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Sliding control of MIMO nonlinear systems

Author(s): Thor I. Fossen | Bjarne A. Foss
Adaptive feedback linearization applied to steering of ships

Author(s): Thor I. Fossen | Marit J. Paulsen

Author(s): Nicolaos Antonio CUTULULIS
Tutorial on nonlinear backstepping: Applications to ship control

Author(s): Thor I. Fossen | Jan P. Strand
Nonlinear control of ships minimizing the position tracking errors

Author(s): Svein P. Berge | Kohei Ohtsu | Thor I. Fossen
The coordinated control of SVC and excitation of generators Using Adaptive Fuzzy Control

Author(s): Abdellah Laoufi | Youssef Mouloudi, | Bousmaha Bouchiba, | Berbaoui Brahim
Mathematical Modeling of the Three Phase Induction Motor Couple to DC Motor in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Author(s): Zulkarnain Lubis | A. N. Abdalla | Mortaza | Ruzlaini Ghon
Internal Decoupling in Nonlinear Process Control

Author(s): Jens G. Balchen | Bernt Lie | Ingar Solberg
Another look at climate sensitivity

Author(s): I. Zaliapin | M. Ghil
A State Observer and a Synchronization Method for Heart Pacemakers

Author(s): H. Gholizade-Narm | A. Azemi | M. Khademi | M. Karimi-Ghartemani
Adaptive Control of a Double-Electromagnet Suspension System

Author(s): R. Barzamini | A.R. Yazdizadeh | H.A. Talebi | H. Eliasi
Nonlinear H∞ controller for flexible joint robots with using feedback linearization

Author(s): M.E.Akbari | G.Alizadeh | S.Khanmohammadi | I.Hassanzadeh, | M.Mirzaei, | M.A.Badamchizadeh
Forced Dynamics Control Of An Actuator With Linear PMSM

Author(s): Ján Vittek | Vladimir Vavrúš | Jozef Buday | Jozef Kuchta
Control of multi-machine using adaptive fuzzy

Author(s): Bouchiba Bousmaha | Hazzab Abdeldjebar | Glaoui Hachemi | Med-Karim Fellah | Bousserhane Ismaïl Khalil | Sicard Pierre
Orbit and Attitude Control of Asymmetric Satellites in Polar Near-Circular Orbit

Author(s): Wei Zhao | Weiwei Yang | Xiaoqian Chen | Yong Zhao
Set point stabilization of a 2DOF underactuated manipulator

Author(s): Sonia Mahjoub | Faiçal Mnif | Nabil Derbel
Single Voxel Proton Spectroscopy for Neurofeedback at 7 Tesla

Author(s): Yury Koush | Mark A. Elliott | Klaus Mathiak
Chaotic incommensurate fractional order Rössler system: active control and synchronization

Author(s): Razminia Abolhassan | Majd Vahid | Baleanu Dumitru
Nonlinear Control of an Induction Motor Using a Reduced-Order Extended Sliding Mode Observer for Rotor Flux and Speed Sensorless Estimation

Author(s): Olivier Asseu | Michel Abaka Kouacou | Theophile Roch Ori | Zié Yéo | Malandon Koffi | Xuefang Lin-Shi
A Multicarrier Amplifier Design Linearized Trough Second Harmonics And Second-Order IM Feedback

Author(s): Bratislav Milovanović | Nataša Males-Ilić | Djuradj Budimir
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