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Seasonal variations of glacier dynamics at Kronebreen, Svalbard revealed by calving related seismicity

Author(s): A. Köhler | A. Chapuis | C. Nuth | J. Kohler | C. Weidle
Volcanic ash detection and retrievals using MODIS data by means of neural networks

Author(s): M. Picchiani | M. Chini | S. Corradini | L. Merucci | P. Sellitto | F. Del Frate | S. Stramondo
Theory of Mind Deficit in Psychosis:Is it Specific to Schizophrenia?

Author(s): A. A. Nejatisafa | V. Sharifi | J. Alaghbandrad
The contents variations of the carotenoid pigments and total lipids in seabuckthorn false fruit and fruit

Author(s): Nicoleta Badaluta | Zenovia Olteanu | Lacramioara Oprica | Gogu Ghiorghita

Author(s): Peter Hany Sobhy Riad | Max Billib | Ahmed Ali Hassan | Maha Abdel Salam | Mohamed Nour El Din
Stream Data Mining and Anomaly Detection

Author(s): Mohammadjafar Esmaeili | Arwa Almadan
Intrusion Detection System for Ad hoc Mobile Networks

Author(s): Muhammad Nawaz Khan | Muhammad Ilyas Khatak | Muhammad Faisal
Comparison of Pap Smear Quality With Anatomical Spatula Method and the Common Method (Spatula‐ Cytobrush): A Single Blind Clinical Trial

Author(s): Soleimani M | Abdali Kh | Khajehei M | Tabatabaee HR | Komar PV | Riaz Montazer N
Lightning risk warnings based on atmospheric electric field measurements in Brazil

Author(s): Marco Antonio da Silva Ferro* | Jorge Yamasaki | Douglas Roberto M. Pimentel | Kleber Pinheiro Naccarato | Marcelo Magalhães Fares Saba
Motif mining: an assessment and perspective for amyloid fibril prediction tool

Author(s): Smitha Sunil Kumaran Nair | Subba Reddy NV | Hareesha KS
Influence of postconceptional age on universal newborn hearing screening in NICU-babies

Author(s): Jochen Müller-Mazzotta | Michael Zemlin | Roswitha Berger | Holger Hanschmann
Eletroacupuntura e morfina sobre parâmetros cardiorrespiratórios em gatas submetidas à ovariosalpingohisterectomia eletiva Electroacupuncture and morphine on cardiorespiratory parameters on cat elective ovariohysterectomy

Author(s): Patricia Maria Coletto Freitas | Wangles Pignaton | Janaína Rodrigues Simões | Evandro Zacché | Marcelo Rezende Luz | Ana Elisa Pato Salgado | Marilda Onghero Taffarel | Duvaldo Eurides | Letícia Binda Baungarten
Low Prevalence of High-dose Methotrexate Nephropathy in Patients With Malignancy

Author(s): Mohammad Ali Mashhadi | Mahmoud Ali Kaykhaei | Houshang Sanadgol
Gene Polymorphism of Complement Factor H in a Turkish Patient With Membranoproliferative Glomerulonephritis Type II

Author(s): Betul Sozeri | Sevgi Mir | Afig Berdeli | Nida Dincel | Banu Sarsik
Filling-in of far-red and near-Infrared solar lines by terrestrial and atmospheric effects: simulations and space-based observations from SCIAMACHY and GOSAT

Author(s): J. Joiner | Y. Yoshida | A. P. Vasilkov | E. M. Middleton | P. K. E. Campbell | Y. Yoshida | A. Kuze | L. A. Corp
Using Markov switching models to infer dry and rainy periods from telecommunication microwave link signals

Author(s): Z. Wang | M. Schleiss | J. Jaffrain | A. Berne | J. Rieckermann
A Novel Approach for Iris Encryption

Author(s): Shrinivasrao B. Kulkarni | Ravindra S. Hegadi | Umakant P. Kulkarni
The comparison of TH1 and TH2 cytokines gene expression in allergic and non-allergic patients with nasal polyps by PCR

Author(s): Farhadi M | Tabatabaee A | Shekarabi M | Noorbaksh S | Khatib M | Javadinia Sh
Surgical outcome of acetabular fracture using trochanteric flip osteotomy

Author(s): Mortazavi MJ | Motamedi M | Niknam A | Mazoochy H | Espandar R
A prospective study comparing LigaSure and open hemorrhoidectomy

Author(s): Sadegh Fazeli M | Safari S | Kazemeini A | Larti F | Joneidi E | Rahimi M | Meisami A
Frontal Lobe Cognitive Functioning in Conduct Disordered Adolescents

