Mehrparvar
Fuzzy Logic in a Low Speed Cruise-Controlled Automobile

Author(s): Mary Lourde R. | Waris Sami Misbah
Silodosin in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia

Author(s): Maxime Rossi | Thierry Roumeguère
Fine-grained parallel RNAalifold algorithm for RNA secondary structure prediction on FPGA

Author(s): Xia Fei | Dou Yong | Zhou Xingming | Yang Xuejun | Xu Jiaqing | Zhang Yang
Mismatch oligonucleotides in human and yeast: guidelines for probe design on tiling microarrays

Author(s): Seringhaus Michael | Rozowsky Joel | Royce Thomas | Nagalakshmi Ugrappa | Jee Justin | Snyder Michael | Gerstein Mark
Silica-based cationic bilayers as immunoadjuvants

Author(s): Lincopan Nilton | Santana Mariana | Faquim-Mauro Eliana | da Costa Maria | Carmona-Ribeiro Ana
Evaluation of the effect of stent strut profile on shear stress distribution using statistical moments

Author(s): Mejia Juan | Ruzzeh Bilal | Mongrain Rosaire | Leask Richard | Bertrand Olivier
Phenotypic and genotypic characterization of Human Immunodeficiency Virus type 1 CRF07_BC strains circulating in the Xinjiang Province of China

Author(s): Ma Liying | Guo Yanfang | Yuan Lin | Huang Yang | Sun Jianping | Qu Shuiling | Yu Xiaoling | Meng Zhefeng | He Xiang | Jiang Shibo | Shao Yiming
Design, Fabrication, and Properties of High Damping Metal Matrix Composites—A Review

Author(s): Hui Lu | Xianping Wang | Tao Zhang | Zhijun Cheng | Qianfeng Fang
The chemiluminescence based Ziplex® automated workstation focus array reproduces ovarian cancer Affymetrix GeneChip® expression profiles

Author(s): Quinn Michael | Wilson Daniel | Young Fiona | Dempsey Adam | Arcand Suzanna | Birch Ashley | Wojnarowicz Paulina | Provencher Diane | Mes-Masson Anne-Marie | Englert David | Tonin Patricia
Polyphenols from Cocoa and Vascular Health—A Critical Review

Author(s): Gerald Rimbach | Mona Melchin | Jennifer Moehring | Anika E. Wagner
Multidendritic sensory neurons in the adult Drosophila abdomen: origins, dendritic morphology, and segment- and age-dependent programmed cell death

Author(s): Shimono Kohei | Fujimoto Azusa | Tsuyama Taiichi | Yamamoto-Kochi Misato | Sato Motohiko | Hattori Yukako | Sugimura Kaoru | Usui Tadao | Kimura Ken-ichi | Uemura Tadashi
Maturation Pathways of Cross-Reactive HIV-1 Neutralizing Antibodies

Author(s): Xiaodong Xiao | Weizao Chen | Yang Feng | Dimiter S. Dimitrov
Recombinant protein expression by targeting pre-selected chromosomal loci

Author(s): Nehlsen Kristina | Schucht Roland | da Gama-Norton Leonor | Krömer Wolfgang | Baer Alexandra | Cayli Aziz | Hauser Hansjörg | Wirth Dagmar

Author(s): Hafizah Husain | Abdul Wahab Mohammad | Aini Hussain | Salina Abdul Samad | Azah Mohamed | Che Husna Azhari | Norinawati Md. Tahir
Bacteria under SOS evolve anticancer phenotypes

Author(s): Dallo Shatha | Weitao Tao
Design of Packet-Based Block Codes with Shift Operators

Author(s): Ali Al-Shaikhi | Jacek Ilow
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Joel Rodrigues | Farid Farahmand | Wai Chen
A Conceptual Model for Analysis and Design of Tunable Security Services

Author(s): Stefan Lindskog | Zoltán Faigl | Anna Brunstrom
An application of principal component analysis to the clavicle and clavicle fixation devices

Author(s): Daruwalla Zubin | Courtis Patrick | Fitzpatrick Clare | Fitzpatrick David | Mullett Hannan
Antimicrobial peptide-like genes in Nasonia vitripennis: a genomic perspective

Author(s): Tian Caihuan | Gao Bin | Fang Qi | Ye Gongyin | Zhu Shunyi
Nano Technology (A Microscopic Solution)

