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Spring Bird Migration Phenology in Eilat, Israel

Author(s): Reuven Yosef | Mikhail Markovets
Transpacific transport of benzo[a]pyrene emitted from Asia

Author(s): Y. Zhang | S. Tao | J. Ma | S. Simonich
Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura concomitant with autoimmune thyroiditis

Author(s): Ali Bay | Ali Seçkin Yalçın | Göksel Leblebisatan | Enes Coşkun | Ünal Uluca | Hatice Uygun | Mehmet Yılmaz
Sustainable Resilience of Company Management System

Author(s): Naim H. AFGAN | Dejan B. CVETINOVIĆ | Paul ANDRE
Generalized Hurst Exponent of The Carbon Thin Film Surface

Author(s): V.N. Borisyuk | Jassim Kassi | A.I. Holovchenko
Bulk input queues with quorum and multiple vacations

Author(s): Jewgeni H. Dshalalow | Jay Yellen
Development of a Non-Motor Fluctuation Assessment Instrument for Parkinson Disease

Author(s): Galit Kleiner-Fisman | Rebecca Martine | Anthony E. Lang | Matthew B. Stern
An Intuitive Signal Processing Approach for Temperature Fluctuations in Fuel Subassemblies

Author(s): Paawan Sharma | N Murali | P Mohanakrishnan | P Swaminathan

Author(s): Dusane Abhijit Ratilal | Gaikwad Priti D | Bankar Vidyadhar H | Pawar Sunil P
Assessment of Groundwater Quality in the Al-Butana Region of Sudan

Author(s): Abdelmonem M. Abdellah | Hago M. Abdel-Magid | Nadia A. Yahia
The Effects of Price Stabilization on Short-Term Returns of IPOs

Author(s): Douglas Beserra Pinheiro | Antonio Gledson de Carvalho
Ketidakstabilan Gaya dan Interaksi Fluida-Struktur pada Turbin Sumbu Vertikal untuk Pembangkit Energi Arus Laut

Author(s): Ridho Hantoro | I.K.A.P. Utama | Erwandi Erwandi | Aries Sulisetyono
Study on RIZ1 gene promoter methylation status in human esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

Author(s): Shang-Wen Dong | Peng Zhang | Yi-Mei Liu | Yuan-Tao Cui | Shuo Wang | Shao-Jie Liang | Zhun He | Pei Sun | Yuan-Guo Wang
Toddlers’ choice: Yo-Yoing diabetes control or deci-unit insulin dosing?

Author(s): Sarah AA Abul-Ainine | Ahmad AA Abul-Ainine
The role of the light/dark cycle in the daily rhythm of serum proteins in Equus caballus

Author(s): Giuseppe Piccione | Simona Marafioti | Claudio Giannetto | Caterina Faggio | Michele Panzera | Francesco Fazio

Author(s): Ashu Kumar | Simpel Rani Jindal | Galaxy Bansal

Author(s): Miroslav Neslušan | Michal Šípek | Jozef Mrázik
A modified Ekman layer model

Author(s): Jaak Heinloo | Aleksander Toompuu
Dynamic Pressure Fluctuations in Stepped Three-Side Spillway

Author(s): Hamed Taghizadeh | Seyed Ali Akbar Salehi Neyshabour | Firouz Ghasemzadeh
A note on the Weibel instability and thermal fluctuations

Author(s): R. A. Treumann | W. Baumjohann
Thermodynamical Phase Noise in Oscillators Based on L-C Resonators

Author(s): Jose-Ignacio Izpura | Javier Malo
Superconducting fluctuations and pseudogap in high-Tc cuprates

Author(s): Rullier-Albenque F. | Alloul H.
Climate bifurcation during the last deglaciation

Author(s): T. M. Lenton | V. N. Livina | V. Dakos | M. Scheffer
Direct Measurement of Lateral Force Using Dual Cantilevers

Author(s): Makoto Ishikawa | Masaya Ichikawa | Kouji Miura
Position and Speed Control of Permanent Magnet Motors, State Space Approach

Author(s): Seyed Zeinolabedin Moussavi | Aliakbar Rahmani
Fluctuation, Dissipation and the Arrow of Time

Author(s): Michele Campisi | Peter Hänggi

Germination Responses of Several Poaceae Members towards Differential Storage Durations

Author(s): Krishna R. PANCHAL | Neeta R. PANDYA | Susy ALBERT | Dhara J. GANDHI
Constraints to Integrated and Non – Integrated Fish Farming Activities in Ogun State, Nigeria

Author(s): B. G. Abiona | E. O Fakoya | W.O. Alegbeleye | E.O. Fapojuwo | S.O S.O Adeogun | A. A. Idowu | A.K. Aromolaran
A Fluctuation-Dissipation Model for Electrical Noise

Author(s): Jose-Ignacio Izpura | Javier Malo
Collembolan Density and Diversity in a Forest and an Agroecosystem