Author(s): M. Rezayee | H. Ashayeri | R. Yazdandoost | A. A. Asgharnejad farid
Evaluation of accuracy of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of zygomatic arch fractures

Author(s): Mozhdeh Mehdizadeh | Moein Hoseini-Shirazi | Forouzan Farahbod
A Review of Clustering Techniques Based on Machine learning Approach in Intrusion Detection Systems

Author(s): Ala' Yaseen Ibrahim Shakhatreh | Kamalrulnizam Abu Bakar
Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio using MIMO Technique

Author(s): Suman Rathi | Rajeshwar Lal Dua | Parmender Singh
Debunking Macroeconomics

Author(s): Steve Keen
Memory Strength and Criterion Shift in the False Memory Paradigm: A Learning Case

Author(s): Shahid Naved | Ameer Haider Ali | Khubaib Ahmed Qureshi
Anomalous Network Packet Detection Using Data Stream Mining

Author(s): Zachary Miller | William Deitrick | Wei Hu
Low diagnostic values of ultrasonography and negative appendectomy: still a major problem in university hospitals

Author(s): Rasoul Azizi | Negin Farsi | Tahmineh Motevasseli | Seyed-Mohammad Fereshtehnejad | Abdoreza Khatami
Genome-wide algorithm for detecting CNV associations with diseases

Author(s): Xu Yaji | Peng Bo | Fu Yunxin | Amos Christopher
Protein differences between human trapezius and vastus lateralis muscles determined with a proteomic approach

Author(s): Hadrévi Jenny | Hellström Fredrik | Kieselbach Thomas | Malm Christer | Pedrosa-Domellöf Fatima
The impact of modern migrations on present-day multi-ethnic Argentina as recorded on the mitochondrial DNA genome

Author(s): Catelli María | Álvarez-Iglesias Vanesa | Gómez-Carballa Alberto | Mosquera-Miguel Ana | Romanini Carola | Borosky Alicia | Amigo Jorge | Carracedo Ángel | Vullo Carlos | Salas Antonio
Media composition influences yeast one- and two-hybrid results

Author(s): Liu Ying | Merchant Zabeena | Hsiao Hao-Ching | Gonzalez Kim | Matthews Kathleen | Bondos Sarah
Development and application of a modified dynamic time warping algorithm (DTW-S) to analyses of primate brain expression time series

Author(s): Yuan Yuan | Chen Yi-Ping | Ni Shengyu | Xu Augix | Tang Lin | Vingron Martin | Somel Mehmet | Khaitovich Philipp
Mapping quantitative trait loci for T lymphocyte subpopulations in peripheral blood in swine

Author(s): Lu Xin | Liu Jian-Feng | Gong Yuan-Fang | Wang Zhi-Peng | Liu Yang | Zhang Qin
Brain-Computer Interface Controlled Functional Electrical Stimulation System for Ankle Movement

Author(s): Do An | Wang Po | King Christine | Abiri Ahmad | Nenadic Zoran
Mulcom: a multiple comparison statistical test for microarray data in Bioconductor

Author(s): Isella Claudio | Renzulli Tommaso | Corà Davide | Medico Enzo
Improving TCP Performance over Wireless Ad Hoc Networks with Busy Tone Assisted Scheme

Author(s): He Qi | Cai Lin | Shen Xuemin (Sherman) | Ho Pinhan
Fault-Tolerant Target Localization in Sensor Networks

Author(s): Ding Min | Liu Fang | Thaeler Andrew | Chen Dechang | Cheng Xiuzhen
Epstein - Barr virus latent membrane protein 1 suppresses reporter activity through modulation of promyelocytic leukemia protein-nuclear bodies

Author(s): Sides Mark | Block Gregory | Chadwick Reid | Shan Bin | Flemington Erik | Lasky Joseph
Cautionary notes on the use of NF-κB p65 and p50 antibodies for CNS studies

Author(s): Herkenham Miles | Rathore Priyanka | Brown Pierre | Listwak Samuel
Landmine Detection and Discrimination Using High-Pressure Waterjets

Author(s): Beetner Daryl G | Stanley R Joe | Agarwal Sanjeev | Somasundaram Deepak R | Nema Kopal | Mantha Bhargav
Multicriteria Gene Screening for Analysis of Differential Expression with DNA Microarrays

Author(s): Hero Alfred O | Fleury Gilles | Mears Alan J | Swaroop Anand
Towards Inferring Protein Interactions: Challenges and Solutions

