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Automated recognition and counting of the immunoreactive neuroendocrine cells in chronic gastritis (the preliminary study).

Author(s): Tomasz Markiewicz | Cezary Jochymski | Janina Slodkowska | Wojciech Kozlowski
Incremental Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Face Recognition

Author(s): Wen-Sheng Chen | Binbin Pan | Bin Fang | Ming Li | Jianliang Tang
Direct Neighborhood Discriminant Analysis for Face Recognition

Author(s): Miao Cheng | Bin Fang | Yuan Yan Tang | Jing Wen
Heuristic based Face Recognition using Image Processing Techniques

Author(s): G.Suvarna Kumar | P.V.G.D Prasad Reddy | Sumit Gupta | R.Anil Kumar
Face Recognition using Multilevel Block Truncation Coding

Author(s): Dr. H. B. Kekre | Dr. Sudeep D. Thepade | Sanchit Khandelwal | Karan Dhamejani | Adnan Azmi
3D face Recognition and Modeling System

Author(s): Sushma Jaiswal
Evaluation of Face Recognition Methods

Author(s): Sushma Jaiswal

Author(s): T.Venkat Narayana Rao
An Application of Face Recognition System using Image Processing and Neural Networks

Author(s): Rakesh Rathi | Manish Choudhary | Bhuwan Chandra
Face Representation And Recognition Using Two-Dimensional PCA

Author(s): K.Shilpa | Syed Musthak Ahmed | A.VenkataRamana
G-Lets: A New Signal Processing Algorithm

Author(s): B. Rajathilagam | Murali Rangarajan | K. P. Soman
Improved Face Recognition with Multilevel BTC using Kekre’s LUV Color Space

Author(s): H.B. Kekre | Dr. Sudeep Thepade | Sanchit Khandelwal | Karan Dhamejani | Adnan Azmi
Online Handwritten Digit Recognition Using Gaussian Based Classifier

Author(s): Manish Vyas | Prof Amit Singhal | Prof.Neetesh Gupta
Piracy Detection and Prevention using SIFT based on Earth Mover's Distance (EMD).

Author(s): B. Srinivas | Dr.Koduganti Venkata Rao | Dr. P.Suresh Varma

Motivational Issues for Teachers in Higher Education: A Critical Case of IUB

Author(s): Muhammad Imran Rasheed | Hassan Danyal Aslam | Shakeel Sarwar
Perceived Gender Classification from Face Images

Author(s): Hlaing Htake Khaung Tin
Data Compression of Fingerprint Minutiae

3-D Face Recognition Using Improved 3D Mixed Transform

Author(s): Mr. Hamid M. Hasan | Prof. Dr. Waleed A. AL.Jouhar | Dr. Majid A. Alwan
Face Recognition Using Improved FFT Based Radon by PSO and PCA Techniques

Author(s): Mr. Hamid M. Hasan | Prof. Dr. Waleed A. AL.Jouhar | Dr. Majid A. Alwan
Hybrid Feature Extraction Technique for Face Recognition

Author(s): Sangeeta N. Kakarwal | Ratnadeep R. Deshmukh
Three Patterns of Motion Which Change the Perception of Emotional Faces

Author(s): Stéphane Rusinek | Loris Schiaratura | Alhadi Chafi
Illumination Invariant Face Recognition Using Fuzzy LDA and FFNN

Author(s): Farzad Noorian | Hamed Azami | Behzad Bozorgtabar
Association of Genetic Variation in the Promoter Region of OXTR with Differences in Social Affective Neural Processing

Author(s): Christian Montag | Jeremy Hall | Martin Reuter | Andrew C. Stanfield | Garret O’Connell | Heather C. Whalley | Prerona Mukherjee
Illumination Invariant Face Recognition Using Fuzzy LDA and FFNN

Author(s): Farzad Noorian | Hamed Azami | Behzad Bozorgtabar
Association of Genetic Variation in the Promoter Region of OXTR with Differences in Social Affective Neural Processing

Author(s): Christian Montag | Jeremy Hall | Martin Reuter | Andrew C. Stanfield | Garret O’Connell | Heather C. Whalley | Prerona Mukherjee
Facial Emotion Recognition Using Context Based Multimodal Approach

Author(s): Priya Metri | Jayshree Ghorpade | Ayesha Butalia
Feature Image Generation Using Low, Mid and High Frequency Regions for Face Recognition

