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Author(s): R.Sathishkumar | A.Vimalajuliet, | J.S.Prasath
Modeling and Optimization of Electric Furnace Transformer Unit

Author(s): Kiril Stoykov | Petar Ivanov | Kostadin Brandisky
Open-Loop Responses of Flexible Gantry Crane System

Author(s): Edwar Yazid | Setyamartana Parman | Khairul Fuad
The Performance of Laterally Loaded Single Pile Embedded in Cohesionless Soil with Different Water Level Elevation

Author(s): M.R. Taha | Jasim M. Abbas | Qassun S. Mohammed Shafiqu | Zamri H. Chik
Software tools for automatic generation of finite element mesh and application of biomechanical calculation in medicine

Author(s): Milašinović Danko Z. | Ivanović Miloš R. | Filipović Nenad D. | Kojić Miloš R.
Finite element modeling of ground deformation and gravity field at Mt. Etna

Author(s): G. Currenti | C. Del Negro | G. Ganci
Transmission Conditions for Thin Non-Monotonic Heat-Conducting Interphases

Author(s): Hamid Mozafari, | Andreas Öchsner | Amran Ayob
1D Modeling of Controlled-Source Electromagnetic (CSEM) Data using Finite Element Method for Hydrocarbon Detection in Shallow Water

Author(s): Noor Hazrin Hany Mohamad Hanif | Nazabat Hussain | Norashikin Yahya | Hanita Daud | Noorhana Yahya | Mohd Noh Karsiti
Electromagnetic Field in Biological Tissue Objects

Author(s): Iliana Marinova | Valentin Mateev
Finite Element Modeling of Leaching from a Municipal Landfill

Author(s): S.A. Mirbagheri | H.R. Kazemi Esfeh
Finite Element Based Fatigue Life Prediction of a New Free Piston Engine Mounting

Author(s): M.M. Rahman | A.K. Ariffin | N. Jamaludin | S. Abdullah | M.M. Noor
Finite Element Based Fatigue Life Prediction of Cylinder Head for Two-Stroke Linear Engine Using Stress-Life Approach

Author(s): M.M. Rahman | A.K. Ariffin | S. Abdullah | M.M. Noor | R.A. Bakar | M.A. Maleque
Multiaxial Fatigue Behavior of Cylinder Head for a Free Piston Linear Engine

Author(s): M.M. Rahman | A.K. Ariffin | M.R.M. Rejab | K. Kadirgama | M.M. Noor
Calculation of Plate Natural Frequency by Genetic Programming

Author(s): K. Kumarci | P.K. Dehkordi | I. Mahmodi
Numerical analysis of composite steel-concrete beams in ambient temperature and in fire situation

Author(s): Larissa Degliuomini Kirchhof | Jorge Munaiar Neto | Maximiliano Malite | Roberto Martins Gonçalves
Three dimensional mathematical model of tooth for finite element analysis

Author(s): Puškar Tatjana | Vasiljević Darko | Marković Dubravka | Jevremović Danimir | Pantelić Dejan | Savić-Šević Svetlana | Murić Branka
Mixed reality simulation of rasping procedure in artificial cervical disc replacement (ACDR) surgery

Author(s): Halic Tansel | Kockara Sinan | Bayrak Coskun | Rowe Richard
Anatomically based 3D geometric modeling of specific biological structures

Author(s): Tihaček-Šojić Ljiljana | Milić Aleksandra | Živković R. | Ilić J.
Grouping and analysis of chair quality and their basic elements

Author(s): Skakić Dušan | Džinčić Igor
Hysteretic behavior modeling of elastoplastic materials

Author(s): Šumarac Dragoslav | Međo Bojan | Trišović Nataša
Full Height Frame Integral Bridges Abutment-Backfill Interaction in Loose Granule Backfill

Author(s): M.H. Alizadeh | A.R. Khalim | Z. Chik | S.M.M. Mir Hosseiny
Evaluation of Piled Raft Foundations Behavior with Different Dimensions of Piles