Author(s): Govind Singh Tanwar | Ganesh Singh | Ravi Saharan
Mucoadhesive slow-release tablets of theophylline: Design and evaluation

Author(s): Senthil V | Gopalakrishnan S | Sureshkumar R | Jawahar N | Ganesh GNK | Nagasamyvenkatesh D
A production attempt of selected metallic glasses with Fe and Ni matrix

Author(s): W. Pilarczyk | R. Nowosielski | R. Babilas
New Design Method of UWB Microstrip Filters Using Adaptive Genetic Algorithms with Defected Ground Structures

Author(s): Amir Reza Dastkhosh | Gholamreza Dadashzadeh | Mohammad Hossein Sedaaghi
Toothbrush age, wear, and plaque control.

Author(s): Hegde Pradnya | Ashok Kumar | Ankola Anil
The spatial-temporal clustering of Plasmodium falciparum infection over eleven years in Gezira State, The Sudan

Author(s): Mirghani Samia | Nour Bakri | Bushra Sayed | Elhassan Ibrahim | Snow Robert | Noor Abdisalan
Modeling Natural Anti-Inflammatory Compounds by Molecular Topology

Author(s): María Galvez-Llompart | Riccardo Zanni | Ramón García-Domenech
Evaluation of Crude Oil Contaminated Soil on the Mineral Nutrient Elements of Maize (Zea mays L.)

Author(s): O.M. Agbogidi | P.G. Eruotor | S.O. Akparobi | G.U. Nnaji
The Appropriateness of Hierarchies (Editorial)

Author(s): Denise Koufogiannakis
Evaluation of Engineering Properties and Economic Advantages of WMA using Local Materials

Author(s): M.O. Hamzah | A. Jamshidi | Z. Shahadan | M.R. Mohd Hasan | A.S. Yahaya
The Influence of Milling on the Dissolution Performance of Simvastatin

Author(s): Ulrike Zimper | Jaakko Aaltonen | Karen Krauel-Goellner | Keith C. Gordon | Clare J. Strachan | Thomas Rades
Aproximación a una ontología para lenguajes de modelado gráfico

Author(s): Carlos Mario Zapata | Gloria Lucía Giraldo | Byron Portilla | Duván Gómez | Marcela Naranjo | Marcela Naranjo

Author(s): Angelo De Santis | Baldev Arora | Heather McCreadie
Formulation, Development and In-Vitro Evaluation of Mucoadhesive Buccal Patches Of Methotrexate

Author(s): Rohit Chaudhary, | Md. Shamim Qureshi, | Jitendra Patel | Uttam Prasad Panigrahi | I.C.Giri
Direct Write Assembly of Three―dimensional PZT Woodpile Structure

Author(s): CAI Kun-Peng, SUN Jing-Bo, LI Bo2, ZHOU Ji
Stochastic variation of transcript abundance in C57BL/6J mice

Author(s): Vedell Peter | Svenson Karen | Churchill Gary
The novel curcumin analog FLLL32 decreases STAT3 DNA binding activity and expression, and induces apoptosis in osteosarcoma cell lines

Author(s): Fossey Stacey | Bear Misty | Lin Jiayuh | Li Chenglong | Schwartz Eric | Li Pui-Kai | Fuchs James | Fenger Joelle | Kisseberth William | London Cheryl
Sexual and postmating reproductive isolation between allopatric Drosophila montana populations suggest speciation potential

Author(s): Jennings Jackson | Mazzi Dominique | Ritchie Michael | Hoikkala Anneli
Controlled meal frequency without caloric restriction alters peripheral blood mononuclear cell cytokine production

Author(s): Dixit Vishwa | Yang Hyunwon | Sayeed Khaleel | Stote Kim | Rumpler William | Baer David | Longo Dan | Mattson Mark | Taub Dennis
Design and Evaluation of Microemulsion Based Drug Delivery System

Author(s): K.R. Jadhav | S.L. Shetye | V.J. Kadam
Creep and Creep-Rupture Characteristics of Lead and Sn70%-30% Lead Alloy

Author(s): Esmaeil Barzekar | MohamadReza Forouzan
Consistent assimilation of MERIS FAPAR and atmospheric CO2 into a terrestrial vegetation model and interactive mission benefit analysis

