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Subrecent Movements near Ljubljana

Author(s): Ladislav Placer
Vipava fault (Slovenia)

Author(s): Ladislav Placer
The Buzet Thrust Fault in Istria and overturned carbonate megabeds in

Author(s): Ladislav Placer | Adrijan Košir | Tomislav Popit | Andrej Šmuc | Grega Juvan
The bases for understanding of the NW Dinarides and Istria Peninsula tectonics

Author(s): Ladislav Placer | Marko Vrabec | Bogomir Celarc
Borehole MET-1/04 near Metlika, between the External and Internal Dinarides (SE Slovenia)

Author(s): Marijan Poljak | Andrej Lapanje | Ivan Gušić | Bernarda Bole | Bojan Ogorelec
Triassic beds in the basement of the Adriatic-Dinaric carbonate platform of Mt. Svilaja (Croatia)

Author(s): Vladimir Jelaska | Tea Kolar-Jurkovšek | Bogdan Jurkovšek | Ivan Gušić
Stratigraphy of Upper Permian and Lower Triassic Strata of the Žiri Area (Slovenia)

Author(s): Tea Kolar-Jurkovšek | Bogdan Jurkovšek | Dunja Aljinović | Galina P. Nestell
Structural meaning of the borehole LK-1/88 at Nadgorica by Ljubljana, Slovenia

Author(s): Ladislav Placer | Dragomir Skaberne | Ivan Mlakar
Borehole Ce-2/95 at Cerkno at the boundary between the Southern Alps and the External Dinarides (Slovenia)

Author(s): Ladislav Placer | Dušan Rajver | Mirka Trajanova | Bojan Ogorelec | Dragomir Skaberne | Ivan Mlakar
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