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Packet-Level FEC Research over Wireless Networks

Author(s): Lin Liu | Yunyi Zhang | Xiaoshe Dong
Hexaaquairon(II) bis[fac-tribromidotricarbonylferrate(II)]

Author(s): Eva Becker | Karl Kirchner | Kurt Mereiter
Estimation of (co)variance components of nematode parasites resistance and somatic cell count in dairy sheep

Author(s): Stefania Sechi | Sotero Solaris | Antonio Scala | Rachel Rupp | Carole Moreno | Sephen C. Bishop | Sara Casu
Design of COFDM Transceiver Using VHDL

Author(s): Hemant Kumar Sharma | Sanjay P. Sood | Balwinder Singh

Percepción social sobre generación de electricidad con fuentes de energía renovables en Galicia

Author(s): Prada Blanco, Albino | Soliño Millán, Mario | Vázquez Rodríguez, María Xosé
Throughput Analysis of an Adaptation Rule in the HARQ Environment

Author(s): S. Goga | J. Polec | K. Kotuliakova

Author(s): Robert Beck | Hongjian Sun | Dexin Guan | Xiaoyan Li
Client Level Framework for Parallel Downloading of Large File Systems

Author(s): G.Narasinga Rao | Srinivasan Nagaraj
Modified PTS with FECs for PAPR Reduction of OFDM Signals

Author(s): P. Mukunthan | P.Dananjayan
Comparison of Error Protection Methods for Audio-Video Broadcast over DVB-H

Author(s): Miska M. Hannuksela | Vinod Kumar Malamal Vadakital | Satu Jumisko-Pyykkö
Error Resilience in Current Distributed Video Coding Architectures

Author(s): Claudia Tonoli | Pierangelo Migliorati | Riccardo Leonardi
New Method to Determine the Range of DVB-H Networks and the Influence of MPE-FEC Rate and Modulation Scheme

Author(s): David Plets | Wout Joseph | Leen Verloock | Emmeric Tanghe | Luc Martens | Hugo Gauderis | Etienne Deventer
A short-term divergent selection for resistance to Teladorsagia circumcincta in Romanov sheep using natural or artificial challenge

Author(s): Gruner Lucas | Bouix Jacques | Khang Jacqueline | Mandonnet Nathalie | Eychenne Francis | Cortet Jacques | Sauvé Christine | Limouzin Claude
Joint modelling of repeated measurements and event time: Application to performance traits and survival of lambs bred in sub-humid tropics

Author(s): Nguti Rosemary | Burzykowski Tomasz | Rowlands John | Renard Didier | Janssen Paul
Adaptive Packet-Level Interleaved FEC for Wireless Priority-Encoded Video Streaming

Author(s): Rouzbeh Razavi | Martin Fleury | Mohammed Ghanbari
Effects of worm control practices examined by a combined faecal egg count and questionnaire survey on horse farms in Germany, Italy and the UK

Author(s): von Samson-Himmelstjerna Georg | Traversa Donato | Demeler Janina | Rohn Karl | Milillo Piermarino | Schurmann Sandra | Lia Riccardo | Perrucci Stefania | di Regalbono Antonio | Beraldo Paola | Barnes Helen | Cobb Rami | Boeckh Albert
Faecal Cyathostomin Egg Count distribution and efficacy of anthelmintics against cyathostomins in Italy: a matter of geography?

Author(s): Milillo Piermarino | Boeckh Albert | Cobb Rami | Otranto Domenico | Lia Riccardo | Perrucci Stefania | di Regalbono Antonio | Beraldo Paola | von Samson-Himmelstjerna Georg | Demeler Janina | Bartolini Roberto | Traversa Donato
AL-FEC for Improved Mobile Reception of MPEG-2 DVB-T Transport Streams

Author(s): David Gozálvez | David Gómez-Barquero | Thomas Stockhammer | Michael Luby
Graceful Degradation in 3GPP MBMS Mobile TV Services Using H.264/AVC Temporal Scalability

Author(s): Cornelius Hellge | Thomas Schierl | Jörg Huschke | Thomas Rusert | Markus Kampmann | Thomas Wiegand

Author(s): Rogério Márcio de Melo Reis | Ariton Carlos Campanharo Teixeira | Mirian Albert Pires
Reed-Solomon Codes for Low Power Communications

Author(s): Lionel Biard | Dominique Noguet
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Antonios Argyriou | Joerg Widmer | Bob Li
Incidence of chemotherapy-induced amenorrhea associated with epirubicin, docetaxel and navelbine in younger breast cancer patients

Author(s): Zhou Wen-Bin | Yin Hong | Liu Xiao-An | Zha Xiao-Ming | Chen Lin | Dai Jun-Cheng | Tao Ai-di | Chen Ling | Ma Jing-Jing | Ling Li-Jun | Wang Shui
Software Defined Radio Implementation (With simulation & analysis)

Author(s): Shriram K Vasudevan | Sivaraman R | Z.C.Alex
MPLS Technology on IP Backbone Network

Author(s): Gurpreet Kaur | Dinesh Kumar
Error Control Protocols Used in File Transfer Environment