Author(s): D. Paul | A. Nongmaithem | L. K. Jha
Business Cycle and TPM of TNCs

Author(s): Junrong Liu
Fluctuation of Corrected Serum Calcium Levels Following Partial and Total Thyroidectomy

Author(s): Vikas Malik | Glen J. Watson | Chu Q. Phua | Prad Murthy
Evaluation of a Dose-Monitoring Method for Prophylactic Anticoagulant Therapy with Low-Molecular-Weight Heparin

Author(s): Shintaro Makino | Motoi Sugimura | Takashi Yorifuji | Taro Koshiishi | Toshitaka Tanaka | Satoru Takeda
Ecology of Eagles in Bundelkhand Region, India

Author(s): Ragni Gupta | Amita Kanaujia
A New Method for Balancing the Fluctuation of Wind Power by a Hybrid Energy Storage System

Author(s): Peng Yu | Wei Zhou | Yu Zhao | Hui Sun | Jian Liu | Yan Liu
A multi-organ transcriptome resource for the Burmese Python (Python molurus bivittatus)

Author(s): Castoe Todd | Fox Samuel | Jason de Koning AP | Poole Alexander | Daza Juan | Smith Eric | Mockler Todd | Secor Stephen | Pollock David
A Viral Infection Model with a Nonlinear Infection Rate

Author(s): Yu Yumei | Nieto JuanJ | Torres Angela | Wang Kaifa
Moving object detection using keypoints reference model

Author(s): Wan Zaki Wan Mimi Diyana | Hussain Aini | Hedayati Mohamed
Extreme events and long-range correlations in space weather

Author(s): A. S. Sharma | T. Veeramani
Fluctuation of Firm Size in the Long-Run and Bimodal Distribution

Author(s): Hideaki Aoyama | Lars Grüne | Willi Semmler | Yoshi Fujiwara | Wataru Souma
Molecular Epizootiology of Rodent Leishmaniasis in a Hyperendemic Area of Iran

Author(s): AA Akhavan | MR Yaghoobi-Ershadi | H Mirhendi | MH Alimohammadian | Y Rassi | N Shareghi | R Jafari | MH Arandian | H Abdoli | M Ghanei | N Jalali-zand | A Khamesipour
Assessment of Digoxin Serum Concentration in Continuous and Interrupted Digoxin Regimens.

Author(s): Sima Sadray | Soha Namazi | Kheirollah Gholami | Masood Eslami | Mahboob Lesanpezeshki | Hedayatollah Fani
Stratospheric ozone fluctuation and ultraviolet radiation over Serbia

Author(s): Nikolić Jugoslav L. | Ducić Vladan D. | Martić-Bursać Nataša M.
Residual Effects of Deltamthrin WG 25% as a New Formulationon Different Surfaces against Anopheles stephensi, inSoutheastern Iran

Author(s): A Raeisi | MR Abai | K Akbarzadeh | M Nateghpour | M Sartipi | A Hassanzehi | N Shahbakhsh | L Faraji | F Nikpour | M Mashayekhi
Improved bioavailability through floating microspheres of lovastatin

Author(s): S Kumar | K Nagpal | SK Singh | DN Mishra
Forced Expression of ZNF143 Restrains Cancer Cell Growth

Author(s): Hiroto Izumi | Yoshihiro Yasuniwa | Masaki Akiyama | Takahiro Yamaguchi | Akihiro Kuma | Noriaki Kitamura | Kimitoshi Kohno
The Origin of Tc Enhancement in Heterostructure Cuprate Superconductors

Author(s): Doron L. Bergman | Tamar Pereg-Barnea
Experimental and Modeling Investigation of Shallow Water Table Fluctuations in Relation to Reverse Wieringermeer Effect

Author(s): Ibrahimi Mohamed Khaled | Miyazaki Tsuyoshi | Nishikawa Kohei | Nishimura Taku | Imoto Hiromi
Collembolan Density and Diversity in a Forest and an Agroecosystem

Author(s): D. Paul | A. Nongmaithem | L. K. Jha
Staff Turnover as a Possible Threat to Knowledge Loss

Author(s): Urbancová Hana | Linhartová Lucie
Land Use Planning of Way Betung Watershed for Sustainable Water Resources Development of Bandar Lampung City

Author(s): Slamet Budi Yuwono | Naik Sinukaban | Kukuh Murtilaksono | Bunasor Sanim
Water Table Fluctuation in Tidal Lowland for Developing Agricultural Water Management Strategies

Author(s): Momon Sodik Imanudin | Edi Armanto | Robiyanto Hendro Susanto | Siti Masreah Bernas

Author(s): E. Hosseini Koupaie | M.R. Alavi Moghaddam | H. Hashemi
Trend Following Algorithms for Technical Trading in Stock Market

Author(s): Simon Fong | Jackie Tai | Yain Whar Si
Landslide Susceptibility Analysis Based on Data Field

Author(s): Xianmin Wang | Ruiqing Niu
A Novel Network Traffic Anomaly Detection Model Based on Superstatistics Theory

Author(s): Yue Yang | Hanping Hu | Wei Xiong | Fan Ding
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