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Author(s): Mahesh T S | Sudheer M | Shreevidya M | Ravi Rao S | Subrahmanya P
The stable isotopic signature of biologically produced molecular hydrogen (H2)

Author(s): S. Walter | S. Laukenmann | A. J. M. Stams | M. K. Vollmer | G. Gleixner | T. Röckmann
An open-database of Grape Harvest dates for climate research: data description and quality assessment

Author(s): V. Daux | I. Garcia de Cortazar-Atauri | P. Yiou | I. Chuine | E. Garnier | E. Le Roy Ladurie | O. Mestre | J. Tardaguila
Potentials and limits of urban rainwater harvesting in the Middle East

Author(s): J. Lange | S. Husary | A. Gunkel | D. Bastian | T. Grodek
Characteristics of the seasonal cycle of surface layer salinity in the global ocean

Author(s): F. M. Bingham | G. R. Foltz | M. J. McPhaden
Derivative Securities on Romanian Capital Market

Author(s): Ramona Maria GOGONCEA | Maria CARACOTA DIMITRIU
Why Small Business Owners Should Not Worry about“Money Left on the Table” in IPOs!

Author(s): Roger Su | Keith Hooper | Amitabh S. Dutta | Ronghua Yi
A Wireless sEMG Recording System and Its Application to Muscle Fatigue Detection

Author(s): Kang-Ming Chang | Shin-Hong Liu | Xuan-Han Wu
Period Life Tables: A Resource for Quantitative Literacy

Author(s): Thomas J. Pfaff | Stanley Seltzer
Rational choice in field archaelology

Author(s): Cătălin Pavel
Nasal surgery in patients with systemic disorders

Author(s): Sachse, Florian | Stoll, Wolfgang

Author(s): Albenones J. de Mesquita | Fernando Melgaço A. Costa | Afonsina de N. R. Castelo Branco | Saulo Ribeiro do Prado Filho
Production of Biodiesel through Transesterification of Avocado (Persea gratissima) Seed Oil Using Base Catalyst

Author(s): H. M. Rachimoellah | Dyah Ayu Resti | Ali Zibbeni | I Wayan Susila
Proses Penuaan (Aging) pada Paduan Aluminium AA 333 Hasil Proses Sand Casting

Author(s): Anne Zulfia | Ratna Juwita | Ari Uliana | I Nyoman Jujur | Jarot Raharjo
Craniofacial Anthropometry in Newborns and Infants

Author(s): Gaurav Agnihotri; Daljit Singh

Author(s): Santhosh B. | Jadar P. G. | Nageswara Rao
Megacity ozone air quality under four alternative future scenarios

Author(s): T. M. Butler | Z. S. Stock | M. R. Russo | H. A. C. Denier van der Gon | M. G. Lawrence
Determination of a Quantitative Job Severity Score Value for Health Hazards in Industry

Author(s): H. Sadeghi Naeini | M. Rismanchian | A. Nayebzadeh
Power Quality Investigation in a Wind Power Generation System

Author(s): F. Gharehdaghi | H. Jamali | M. Deysi | A. Khalili
A branch and bound for single machine stochastic scheduling to minimize the maximum lateness ,

Author(s): Hamidreza Haddad | Mohammad Ebrahim Arbabian | Keyvan Kamandani Pour
Theoretical considerations about implementation of IAS 41 in Romania

Author(s): Liliana FELEAGĂ | Niculae FELEAGĂ | Vasile RĂILEANU
Bidding Strategies for Carrier in Combinatorial Transportation Auction

Author(s): Pittawat Ueasangkomsate | Asst. Prof. Dr. Manoj Lohatepanont
Comparative Feeding Value of Palmitate as a Substitute for Conventional Feed Fat in Cattle

Author(s): L. Corona | A. Plascencia | R. A. Ware | R. A. Zinn
A Comparison of VaR Estimation Procedures for Leptokurtic Equity Index Returns

Author(s): Siddarth Madhav R | Malay Bhattacharyya
Estimating the number of data clusters via the contrast statistic

Author(s): Oleg Gorshkov | Yuriy Vihovanets | Yuriy Lyakh | Vitaliy Gurianov
A Comparison of VaR Estimation Procedures for Leptokurtic Equity Index Returns

Author(s): Siddarth Madhav R | Malay Bhattacharyya
Estimating the number of data clusters via the contrast statistic

Author(s): Oleg Gorshkov | Yuriy Vihovanets | Yuriy Lyakh | Vitaliy Gurianov
Wild and Hatchery Populations of Korean Starry Flounder (Platichthys stellatus) Compared Using Microsatellite DNA Markers

Author(s): Hye Suck An | Soon Gyu Byun | Yi Cheong Kim | Jang Wook Lee | Jeong-In Myeong
Accounting Information and Cost of Capital: A Theoretical Approach

Author(s): Nicholas Apergis | George Artikis | Sofia Eleftheriou | John Sorros
A Method for the Measurement of Mercury in Human Whole Blood

Author(s): Alicia E. Stube | Helene H. Freiser | Charles R. Santerre
Costs and Advantages of Object-Based Image Coding with Shape-Adaptive Wavelet Transform

Author(s): Cagnazzo Marco | Parrilli Sara | Poggi Giovanni | Verdoliva Luisa
Logistic Organ Dysfunction Score (LODS): A reliable postoperative risk management score also in cardiac surgical patients?