Author(s): Muhammad Sher | Khalik Rashid
An Efficient Δ-Causal Algorithm for Real-Time Distributed Systems

Author(s): S.E. Pomares Hernandez | E. Lopez Dominguez | G. Rodriguez Gomez | J. Fanchon
A Peer-based Recovery Scheme for Group Rekeying in Secure Multicast

Author(s): Qingyu Zhang | Kenneth L. Calvert
Evaluation of control schemes using protein supplementation and antihelminitics against gastrointestinal nematodes of dairy ewes

Author(s): Papachristou F.A. | Papadopoulos E. | Panousis Nikolaos | Roubies N. | Karatzias H. | Kyriakis S.C. | Bojkovski J. | Theodoridis Y.
Speech Quality Requirements over DSL Networks

Author(s): Ibrahiem M. M. El Emary
The use of chemotherapy regimens carrying a moderate or high risk of febrile neutropenia and the corresponding management of febrile neutropenia: an expert survey in breast cancer and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

Author(s): Gerlier Laetitia | Lamotte Mark | Awada Ahmad | Bosly André | Bries Greet | Cocquyt Véronique | Focan Christian | Henry Stéphanie | Lalami Yassine | Machiels Jean-Pascal | Mebis Jeroen | Straetmans Nicole | Verhoeven Didier | Somers Luc
Ki-67 biomarker in breast cancer of Indian women

Author(s): Amit V. Patil | Rajeev Singhai | Rahul S. Bhamre | Vinayak W. Patil
Reed-Solomon Code Performance for M-ary Modulation over AWGN Channel

Gammaglutamyl transpeptidase activity in patients with schistosomiasis

Author(s): Al Mofarreh Mohammad | Al Akwaa Ahmed | Al Mofleh Ibrahim
Formol-ether concentration method in the diagnosis of active schistosoma mansoni in patients with detectable IHA

Author(s): Al Mofarreh Mohammad | Al Akwaa Ahmad | Hasan Sayed | Al Mofleh Ibrahim
Survival of the Fittest: An Active Queue Management Technique for Noisy Packet Flows

Author(s): Shirish S. Karande | Kiran Misra | Hayder Radha
Distributed Temporal Multiple Description Coding for Robust Video Transmission

Author(s): Olivier Crave | Christine Guillemot | Béatrice Pesquet-Popescu | Christophe Tillier
Modeling of Packet Loss and Delay using Multi-Path Diversity

Author(s): Muhammad Asad Khan | Yasir Irshad Abassi | Imran Baig | S.Tauseef-ur-Rehman
Parasite control practices on Swedish horse farms

Author(s): Lind Eva | Rautalinko Erik | Uggla Arvid | Waller Peter | Morrison David | Höglund Johan
Adaptive quality control for multimedia communications

Author(s): Santichai Chuaywong | Sinchai Kamolphiwong | Thossaporn Kamolphiwong | Kevin Robert Elz | Suthon Sae-Wong
Incidence of reversible amenorrhea in women with breast cancer undergoing adjuvant anthracycline-based chemotherapy with or without docetaxel

Author(s): Berliere Martine | Dalenc Florence | Malingret Nathalie | Vindevogel Anita | Piette Philippe | Roche Henry | Donnez Jacques | Symann Michel | Kerger Joseph | Machiels Jean-Pascal
A Transparent Loss Recovery Scheme Using Packet Redirection for Wireless Video Transmissions

Author(s): Chi-Huang Shih | Ce-Kuen Shieh | Wen-Shyang Hwang
Sequencing chemotherapy and radiotherapy in locoregional advanced breast cancer patients after mastectomy – a retrospective analysis

Author(s): Piroth Marc | Pinkawa Michael | Gagel Bernd | Stanzel Sven | Asadpour Branka | Eble Michael
Optimal JPWL Forward Error Correction Rate Allocation for Robust JPEG 2000 Images and Video Streaming over Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Max Agueh | Jean-François Diouris | Magaye Diop | François-Olivier Devaux | Christophe De Vleeschouwer | Benoit Macq
Objectives for New Error Criteria for Mobile Broadcasting of Streaming Audiovisual Services

Author(s): Heidi Himmanen | Miska M. Hannuksela | Teppo Kurki | Jouni Isoaho
Protection of Video Packets over a Wireless Rayleigh Fading Link: FEC versus ARQ

Author(s): Julie Neckebroek | Frederik Vanhaverbeke | Danny De Vleeschauwer | Marc Moeneclaey
On MIMO-OFDM with Coding and Loading

Author(s): Harry Z. B. Chen | Lutz Lampe | Robert Schober
On Rate-Compatible Punctured Turbo Codes Design

Author(s): Fulvio Babich | Guido Montorsi | Francesca Vatta
Source and Channel Adaptive Rate Control for Multicast Layered Video Transmission Based on a Clustering Algorithm

Author(s): Christine Guillemot | Kavé Salamatian | Thierry Turletti | Jérôme Viéron
The Environmental Effect on Spawning Time, Length at Maturity and Fecundity of Kutum (R u t i l u s f r i s i i k u t u m , Kamensky, 1901) in Southern Part of Caspian Sea, Iran