Author(s): Zhang Ya | Zha Hongyuan | Chu Chao-Hsien | Ji Xiang
Model Order Selection for Short Data: An Exponential Fitting Test (EFT)

Author(s): Quinlan Angela | Barbot Jean-Pierre | Larzabal Pascal | Haardt Martin
The reference human nuclear mitochondrial sequences compilation validated and implemented on the UCSC genome browser

Author(s): Simone Domenico | Calabrese Francesco Maria | Lang Martin | Gasparre Giuseppe | Attimonelli Marcella
Secure Rateless Deluge: Pollution-Resistant Reprogramming and Data Dissemination for Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Law YeeWei | Zhang Yu | Jin Jiong | Palaniswami Marimuthu | Havinga Paul
Network Intrusion Detection using Clustering: A Data Mining Approach

Author(s): S.Sathya Bama | M.S.Irfan Ahmed | A. Saravanan

Author(s): A. Rezk | H. Ali | M. El-Mikkawy | S. Barakat
Indexing for Large DNA Database Sequences

Author(s): S. M. Wohoush & M.H. Saheb
The conformity of BPP and vibroacoustic stimulation results in fetal non reactive non stress test

Author(s): M. Modarres | M. Mir Mohammad Ali | H. Haghani | R. Arami | P. Rahnama
Does breast-feeding protect the child from Giardia lamblia infection?

Author(s): Ghorbani R | Sadat-Hashemi SM | Pazooki R
Vaginal misoprostol for cervical priming before hysteroscopy

Author(s): Valadan M | Rezaee Z | Mohammadpour J | Moghadami Tabrizi N
L-Fucose as a terminal sugar in cellular glycoconjugates of colonic carcinoma

Author(s): Arab MR | Arab F | Karimi M | Shahraki MR | Sargazei GH
A molecular survey of Chlamydia trachomatis infection in married women: a cross sectional study on 991 women

Author(s): Chamani-Tabriz L | Tehrani MJ | Zeraati H | Asgari S | Tarahomi M | Moini M | Ghasemi J
Dyslipidemia in diabetic patients: a cross sectional study in urban population of Yazd, Iran

Author(s): Rafiei M | Sadr SMH | Nasirian M | Namayandeh SM | Abdoli AM
Dimensions of neuroticism and androgeny: fertile versus infertile women

Author(s): Abolghasemi A | Shibani H | Narimani M | Ganji M
Measurement of airway related distances: virtual bronchoscopy in 140 cases

Author(s): Noyan Ashraf MA | Samadi Sh | Ghanaati H | Farahani Dawood-Abadi A
A comparative study of Zinc deficiency prevalence in pregnant and non pregnant women

Author(s): Borna S | Haghollahi F | Golestan B | Norouzi M | Hanachi P | Shariat M | Niroomanesh Sh
Evaluation of selective screening for diagnosis of gestational diabetes mellitus

Author(s): Garshasbi A | FaghihZadeh S | Falah N | Khosniat M | Torkestani F | Ghavam M | Abasian M
Posterior Intravaginal Slingplasty versus Abdominal Sacrocolpopexy for the treatment of vaginal prolapse

Author(s): Ghanbari Z | Eftekhar T | Goodarzi Sh | Haj Baratali B | Bashiri SA | Shariat M
Treatment of urinary stress incontinence: laparoscopic Burch colposuspension versus transobturator tape procedure

Author(s): Samiee H | Tavoli Z | Ghanbari Z | Poormand GH | Taslimi SH | Eslami B | Tavoli A
Diffuse large B-Cell lymphoma: a clinico- pathologic and prognostic study on 1470 biopsy specimens

Author(s): Sadighi S | Tirgary F | Raafat J | Mohagheghi MA | Safavi S | Vaziri S
The relationship between total lymphocyte count and CD4 count in patients infected with HIV

Author(s): Jafari S | Rasoolinejad M | Emadi Kouchak H | Mokarami F
In vitro cytotoxicity and apoptotic inducing activity of the synthesized 4-aryl-4H-chromenes derivatives against human cancer cell lines

Author(s): Mahmoodi M | Rajabalian S | Foroumadi A | Hidarykeshel S | Safavi M | Khoshzaban A | Divsalar K | Mohagheghi MA
Assessment of obesity in children: fat Mass Index versus Body Mass Index

Author(s): Haeri Behbahani B | Dorosty AR | Eshraghian MR
Determination of the optimal cut-off point for ELISA test for diagnosis of brucellosis in Iran

Author(s): Soudbakhsh A | Mortazavi H | Hajiabdolbaghi M | Hasibi M | Jafari S | Emadi H | Esmaili Djavid JH
A data mining based model for selecting type of treatment for kidney stone patients

