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Methodological issues in using prescription and other databases in pharmacoepidemiology

Author(s): Henrik Toft Sørensen | Søren Paaske Johnsen | Bente Nørgård
Reliable Operating Systems: Overview and Techniques

Author(s): Ahmed Mohamed | Gokhale Swapna
Brazilian science teachers conceptions about the world situation

Author(s): Daniel Gil-Pérez | Amparo Vilches | Mónica Edwards | Maria Lúcia Vital dos Santos Abib
ENN-ICS - quality assurance and online evaluation of a multilingual learning management system for sleep medicine

Author(s): Knobl, Brigitte | Paiva, Teresa | Jungmann, Dieter | Böhme, Rico | Lomba, Antónia | Geldner, Lars | Jordán, Blanca | Penzel, Thomas
Toxic ignorance and right-to-know in biomonitoring results communication: a survey of scientists and study participants

Author(s): Morello-Frosch Rachel | Brody Julia | Brown Phil | Altman Rebecca | Rudel Ruthann | Pérez Carla
Economic Efficiency of Beekeeping in Croatia

Author(s): Nino Barlović | Janja Kezić | Niđara Osmanagić Bedenik | Zoran Grgić
Sociodemographic correlates of food habits among school adolescents (12–15 year) in north Gaza Strip

Author(s): Abudayya Abdallah | Stigum Hein | Shi Zumin | Abed Yehia | Holmboe-Ottesen Gerd
Efforts and Models of Education for Parents: the Danish Approach

Author(s): Rosendal Jensen, Niels | Brix, Dorthe
Progress in Biodiversity Informatics

Author(s): Lisong Wang | Bin Chen | Liqiang Ji | Keping Ma
Christian identity of secular Europe

Author(s): Malešević Miroslava
Truth and reconciliation in Serbia

Author(s): Nikolić-Ristanović Vesna Ž.
European Parliament elections and EU governance

Author(s): Michael Marsh | Slava Mikhaylov
Voting Trends in Bukit Selambau By-Election Malaysia

Author(s): Zaherawati Zakaria | Zaliha Hj Hussin | Nazni Noordin | Mohd Zool Hilmie Mohamed Sawal | Azrul Shahimy Mohd Yusof | Kamaruzaman Jusoff
Community mental health in India: A rethink

Author(s): Thara Rangawsamy | Padmavati Ramachandran | Aynkran Jothy | John Sujit
Engaging the broader community in biodiversity research: the concept of the COMBER pilot project for divers in ViBRANT

Author(s): Christos Arvanitidis | Sarah Faulwetter | Georgios Chatzigeorgiou | Lyubomir Penev | Olaf Bánki | Thanos Dailianis | Evangelos Pafilis | Michail Kouratoras | Eva Chatzinikolaou | Lucia Fanini | Aikaterini Vasileiadou | Christina Pavloudi | Panagiotis Vavilis | Panagiota Koulouri | Costas Dounas
The Fifth International Little Owl Symposium, 4–6 February 2011, Vic, Catalonia (Spain)

Author(s): Framis, H., B | Baucells, J. | Zuberogoitia, I. | Van Nieuwenhuyse, D.
Political Reform in Saudi Arabia: Necessity or Luxury?

Author(s): Bassam Abdullah Albassam
Patients as healthcare consumers in the public and private sectors: a qualitative study of acupuncture in the UK

Author(s): Bishop Felicity | Barlow Fiona | Coghlan Beverly | Lee Philippa | Lewith George
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