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Research on Dynamic Facial Expressions Recognition

Author(s): Xiaoning Peng | Beiji Zou | Lijun Tang | Ping Luo
Lip-Synching Using Speaker-Specific Articulation, Shape and Appearance Models

Author(s): Gérard Bailly | Oxana Govokhina | Frédéric Elisei | Gaspard Breton
Is surgery recommended in adults with neglected congenital muscular torticollis? A prospective study

Author(s): Omidi-Kashani Farzad | Hasankhani Ebrahim | Sharifi Reza | Mazlumi Mahdi
Analysis of Facial Dynamics Using a Tensor Framework

Author(s): Lisa Gralewski | Neill Campbell | Edward Morrison | Ian Penton-Voak
Motion can amplify the face-inversion effect

Author(s): Thornton Ian M. | Mullins Emma | Banahan Kara
Dynamic Facial Prosthetics for Sufferers of Facial Paralysis

Author(s): Fergal Coulter | Philip Breedon | Michael Vloeberghs
Facial Tracking Using Echostate Neural Network

Author(s): P. Mayilvahanan | S. Purushothaman | A. Jothi
Lip-Synching Using Speaker-Specific Articulation, Shape and Appearance Models

Author(s): Bailly Gérard | Govokhina Oxana | Elisei Frédéric | Breton Gaspard
Body and Face Animation Based on Motion Capture

Author(s): Xiaoting Wang | Lu Wang | Guosheng Wu
2D Image Morphing With Wrapping Using Vector Quantization Based Colour Transition

Author(s): H. B. Kekre | Tanuja K. Sarode | Suchitra M. Patil
Recognition of Facial Gestures using Gabor Filter

Author(s): Subhashini Ramalingam | Ilango Paramasivam | Mangayarkarasi Ramiah
High-precision Detection of Facial Landmarks to Estimate Head Motions Based on Vision Models

Author(s): Xiaohong W. Gao | Sergey Anishenko | Dmitry Shaposhnikov | Lubov Podlachikova | Stephen Batty | John Clark

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