Author(s): R. Ziaie-Moayed | M. Kamalzare | M. Safavian
Stability Analysis Of 3-d Conventional Pallet Rack Structures With Semi-rigid Connections

Author(s): Kamal M. Bajoria | Keshav K. Sangle | Rajshekar S. Talicotti
Bending Analysis of Symmetrically Laminated Plates

Author(s): Bouazza MOKHTAR | Hammadi FODIL | Khadir MOSTAPHA
Squeeze-film damping characteristics of cantilever microresonators for higher modes of flexural vibration

Author(s): Bappa Acherjee | Arunanshu S. Kuar | Souren Mitra | Dipten Misra
A Review of Constitutive Models for Rubber-Like Materials

Author(s): Aidy Ali | M. Hosseini | B. B. Sahari
Generalized Continuum: from Voigt to the Modeling of Quasi-Brittle Materials

Author(s): Jamile Salim Fuina | Roque Luiz da Silva Pitangueira | Samuel Silva Penna
Numerical Modeling of Ground Water Flow and the Effect of Boundary Conditions for the Hsieh Aquifer

Author(s): Md. Johurul Alam | Mohammed Ashaque Meah | Md. Shah Noor
Performance of the HOMME dynamical core in the aqua-planet configuration of NCAR CAM4: equatorial waves

Author(s): S. K. Mishra | M. A. Taylor | R. D. Nair | H. M. Tufo | J. J. Tribbia
A finite-element numerical approach for modeling tsunamis

Author(s): S. Tinti | I. Gavagni | A. Piatanesi
An Approach to Modeling Protein Release from Lipid Implants

Author(s): Rumiana Blagoeva | Assen Nedev
Young's Modulus of Macroporous Bioceramics: Measurement and Numerical Simulation

Author(s): François Pecqueux | Franck Tancret | Jean-Michel Bouler
Application of Probabilistic Analysis in Finite Element Modeling of Prestressed Inverted T-Beam with Web Openings

Author(s): Tie Ming | Cheng Hock Tian | Zahrizan bin Zakaria | Ideris bin Zakaria
Nonlinear Analysis of Concrete Structural Components Using Co-axial Rotating Smeared Crack Model

Author(s): Mohammad Amin Hariri Ardebili | S. Mahdi S. Kolbadi | Masoud Heshmati | Hasan Mirzabozorg
Numerical Modeling of the Coupled Electromagnetic and Mechanical Phenomena of Linear Stepping Motors

Author(s): M'hemed Rachek | Nacereddine Benamrouche | Mustapha Zaouia
Sensitivity of basal conditions in an inverse model: Vestfonna Ice-Cap, Nordaustlandet/Svalbard

Author(s): M. Schäfer | T. Zwinger | P. Christoffersen | F. Gillet-Chaulet | K. Laakso | R. Pettersson | V. A. Pohjola | T. Strozzi | J. C. Moore
Mechanical Modelling of Cancellous Bone from their Microstructure

Author(s): Ramírez–Díaz E.I. | Ortiz–Prado A. | Schouwenaars–Franssens R | Ruiz–Cervantes O.
Extended Finite Element Modeling: Basic Review and Programming

Author(s): Yazid Abdelaziz | K. Bendahane | A. Baraka
Power Transformer No-Load Loss Prediction with FEM Modeling and Building Factor Optimization

Author(s): Ehsan Hajipour | Pooya Rezaei | Mehdi Vakilian | Mohsen Ghafouri
Toward the Development of Virtual Surgical Tools to Aid Orthopaedic FE Analyses

Author(s): Tadepalli SrinivasC | Shivanna KiranH | Magnotta VincentA | Kallemeyn NicoleA | Grosland NicoleM
Computer Aided Modeling of Human Mastoid Cavity Biomechanics Using Finite Element Analysis

Author(s): Lee Chia-Fone | Chen Peir-Rong | Lee Wen-Jeng | Chou Yuan-Fang | Chen Jyh-Horng | Liu Tien-Chen
3D finite element modeling of a permanent magnet linear actuator