Author(s): Heldwein Matthias | Badreldin Akmal | Doerr Fabian | Lehmann Thomas | Bayer Ole | Doenst Torsten | Hekmat Khosro
Bidirectional MIMO Channel Tracking Based on PASTd and Performance Evaluation

Author(s): Ehrenberg Livnat | Gannot Sharon | Shayevitz Ofer | Leshem Amir | Zehavi Ephraim
Microsatellite variability reveals high genetic diversity and low genetic differentiation in a critical giant panda population

Author(s): Jiandong YANG, Zhihe ZHANG, Fujun SHEN, Xuyu YANG, Liang ZHANG, Limin CHEN, Wenping ZHANG, Qing ZHU, Rong HOU
AN Enhanced SINR-Based Call Admission Control in 3G Networks

Author(s): Moses Ekpenyong | Joseph Isabona
Five-year record of atmospheric precipitation chemistry in urban Beijing, China

Author(s): F. Yang | J. Tan | Z. B. Shi | Y. Cai | K. He | Y. Ma | F. Duan | T. Okuda | S. Tanaka | G. Chen | L. Bai

Author(s): Ioan Alin NISTOR
Latitudinal and radial gradients of galactic cosmic ray protons in the inner heliosphere – PAMELA and Ulysses observations

Author(s): N. De Simone | V. Di Felice | J. Gieseler | M. Boezio | M. Casolino | P. Picozza | PAMELA Collaboration† | B. Heber
Relationship between Calcium-Phosphorus Product and Severity of Valvular Heart Insufficiency in Patients Undergoing Chronic Hemodialysis

Author(s): Masoumeh Kahnooji | Mohammad Masoomi | Ali Naderinasab | Akram Zaeem | Mehrdad Sheikhvatan
Disease-Free Survival of Postoperative Gastric Cancer Patients:

Author(s): H Kashani | M Mahmoodi | H Zeraati | A Rahimi | A Jalali
Clomiphene Citrate Challenge Test and Prediction of Outcome in IVF

Author(s): Azizeh Ghaseminejad | Zahra Rezaei | Elham Nikkhah | Mamak Shariat

Author(s): Florin BOGHEAN | Elena HLACIUC | Carmen BOGHEAN
Flexibility and uncertainty in agribusiness projects: investing in a cogeneration plant.

Author(s): Augusto Cesar Arenaro e Mello Dias | Carlos de Lamare Bastian-Pinto | Luiz Eduardo Teixeira Brandão | Leonardo Lima Gomes
Seasonal Patterns in Hydrogen Isotopes of Claws from Breeding Wood-Warblers (Parulidae): Utility for Estimating Migratory Origins

Author(s): Kevin C. Fraser | T. Kurt Kyser | Raleigh J. Robertson | Laurene M. Ratcliffe
An Approach to risk quantification in construction projects using EMV analysis

No linealidad del efecto piezoelectrico directo d33 en cerámicas PZT

Author(s): Pérez, R. | Albareda, A. | Pérez, E. | García, J. | Tiana, J. | Gorri, J. A.
Magnetic properties of manganese-site substituted Y(Cu,Mn)O3

Author(s): Peña, O. | Gutiérrez, D. | Durán, P. | Moure, C.
Analysis of the 3d massive renormalization group perturbative expansions: a delicate case

Author(s): B. Delamotte | M. Dudka | Yu. Holovatch | D. Mouhanna
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Qihai Zhou | Yan Li
Genetic diversity in natural populations of Castanea mollissima inferred from nuclear SSR markers

Author(s): Hua Tian | Ming Kang | Li Li | Xiaohong Yao | Hongwen Huang
Economic Effects of Legislative Framework Changes in Groundwater Use Rights for Irrigation

Author(s): Giacomo Giannoccaro | Maurizio Prosperi | Giacomo Zanni
Comparison between Wild and Hatchery Populations of Korean Pen Shell (Atrina pectinata) Using Microsatellite DNA Markers

