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Diffraction properties of transmission binary blazed grating

Author(s): Hui-Jun Zhou | Qu-Quan Wang
GPR based soil electromagnetic parameters determination for subsurface imaging

Author(s): R. Solimene | G. Prisco | F. Soldovieri
Photonic Crystal Narrow Band Filters Using Biperiodic Structures

Author(s): M. Djavid | A. Ghaffari | F. Monifi | M.S. Abrishamian
FDTD Simulation of a Mobile Phone Operating Near a Metal Wall

Author(s): Nuttaka Homsup | Terapass Jariyanorawiss | Wiroj Homsup
Effect of porosity and particle size on microwave heating of copper

Author(s): Mondal A. | Shukla A. | Upadhyaya A. | Agrawal D.
Comparison of errors and stability in FDTD and FVTD

Author(s): P. Leuchtmann | C. Fumeaux | D. Baumann
Anisotropic Left-Handed and μ-Negative Slab Waveguides: Physics and Device Applications

Author(s): Hamidreza Salehi | Sujeet K. Chaudhuri | Raafat R. Mansour
FDTD Stability: Critical Time Increment

Author(s): L. Pauk | Z. Skvor
A 60° photonic crystal waveguide bend with improved transmission characteristics

Author(s): Malihe Khatibi Moghaddam | Mir Mojtaba Mirsalehi | Amir Reza Attari
Ultra Fast Computing Using Photonic Crystal Based Logic Gates

Author(s): X. Susan Christina | A. P. Kapilan | P. Elizabeth Caroline
Polar decomposition of Mueller matrices for 2D-structured surfaces

Author(s): Sanza J.M. | Albella P. | González F. | Saiz J.M. | Moreno F.
A Method for Fabricating Arrays of Nanopatterns with the Feature Size beyond Diffraction Limit

Author(s): Shuhong Li | Lifang Shi | Xiaochun Dong | Chunlei Du | Yudong Zhang
Applying FDTD to the Coverage Prediction of WiMAX Femtocells

Author(s): Alvaro Valcarce | Guillaume De La Roche | Álpar Jüttner | David López-Pérez | Jie Zhang

Author(s): Hasnaâ Aniss | Nadir Hakem | Charles Despi | Larbi Talbi
Printed dipole antennas for personal communication systems

Author(s): Ávila-Navarro Ernesto | Carrasco Jose | Reig Candid
Lightning Electromagnetic Fields Modeling Using an Indirect Hybrid Method- Interaction with an Overhead Power Line

Author(s): Zin Eddine Azzouz | Boualem Ghemri | Abdenbi Mimouni | Abderrezzak Cherifi
Analysis of Photonic Crystal Power Splitters with Different Configurations

Author(s): A. Ghaffari | F. Monifi | M. Djavid | M. S. Abrishamian
A New Broadband Photonic Crystal Add Drop Filter

Author(s): F. Monifi | M. Djavid | A. Ghaffari | M.S. Abrishamian
Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method Solution of Fundamental Space-Filling Mode in Photonic Crystal Fibers

Author(s): M. Mansourabadi | A. Poorkazemi | M. Shamloufard | Y. Riazi
Computing modal dispersion characteristics of radially asymmetric Bragg fiber

Author(s): Y.K. Prajapati | V. Singh | J. P. Saini
Simulation and design of a wideband T-shaped photonic crystal splitter

Author(s): Shaghayegh Foghani | Hassan Kaatuzian | Mohammad Danaie
Investigation of Wave Propagation in Different Dielectric Media by Using Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) Method

Author(s): Md. Kamal Hossain | Mohammad Ashraf Hossain Sadi | Ifat-Al-Baqee, | Md. Mokarrom Hossain, | Hossain Mahmud Shamim Farhad
Os Riscos da Telefonia Móvel e o Princípio da Precaução

Author(s): A. A. de Salles e C. R. Fernández
Electromagnetic modeling of waveguide amplifier based on Nd3+ Si-rich SiO2 layers by means of the ADE-FDTD method

Author(s): Dufour Christian | Cardin Julien | Debieu Olivier | Fafin Alexandre | Gourbilleau Fabrice
Lebesgue Points of Multi-Dimensional Functions

Author(s): Nathan Ida, | Sergey Yuferev | Luca Di Rienzo
Investigations in Satellite MIMO Channel Modeling: Accent on Polarization