Author(s): Vikas Maheshkar | Sushila Kamble | Suneeta Agarwal | Vinay Kumar Srivastava
Face Tracker for Head Position Detection

Author(s): Swati P. Kale | Deepak Dandekar
Methodology for Human Face retrieval from video sequences based on holistic approach

Author(s): Z. G. Sheikh | V.M. Thakare | S. S. Sherekar
Efficient Face Detection using Adaboost

Author(s): K.T.Talele | Sunil Kadam | Atul Tikare
Face Recognition by Classification in Eigenspace

Author(s): Swati Choudhary | Mansi Shirwadkar | Hemlata Patil
Effective Eye Localization using Local Binary Patterns

Author(s): Shylaja S S | K N B Murthy | S Natarajan | Nitin Kumar | Ruby Agarwal
Face Recognition Using Appearance Based Approach: A Literature Survey

Author(s): M. Parisa Beham | S. Mohamed Mansoor Roomi
Robust Algorithm for Face Detection in Color Images

Author(s): Hlaing Htake Khaung Tin
Facial Expression Recognition using Neural Network –An Overview

Author(s): Pushpaja V. Saudagare | D.S. Chaudhari
Root Caries - A Problem of Growing Age

Author(s): Vikram Bansal | Ramandeep Kaur Sohi | Veeresha K L | Adarsh kumar | Ramandeep Singh Gambhir | Shelly Bansal
Iris recognition: An emerging security environment for human identification

Author(s): M.Daris Femila | A. Anthony Irudhayaraj
Computer Vision Based Human Computer Interaction

Author(s): G.R.S. Murthy | R.S. Jadon
Dynamic Facial Prosthetics for Sufferers of Facial Paralysis

Author(s): Fergal Coulter | Philip Breedon | Michael Vloeberghs
The Role of Anxiety Sensitivity, Fear of Pain and Experiential Avoidance in Experimental Pain

Author(s): Ana Isabel Masedo Gutiérrez | María Rosa Esteve Zarazaga | Stefaan Van Damme
Audio-Visual Speech Recognition Using Lip Information Extracted from Side-Face Images

Author(s): Iwano Koji | Yoshinaga Tomoaki | Tamura Satoshi | Furui Sadaoki
Fusion of Appearance Image and Passive Stereo Depth Map for Face Recognition Based on the Bilateral 2DLDA

Author(s): Wang Jian-Gang | Kong Hui | Sung Eric | Yau Wei-Yun | Teoh EamKhwang
Real-Time 3D Face Acquisition Using Reconfigurable Hybrid Architecture

Author(s): Mitéran Johel | Zimmer Jean-Philippe | Paindavoine Michel | Dubois Julien
A Massively Parallel Face Recognition System

Author(s): Lahdenoja Olli | Laiho Mika | Maunu Janne | Paasio Ari
Iris Recognition: The Consequences of Image Compression

Author(s): Ives RobertW | Bishop DanielA | Du Yingzi | Belcher Craig
Subspace-Based Holistic Registration for Low-Resolution Facial Images

Author(s): Boom BJ | Spreeuwers LJ | Veldhuis RNJ
Efficient Human Action and Gait Analysis Using Multiresolution Motion Energy Histogram

Author(s): Yu Chih-Chang | Cheng Hsu-Yung | Cheng Chien-Hung | Fan Kuo-Chin
Face Recognition from Still Images to Video Sequences: A Local-Feature-Based Framework

Author(s): Chen Shaokang | Mau Sandra | Harandi MehrtashT | Sanderson Conrad | Bigdeli Abbas | Lovell BrianC
Robust Face Image Matching under Illumination Variations

Author(s): Yang Chyuan-Huei Thomas | Lai Shang-Hong | Chang Long-Wen
A Probabilistic Model for Face Transformation with Application to Person Identification

Author(s): Perronnin Florent | Dugelay Jean-Luc | Rose Kenneth
Face Recognition Using Local and Global Features

Author(s): Huang Jian | Yuen Pong C | Lai JH | Li Chun-hung
Optimization of Color Conversion for Face Recognition

Author(s): Jones Creed F | Abbott A Lynn
A Probabilistic Fusion Methodology for Face Recognition

Author(s): Rao K Srinivasa | Rajagopalan AN
Feature Extraction Methods for Real-Time Face Detection and Classification

Author(s): Masip David | Bressan Marco | Vitrià Jordi
A Human Body Analysis System

Author(s): Girondel Vincent | Bonnaud Laurent | Caplier Alice
Continuous Learning of a Multilayered Network Topology in a Video Camera Network