Author(s): T. Kaminski | W. Knorr | M. Scholze | N. Gobron | B. Pinty | R. Giering | P.-P. Mathieu
Arbitrary Super Surface Modes Bounded by Multilayered Metametal

Author(s): Ruoxi Yang | Xiaoyue Huang | Zhaolin Lu
Production of Salvianolic Acid B in Roots of Salvia miltiorrhiza (Danshen) During the Post-Harvest Drying Process

Author(s): Xiao-Bing Li | Wei Wang | Guo-Jun Zhou | Yan Li | Xiao-Mei Xie | Tong-Shui Zhou
Metamaterials Application in Sensing

Author(s): Tao Chen | Suyan Li | Hui Sun
Novel Techniques for Fair Rate Control in Wireless Mesh Networks

Author(s): Mohiuddin Ahmed | K.M.Arifur Rahman
Improving Bandwidth of Yagi-Uda Arrays

Author(s): Richard A. Formato
A Novel Architecture of I2C Slave using One-Hot Encoding Technique

Author(s): Devashree Mahato | Sulipta Das | Durga Prasad Dash
A Study on Ethnocentric Tendencies of Ethopian Consumers

Author(s): V.S. Mangnale | Rajasekhara Mouly Potluri | Habtamu Degufu
Adverse Conditions and ASR Techniques for Robust Speech User Interface

Author(s): Urmila Shrawankar | Dr. Vilas Thakare

Author(s): Dr. Shashikant D. Barhate
Design and Development of an in Vitro Assay for Evaluation of Solid Vaginal Dosage Forms

Author(s): Jyoti Gupta | Jason Qihai Tao | Sanjay Garg | Raida Al-Kassas
Practical Gammatone-Like Filters for Auditory Processing

Author(s): Katsiamis AG | Drakakis EM | Lyon RF
RNAexinv: An extended inverse RNA folding from shape and physical attributes to sequences

Author(s): Avihoo Assaf | Churkin Alexander | Barash Danny
Efficient Design Methods for Embedded Communication Systems

Author(s): Holzer M | Knerr B | Belanović P | Rupp M
New PN Even Balanced Sequences for Spread-Spectrum Systems

Author(s): Inácio JAL | Gerald JAB | Ortigueira MD
The combination of gefitinib and RAD001 inhibits growth of HER2 overexpressing breast cancer cells and tumors irrespective of trastuzumab sensitivity

Author(s): Dragowska Wieslawa | Weppler Sherry | Qadir Mohammed | Wong Ling | Franssen Yannick | Baker Jennifer | Kapanen Anita | Kierkels Guido | Masin Dana | Minchinton Andrew | Gelmon Karen | Bally Marcel
Design of Packet-Based Block Codes with Shift Operators

Author(s): Al-Shaikhi Ali | Ilow Jacek
Mechanical behaviour of structural ceramics

Author(s): Bueno, S. | Baudín, C.

Author(s): Praveer Saxena | Prof. Dinesh Chandra | Sampath Kumar V
Rapid optimization of gene dosage in E. coli using DIAL strains

Author(s): Kittleson Joshua | Cheung Sherine | Anderson J Christopher
Simplified Neural Network Design for Hand Written Digit Recognition

Author(s): Muhammad Zubair Asghar | Hussain Ahmad | Shakeel Ahmad | Sheikh Muhammad Saqib | Bashir Ahmad | Muhammad Junaid Asghar
Profile Modification for Increasing the Tooth Strength in Spur Gear Using CAD

Author(s): Shanmugasundaram Sankar | Maasanamuthu Sundar Raj | Muthusamy Nataraj
Patient anxiety and depression after laryngectomy

Author(s): Thalia Chr. Bellali | Maria G. Avramika | Athanasios G. Mastrokostas | Peter Theodosis
Effects of Confinement on Interaction Diagrams of Square Reinforced Concrete Columns

Author(s): Tavio Tavio | Iman Wimbadi | Ardiansyah Kusuma Negara | Recky Tirtajaya
Simulation of Airflow and Aerodynamic Forces Acting on a Rotating Turbine Ventilator

Author(s): A. S. Farahani | N. M. Adam | M. K.A. Ariffin
Full Model Wind Tunnel Study on the Xia-Zhang Bridge Under Operation Stage

Author(s): Ayad T. Saeed | Zhang L. Liang | Yang Z. Yun | Feras A. Zoubi | Oday A. Salih
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