Author(s): Hye Suck An | Byeong Hak Kim | Jang Wook Lee | Chun Mae Dong | Shin Kwon Kim | Yi Cheong Kim
Scaling of peak flows with constant flow velocity in random self-similar networks

Author(s): R. Mantilla | V. K. Gupta | B. M. Troutman
Influences of the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull volcanic plume on air quality in the northern Alpine region

Author(s): K. Schäfer | W. Thomas | A. Peters | L. Ries | F. Obleitner | J. Schnelle-Kreis | W. Birmili | J. Diemer | W. Fricke | W. Junkermann | M. Pitz | S. Emeis | R. Forkel | P. Suppan | H. Flentje | S. Gilge | H. E. Wichmann | F. Meinhardt | R. Zimmermann | K. Weinhold | J. Soentgen | C. Münkel | C. Freuer | J. Cyrys
Radiobiological evaluation of the influence of dwell time modulation restriction in HIPO optimized HDR prostate brachytherapy implants

Author(s): Panayiotis Mavroidis | Zaira Katsilieri | Vasiliki Kefala | Natasa Milickovic | Nikos Papanikolaou | Andreas Karabis | Nikolaos Zamboglou | Dimos Baltas
Functional markers for gene mapping and genetic diversity studies in sugarcane

Author(s): Marconi Thiago | Costa Estela | Miranda Hercília | Mancini Melina | Cardoso-Silva Cláudio | Oliveira Karine | Pinto Luciana | Mollinari Marcelo | Garcia Antônio | Souza Anete
Growing season changes in Fennoscandia and Kola peninsula during the period 1982 to 1999 - Implications for reindeer husbandry (In Norwegian with Summary in English)

Author(s): Hans Tømmervik | Kjell-Arild Høgda | Jan Åge Riseth | Stein-Rune Karlsen | Frans Emil Wielgolaski
Breeding schemes in reindeer husbandry

Author(s): Lars Rönnegård | J. A. Woolliams | Öje Danell
ETFRC: Enhanced TFRC for Media Traffic over Internet

Author(s): Mohammad A. Talaat, Magdi A. Koutb & Hoda S. Sorour
Applications of Conditional Value at Risk to Full Truckload Pricing Under Demand and Service Time Uncertainties

Author(s): Thitima Wonginta | Sompong Sirisoponsilp | Thitima Wonginta | Sompong Sirisoponsilp
The application of numerical debris flow modelling for the generation of physical vulnerability curves

Author(s): B. Quan Luna | J. Blahut | C. J. van Westen | S. Sterlacchini | T. W. J. van Asch | S. O. Akbas
Proximate, Minerals and Anti-nutritional Factors of Gardenia aqualla (Gauden dutse) Fruit Pulp

Author(s): A. Muhammad | S.M. Dangoggo | A.I. Tsafe | A.U. Itodo | F.A. Atiku
Skill-Related Uncertainty and Expected Value in 5- to 7-Year-Olds

Author(s): Sarah Bayless | Anne Schlottmann
Wireless Controlled Two Wheel Balancing Robot

Author(s): Charles Yong | Chiew Foong Kwong
Masculinity as a barrier to men's use of HIV services in Zimbabwe

Author(s): Skovdal Morten | Campbell Catherine | Madanhire Claudius | Mupambireyi Zivai | Nyamukapa Constance | Gregson Simon
Effect of questionnaire length, personalisation and reminder type on response rate to a complex postal survey: randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Sahlqvist Shannon | Song Yena | Bull Fiona | Adams Emma | Preston John | Ogilvie David
The meaning and measurement of implementation climate

Author(s): Weiner Bryan | Belden Charles | Bergmire Dawn | Johnston Matthew
Is a HIV vaccine a viable option and at what price? An economic evaluation of adding HIV vaccination into existing prevention programs in Thailand

Author(s): Leelahavarong Pattara | Teerawattananon Yot | Werayingyong Pitsaphun | Akaleephan Chutima | Premsri Nakorn | Namwat Chawetsan | Peerapatanapokin Wiwat | Tangcharoensathien Viroj
AnimalLectinDb: An integrated animal lectin database

Author(s): Dharmendra Kumar | Yashoda Mittal
Low Cost Smart Sensor Design

Author(s): Dr. T.A. Al Smadi
Novel Mechanism Control Algorithm for Wired Network

Author(s): V. B. Kirubanand | S. Palaniammal
Meta Heuristic Algorithms for Vehicle Routing Problem with Stochastic Demands

Author(s): Geetha Shanmugam | Poonthalir Ganesan | Dr. P.T. Vanathi
Dividend Maximization in the Cramer-Lundberg Model using Homotopy Analysis Method

Author(s): Juma Kasozi | Fred Mayambala | Charles W. Mahera
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