Author(s): M . A . A fraei Bandpei | Sh. Abd olmaleki | Sh. Najafpour | A. Bani | R. P o u r g h olam | H . N a s r o l a h z a d e h | H. Fazli
FPGA Implementation of Viterbi Decoder

Performance Analysis of an OFDM system using Channel Coding Techniques

Author(s): Rupa Sonagi | Shubhangi Chaudhary | A.J.Patil

Author(s): Xiang-Xiang Wu | Xin Zhu | Qiu-Juan Ma | Seik Weng Ng | Edward R. T. Tiekink

Author(s): Yaping Wang | Afrooz Zirakzadeh | Walter Weissensteiner | Kurt Mereiter
Error Resilience in Current Distributed Video Coding Architectures

Author(s): Tonoli Claudia | Migliorati Pierangelo | Leonardi Riccardo
Graceful Degradation in 3GPP MBMS Mobile TV Services Using H.264/AVC Temporal Scalability

Author(s): Hellge Cornelius | Schierl Thomas | Huschke Jörg | Rusert Thomas | Kampmann Markus | Wiegand Thomas
Source and Channel Adaptive Rate Control for Multicast Layered Video Transmission Based on a Clustering Algorithm

Author(s): Viéron Jérôme | Turletti Thierry | Salamatian Kavé | Guillemot Christine
On Rate-Compatible Punctured Turbo Codes Design

Author(s): Babich Fulvio | Montorsi Guido | Vatta Francesca
Source-Adaptation-Based Wireless Video Transport: A Cross-Layer Approach

Author(s): Qu Qi | Pei Yong | Modestino James W | Tian Xusheng
Comparison of Error Protection Methods for Audio-Video Broadcast over DVB-H

Author(s): Hannuksela Miska M | Malamal Vadakital Vinod Kumar | Jumisko-Pyykkö Satu
A study on the impact of AL-FEC techniques on TV over IP Quality of Experience

Author(s): Battisti Federica | Carli Marco | Mammi Elena | Neri Alessandro
Distributed Temporal Multiple Description Coding for Robust Video Transmission

Author(s): Crave Olivier | Guillemot Christine | Pesquet-Popescu Béatrice | Tillier Christophe
On MIMO-OFDM with Coding and Loading

Author(s): Chen HarryZB | Lampe Lutz | Schober Robert
New Method to Determine the Range of DVB-H Networks and the Influence of MPE-FEC Rate and Modulation Scheme

Author(s): Plets David | Joseph Wout | Verloock Leen | Tanghe Emmeric | Martens Luc | Gauderis Hugo | Deventer Etienne
Embedding Protection Inside H.264/AVC and SVC Streams

Author(s): Lamy-Bergot Catherine | Gadat Benjamin
An Experimental Improvement Analysis of Loss Tolerant TCP (LT-TCP) For Wireless Network

Author(s): Md. Abdullah Al Mamun | Momotaz Begum | Sumaya kazary | Md. Rubel
SDR and Error Correction using Convolution Encoding with Viterbi Decoding

Author(s): Shriram K. Vasudevan, | Siva Janakiraman, | Subashri Vasudevan

Author(s): Shiv Kumar Gupta | Rajiv Kumar
Prospective evaluation of prognostic factors uPA/PAI-1 in node-negative breast cancer: Phase III NNBC3-Europe trial (AGO, GBG, EORTC-PBG) comparing 6 × FEC versus 3 × FEC/3 × Docetaxel

Author(s): Kantelhardt Eva | Vetter Martina | Schmidt Marcus | Veyret Corinne | Augustin Doris | Hanf Volker | Meisner Christoph | Paepke Daniela | Schmitt Manfred | Sweep Fred | von Minckwitz Gunter | Martin Pierre-Marie | Jaenicke Fritz | Thomssen Christoph | Harbeck Nadia
High sensitivity wake-up radio using spreading codes: design, evaluation, and applications

Author(s): Shih Wen-Chan | Jurdak Raja | Lee Bih-Hwang | Abbott David
Breast Conserving Surgery and Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy in Locally Advanced Breast Cancer: Single Center Experience

Author(s): Atakan Sezer | Ruşen Coşar Alas | İrfan Cicin | Zeki Hoşcoşkun | Nermin Tunçbilek
UEP based on Proximity Pilot Sub Carriers with FEC in OFDM

Author(s): Tony Gladvin George | Dr.N.Malmurugan
Adaptive Throughput Optimization in Downlink Wireless OFDM System

Author(s): Youssef FAKHRI | Benayad NSIRI | Driss ABOUTAJDINE | Josep VIDAL
Evaluation of the Activity of Plant Extracts in Boer Goats

Author(s): M. Worku | R. Franco | J. H. Miller
Performance Analysis of IEEE 802.16d using Forward Error Correction

Author(s): Venkatesh Sekar | V. Palanisamy | K. Baskaran
An Efficient Causal Protocol with Forward Error Correction for Mobile Distributed Systems

Author(s): Eduardo L. Dominguez | Saul E.P Hernandez | Gustavo R. Gomez | Maria A. Medina | Jose A.M. Gomez
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