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Control of industrial robot using neural network compensator

Author(s): Ranković Vesna | Nikolić Ilija
Neural networks used for speech recognition

Author(s): Gevaert Wouter | Tsenov Georgi | Mladenov Valeri
A Dynamic Positioning System Based on Kalman Filtering and Optimal Control

Author(s): Jens G. Balchen | Nils A. Jenssen | Eldar Mathisen | Steinar Sælid
Pressure Transients and Control in Liquid Propane Caverns

Author(s): O.A. Asbjørnsen | P.H. Aas | J. Hancke
Some Considerations Regarding The Efficiency Of The Electromechanical Motion

Author(s): Ion BIVOL | Traian MUNTEANU | Ionel LUPEA | Eric DESTOBBELEER
PSS Design Based on RNN and the MFAFEP Control Strategy

Author(s): Rebiha Metidji | Boubekeur Mendil
Force prediction in cold rolling mills by polynomial methods

Author(s): Nicu ROMAN | Bogdan IONITA | Dorel AIORDACHIOAE | Emil CEANGA | Ion BIVOL
Design and Implementation of the Servo Control System Based on DSP

Author(s): Chaoji Chen | Na Zhao | Hongtao Jin | Yongjin Zhao
Development and performance evaluation of impact bambara groundnut sheller

Author(s): F.A. Oluwole | A.T. Abdulrahim | M.B. Oumarou
Generalized Predictive Control and Neural Generalized Predictive Control

Author(s): Sadhana CHIDRAWAR | Balasaheb PATRE
Multi-subject/daily-life activity EMG-based control of mechanical hands

Author(s): Castellini Claudio | Fiorilla Angelo | Sandini Giulio
Controlling pH in a Precipitation Plant

Author(s): Kjell Støle-Hansen | Bjarne A. Foss
Adaptive controller design for feedrate maximization of machining process

Author(s): F. Cus | U. Zuperl | E. Kiker | M. MIlfelner
Reduction in iron losses In Indirect Vector-Controlled IM Drive Using FLC

Author(s): C. Srisailam | Mukesh Tiwari | Anurag Trivedi

Author(s): Munteanu Traian | Vasilache Cristian | Bivol Ion | Rosu Emil
Genetic Design of Neural PID plus Feed Forward Controllers

Author(s): Naim Ajlouni | Sadeq Al-Hamouz
PID Control of Heat Exchanger System

Author(s): Yuvraj Bhushan Khare | Yaduvir Singh
Feed Forward Neural Network Based Eye Localization and Recognition Using Hough Transform

Author(s): Shylaja S S, K N Balasubramanya Murthy, S Natarajan Nischith, Muthuraj R, Ajay S
Artificial neural networks allow the use of simultaneous measurements of Alzheimer Disease markers for early detection of the disease

Author(s): Di Luca Monica | Grossi Enzo | Borroni Barbara | Zimmermann Martina | Marcello Elena | Colciaghi Francesca | Gardoni Fabrizio | Intraligi Marco | Padovani Alessandro | Buscema Massimo
Modelling of Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment

Author(s): Čurlin; M. | Bevetek, A. | Ležajić, Z. | Deverić Meštrović, B. | Kurtanjeka, Ž.
Prediction and Control of Cutting Tool Vibration in Cnc Lathe with Anova and Ann

Author(s): S. S. Abuthakeer | P. V. Mohanram | G. Mohan Kumar

Control of an Industrial SCR Catalyst Using Ceramic NOx Sensors

Author(s): Joshua Schmitt | Daniel B. Olsen
Hybrid posicast controller for a DC-DC buck converter

Author(s): Kaithamalai Udhayakumar | Ponnusamy Lakshmi | Kandasamy Boobal
The effect of lifting on trunk muscles motor control in athlete and non-athlete subjects

Author(s): parisa Kazemi | saeed Talebian | Gholam Reza Olyaei | Seyed Javad Mousavi
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Zhihua Cui | Zhongzhi Shi
Content Based Image Retrieval Approaches for Detection of Malarial Parasite in Blood Images

Author(s): Mohammad Imroze Khan | Bhibhudendra Acharya | Bikesh Kumar Singh | Jigyasa Soni
N-Removal on Wastewater Treatment Plants: A Process Control Approach

Author(s): Ramon Vilanova | Reza Katebi | NoraLiza Wahab
Multiple Model Control for Some Hysteresis Processes

Author(s): MOLNAR Carmen | LUPU Ciprian | UDREA Andreea | BANDICI Livia
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