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In search of psychosocial variables linked to the recidivism in young offenders.

Author(s): Lourdes Contreras | Virginia Molina | María del Carmen Cano
The impact of ADHD and conduct disorder in childhood on adult delinquency: A 30 years follow-up study using official crime records

Author(s): Mordre Marianne | Groholt Berit | Kjelsberg Ellen | Sandstad Berit | Myhre Anne
Drug abuse and criminal family records in the criminal history of prisoners

Author(s): Francisco J. Rodríguez | Carolina Bringas | Luis Rodríguez | Javier López-Cepero | Beatriz Pérez | Cristina Estrada
The influence of programme differences on crime reduction in opioid maintenance treatment. An analysis of regional patterns in Norway

Author(s): Anne Bukten | Svetlana Skurtveit | Michael Gossop | Helge Waal | Per Stangeland | Thomas Clausen
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