Author(s): Yatchev Ivan | Ilieva Nikolina | Hinov Krastyo
Dynamic characteristics of a bitable linear actuator with moving permanent magnet

Author(s): Yatchev Ivan | Hinov Krastio | Gueorgiev Vultchan

Author(s): J. E. Jam | F. Meisami | N. G. Nia

Author(s): M. Kojić | I. Vlastelica | B. Stojanović | V. Ranković | A. Tsuda

Author(s): L. Avtonomova | S. Nazarenko
3D Rapid Modeling for Headframe Foundation

Author(s): Wenpeng Xu | Xiaohuan Qiang | Bibo Lu | Zhiheng Wang
Study of the brickwork masonry cracking with a cohesive fracture model

Author(s): Reyes, E. | Casati, M. J. | Gálvez, J. C.
Modal Analysis for Blade of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

Author(s): Nitin Tenguria | N.D. Mittal | Siraj Ahmed

Author(s): N. Filipović | D. Petrović | M. Obradović | A. Jovanović | S. Jovanović | D. Baloš | M. Kojić

Author(s): Miroslav M Živković | Snežana D Vulović | Rodoljub S Vujanac
Analytical Modeling for the Bending Resonant Frequency of Multilayered Microresonators with Variable Cross-Section

Author(s): Agustín L. Herrera-May | Luz A. Aguilera-Cortés | Hector Plascencia-Mora | Ángel L. Rodríguez-Morales | Jian Lu
Biomechanical analysis and modeling of different vertebral growth patterns in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis and healthy subjects

Author(s): Shi Lin | Wang Defeng | Driscoll Mark | Villemure Isabelle | Chu Winnie | Cheng Jack | Aubin Carl-Eric
Nonlinear Dynamic Characteristics of a Simple Blade with Breathing Crack Using Ansys Software

Author(s): Salwan Obeed Waheed | Nawras Haidar Mostafa | Dhyai Hassan Jawad
Comparative Analysis of Internal and External-Hex Crown Connection Systems - A Finite Element Study

Finite Element Analysis of Cold-formed Steel Connections

Author(s): Bayan Anwer Ali | Sariffuddin Saad | Mohd Hanim Osman | Yusof Ahmad
Numerical Modeling of Plasmonic Nanoantennas with Realistic 3D Roughness and Distortion

Author(s): Alexander V. Kildishev | Joshua D. Borneman | Kuo-Ping Chen | Vladimir P. Drachev
Predicting numerically the large increases in extra pressure drop when boger fluids flow through

Author(s): H. R. Tamaddon-Jahromi | M. F. Webster | K. Walters
Structural Analysis and Optimal Design for Water Tube Panel in an Alkali Recovery Boiler

Author(s): Zaili Zhao | Jinsheng Xiao | Ying Wu | Xiaojun Zhang | Zhiming Wang
Modeling of Slab Induction Heating in Hot Rolling by FEM

Author(s): Ruibin Mei | Changsheng Li | Xianghua Liu | Bao Li | Bin Han
The Development of Trash Diverter System for Tenom Pangi Hydro Power Station Intake, Sabah

Author(s): Hazha Bin Abdul Hamid | Mohd. Khairul Zaki Bin Abdullah
Jitterbot: A Mobile Millirobot Using Vibration Actuation

Author(s): Samara Firebaugh | Jenelle Piepmeier | Elizabeth Leckie | John Burkhardt
Stress Intensity Factor for Cracks Emanating from a Shaft

Author(s): Khoo Sze Wei | Saravanan Karuppanan
Investigation of Abutment Displacement of a Full Height Integral Bridges in Dense Granule Backfill

Author(s): M. H. Alizadeh | A. R.K. Rashid | Zamri Chik | S. M. Mirhosseiny
Heat-Modeling of Microwave Assisted Epoxidation of Palm Acid Oil

Author(s): N. Saifuddin | L. W. Zhan | K. X. Ning
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