Author(s): Sepehri MM | Rahnama P | Shadpour P | Teimourpour B
Pulmonary Hydatid cyst: analysis of 1024 cases

Author(s): Bagheri R | Haghi SZ | Amini M | Fattahi AS
Assessment of PD-1 gene variation in patients with multiple sclerosis

Author(s): Shadmehri AA | Nicknam MH | Shokrgozar MA | Mahmoudi M | Sarial Sh | Ahmadi Shadmehri A | Moradi B | Farhadi E | Amirzargar AA
A report of multiple sclerosis patients treated by CinnoVex™ in Iran

Author(s): Masood Etemadifar | Mehrdokht Mazdeh | Hamid Reza Torabi | Majid Ghaffarpour | Mojtaba Azimian | Shiva Salami | Sayyed Mohammad Amir Shahkarami
Prevalence of hearing loss among high risk newborns hospitalized in hospitals affiliated to Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Author(s): Ali Zamani | Alireza Karimi | Mohsen Naseri | Elaheh Amini | Mohammad Milani | Amir Arvin Sazgar | Seyed Mousa Sadr Hosseini | Mohammad Sadeghi Hassan Abadi | Fatemeh Nayeri | Firouzeh Nili | Mamak Shariat | Mostafa Vasigh | Fariba Nasaj | Fatemeh Zamani | Narges Zamani
Local recurrence after breast conserving surgery in breast cancer: a study in Cancer Institute, Tehran

Author(s): Farnaz Amouzegar- Hashemi | Alireza Alaleh | Ali Kazemian | Peiman Haddad
Seroprevalence of Hepatitis C (HCV) and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection among street children in Isfahan, Iran

Author(s): Ataei B | Nokhodian Z | Babak A | Shoaei P | Mohhammadzadeh M | Sadeghi R
Identification of Leishmania species isolated from human cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Gonbad-e-Qabus city using a PCR method during 2006-2007

Author(s): Mesgarian F | Rahbarian N | Mahmoudi M | Hajaran H | Shahbaz F | Mesgarian Z | Taghipour N
The relationship between salivary bacterial flora and adverse pregnancy outcomes

Author(s): Sadeghi R | Rabiee M | Saderi H | Jafari M
The Correlation between endothelin-1 antibody plasma concentrations in patients with scleroderma and different manifestations of the disease

Author(s): Aghaei M | Gharibdost F | Zayeni H | Akhlaghi M | Sedighi S | Rostamian AR | Aghdami N | Shojaa M
Prevalence of anti-gliadin antibody in patients with alopecia areata: a case-control study

Author(s): Hallaji Z | Akhyani M | Ehsani AH | Noormohammadpour P | Gholamali F | Bagheri M | Jahromi J
Sonographic cervical parameters in predicting spontaneous preterm birth in high-risk pregnant women

Author(s): Mashhadian M | Marsosi V | Ziaei S | Asghari jafar abadi M
Risk factors of blood transfusion in patients undergoing off-pump coronary artery bypass

Author(s): Forouzan Nia SKh | Hadadzadeh M | Mirhosseini SJ | Hosseini H | Abdollahi MH | Yazdi MF | Rasti M | Dehghanizadeh H | Ghoreishian SM
The frequency of cigarette smoking in patients with psoriasis vulgaris: a comparative study

Author(s): Ashkevari Sh | Ehsani AH | Ghanbari A | Molaii H | Noormohammadpour P
Pulse Oximetry knowledge of Medical and Paramedical Staff in ICUs and Ors

Author(s): A Akhgar Araghi | A Rahimi Forooshani | A Farzaneh Nejad | S Akhgar Araghi
arf3DS4: An Integrated Framework for Localization and Connectivity Analysis of fMRI Data

Author(s): Wouter D. Weeda | Frank de Vos | Lourens J. Waldorp | Raoul Grasman | Hilde M. Huizenga
Methods for Prostate Biopsy

Author(s): M. Ghafoori
Assessment of medullary thyroid carcinoma with F-18 DOPA PET/CT in comparison to F-18 FDG PET/CT

Author(s): M. Beheshti | S. Poecher | S. Haim | N. Jordanova | B. Gruy | M. Nader | F. Fitz | W. Langsteger
Assessment of the accuracy of lacrimal scintigraphy based on a prospective analysis of patients’ symptomatology

Author(s): Fard | M. Saghari | A. Gholamrezanezhad | S. Mirpour | A. Sadjadi | B. Fallahi | D. Beiki

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