Author(s): Péter Horváth | George K. Karagiannidis | Peter R. King | Stavros Stavrou | István Frigyes
Quantum Electrodynamic Modeling of Silicon-Based Active Devices

Author(s): Shouyuan Shi | Brandon Redding | Tim Creazzo | Elton Marchena | Dennis W. Prather
Assessment of a PML Boundary Condition for Simulating an MRI Radio Frequency Coil

Author(s): Yunsuo Duan | Tamer S. Ibrahim | Bradley S. Peterson | Feng Liu | Alayar Kangarlu
The Stability and Numerical Dispersion Study of the ADI-SFDTD Algorithm

Author(s): Zongxin Liu | Yiwang Chen | Xin Xu | Xuegang Sun
Focusing of acoustic waves by flat lenses made from negatively refracting two-dimensional phononic crystals

Author(s): P.A. Deymier | B. Merheb | J.O. Vasseur | A. Sukhovich | J.H. Page
Study on High Performance of MPI-Based Parallel FDTD from WorkStation to Super Computer Platform

Author(s): Z. L. He | K. Huang | Y. Zhang | Y. Yan | C. H. Liang
Optical properties of nonspherical atmospheric particles and relevant applications

Author(s): P. Yang | L. Bi | G. Kattawar | R. L. Panetta
Cylindrical Resonator Utilizing a Curved Resonant Grating as a Cavity Wall

Author(s): Yasuo Ohtera | Shohei Iijima | Hirohito Yamada
Compound FDTD method for silicon photonics

Author(s): Abbas Olyaee | Farzad T. Hamadani
Combined Electromagnetic and Drift Diffusion Models for Microwave Semiconductor Device

Author(s): Samir Labiod | Saida Latreche | Mourad Bella | Christian Gontrand
A Broadband Complex Permittivity Probe Using Stepped Coaxial Line

Author(s): Somporn Seewattanapon | Prayoot Akkaraekthalin
Investigations in Satellite MIMO Channel Modeling: Accent on Polarization

Author(s): Horváth Péter | Karagiannidis George K | King Peter R | Stavrou Stavros | Frigyes István
Applying FDTD to the Coverage Prediction of WiMAX Femtocells

Author(s): Valcarce Alvaro | De La Roche Guillaume | Jüttner Álpar | López-Pérez David | Zhang Jie
Modelling ultrasound-induced mild hyperthermia of hyperplasia in vascular grafts

Author(s): Brinton Mark | Stewart Russell | Cheung Alfred | Christensen Douglas | Shiu Yan-Ting

Numerical Simulation of Transient Gauss pulse Coupling through Small Apertures

Author(s): Jinshi Xiao | Xiongwei Ren | Jiang Zhao
A fast electromagnetic solver for TM waves with compact sweep of scalar WE-FDTD schemes

Author(s): Noraini Md Nusi | Mohamed Othman | Mohamed Suleiman | Norma Alias
Nonstandard FDTD Simulation-Based Design of CROW Wavelength Splitters

Author(s): Naoki Okada | James B. Cole | Shigeki Yamada | Kensuke Ogawa | Yoshifumi Katayama
Photonic-Crystal Band-pass Resonant Filters Design Using the Two-dimensional FDTD Method

Author(s): Hadjira Badaoui | Mohammed Feham | Mehadji Abri
A Novel Self-aligned and Maskless Process for Formation of Highly Uniform Arrays of Nanoholes and Nanopillars

Author(s): Wu Wei | Dey Dibyendu | Memis Omer | Katsnelson Alex | Mohseni Hooman
Resonant Mode Reduction in Radiofrequency Volume Coils for Ultrahigh Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Author(s): Yong Pang | Zhentian Xie | Ye Li | Duan Xu | Daniel Vigneron | Xiaoliang Zhang
Analysis of Reflection Properties of High Power Microwave Propagation in Mixture-Atmosphere

Author(s): Tao Tang | Cheng Liao | Qingmin Gao | Pengcheng Zhao
Comparison of the FDTD and Direct-Integrating Methods for Electrodynamic Problem in Time-Varing Medium

Author(s): Fedor F. Fedotov | Alexander G. Nerukh | Igor V. Scherbatko

A New High Order Algorithm with Low Computational Complexity for Electric Field Simulation

Author(s): Mohammad K. Hasan | Jumat Sulaiman | Samsul A.A Karim
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