Author(s): Zou Xiaotao | Bhanu Bir | Roy-Chowdhury Amit
Models for Patch-Based Image Restoration

Author(s): Das Gupta Mithun | Rajaram Shyamsundar | Petrovic Nemanja | Huang ThomasS
The Complete Gabor-Fisher Classifier for Robust Face Recognition

Author(s): Štruc Vitomir | Pavešić Nikola
Unconstrained Iris Acquisition and Recognition Using COTS PTZ Camera

Author(s): Venugopalan Shreyas | Savvides Marios
Multiclient Identification System Using Adaptive Probabilistic Model

Author(s): Lin Chin-Teng | Siana Linda | Shou Yu-Wen | Yang Chien-Ting
Face Component Extraction Using Segmentation Method on Face Recognition System

Author(s): Dewi Agushinta R | Adang Suhendra | Sarifuddin Madenda | Suryadi H.S
3D‐Facial Expression Synthesis and its Application to Face Recognition Systems

Author(s): Leonel Ramírez‐Valdez | Rogelio Hasimoto‐Beltran
A 6-years Epidemiologic Study of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis

Author(s): SH Hekmati Moghaddam | M Ebadi
Electronic Reporting in Radiology

Author(s): M. Fatehi
Decision Support for Radiologists

Author(s): M. Fatehi
Neighborhood Preserving Fisher Discriminant Analysis

Author(s): Guoqiang Wang | Weijuan Zhang
Face Recognition using Gabor Filters

Author(s): Muhammad SHARIF | Adeel KHALID | Mudassar RAZA | Sajjad MOHSIN
A Novel Approach to Face Detection Algorithm

Author(s): Pritam Singh | A.S. Thoke | Kesari Verma
From the history of the recognitions of the remains to the reconstruction of the face of Dante Alighieri by means of techniques of virtual reality and forensic anthropology

Author(s): Stefano Benazzi | Giorgio Gruppioni | Massimliano Fantini | Francesca De Crescenzio | Franco Persiani | Francesco Mallegni | Gabriele Mallegni
Research on Feature Matching of Multi-pose Face Based on SIFT

Author(s): Yingjie Xia | Yanbin Han | Jinping Li | Rui Chen
Initial Orientation of Attention towards Emotional Faces in Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Author(s): Mehrnoosh Ahmadi | Mitra Judi | Anahita khorrami | Javad Mahmoudi-Gharaei MD | Mehdi Tehrani-Doost MD

Author(s): Hafiz Imtiaz | Shaikh Anowarul Fattah

Author(s): Anissa Bouzalmat | Naouar Belghini | Arsalane Zarghili | Jamal Kharroubi

Author(s): Maliheh Shabanzade | Morteza Zahedi | Seyyed Amin Aghvami
Speech recognition in individuals having a clinical complaint about understanding speech during noise or not

Author(s): Becker, Karine Thaís | Costa, Maristela Julio | Lautenschlager, Larissa | Tochetto, Tania Maria | Santos, Sinéia Neujahr dos
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Feng Gao | Tokuro Matsuo | Junhu Zhang | Shifei Ding
Application of an Improved Mean Shift Algorithm in Real-time Facial Expression Recognition

Author(s): Zhao-yi Peng | Yu Zhou | Yan-hui Zhu | Zhi-qiang Wen
A New KSVM + KFD Model for Improved Classification and Face Recognition

Author(s): Riadh Ksantini | Boubakeur Seddik Boufama | Imran Shafiq Ahmad
A New Face Recognition Framework: Symmetrical Bilateral 2DPLS plus LDA

Author(s): Jiadong Song | Xiaojuan Li | Pengfei Xu | Mingquan Zhou
Geometric Features of 3D Face and Recognition of It by PCA

Author(s): Yunqi Lei | Haibin Lai | Qingmin Li
A Practical Subspace Approach To Landmarking

Author(s): Gert Beumer | Raymond Veldhuis
Emotion Recognition based on 2D-3D Facial Feature Extraction from Color Image Sequences

Author(s): Robert Niese | Ayoub Al-Hamadi | Axel Panning | Bernd Michaelis
Learning the Classifier Combination for Image Classification

Author(s): Deyuan Zhang | Bingquan Liu | Chengjie Sun | Xiaolong Wang
A Genetic Programming-PCA Hybrid Face Recognition Algorithm

Author(s): Behzad Bozorgtabar | Gholam Ali Rezai Rad

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