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Assessment of Surfactant Protein A (SP-A) dependent agglutination

Author(s): Heinrich Stefanie | Griese Matthias
A Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulation by Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics

Author(s): Mehrdad H. Farahani | Nima Amanifard | S. Majid Hosseini
Plasma environment of magnetized asteroids: a 3-D hybrid simulation study

Author(s): S. Simon | T. Bagdonat | U. Motschmann | K.-H. Glassmeier
Fluid-Structure Interaction in a 3-by-3 Reduced-Scale Fuel Assembly Network

Author(s): Guillaume Ricciardi | Sergio Bellizzi | Bruno Collard | Bruno Cochelin
Study of P. falciparum-infected erythrocytes and induced anisotropies under optical and fluid forces

Author(s): Sunando Roy | Jayashree Dharmadhikari | Aditya Dharmadhikari | Deepak Mathur | Shobhona Sharma
Fluid-structure interaction of a patient-specific abdominal aortic aneurysm treated with an endovascular stent-graft

Author(s): Molony David | Callanan Anthony | Kavanagh Eamon | Walsh Michael | McGloughlin Tim
The influence of the environment on the degradation of polylactides and their composites

Author(s): J. Chłopek | A. Morawska-Chochół | B. Szaraniec
Computational Aeroelasticity with CFD models

Author(s): Luca Cavagna | Giuseppe Quaranta | Sergio Ricci | Alessandro Scotti
Modeling of the Fluid-Structure Interaction in Inelastic Piping Systems

Author(s): Rachid F. B. de F. | Mattos H. S. da C.
A methodology and computational system for the simulation of fluid-structure interaction problem

Author(s): Antunes A. R. E. | Lyra P. R. M. | Willmersdorf R. B.
Fluid-structure interaction in abdominal aortic aneurysms: effects of asymmetry and wall thickness

Author(s): Scotti Christine | Shkolnik Alexander | Muluk Satish | Finol Ender
Geochemical modeling of gold precipitation conditions in the Bloco do Butiá Mine, Lavras do Sul/Brazil

Author(s): Mexias André S. | Berger Gilles | Gomes Márcia E.B. | Formoso Milton L.L. | Dani Norberto | Frantz José C. | Bongiolo Everton M.
Fluid structure interaction of patient specific abdominal aortic aneurysms: a comparison with solid stress models

Author(s): Leung James | Wright Andrew | Cheshire Nick | Crane Jeremy | Thom Simon | Hughes Alun | Xu Yun
Stress analysis in a layered aortic arch model under pulsatile blood flow

Author(s): Gao Feng | Watanabe Masahiro | Matsuzawa Teruo
Transient stability of empty and fluid-filled cylindrical shells

Author(s): Gonçalves Paulo B. | Silva Frederico M. A. da | del Prado Zenon J. G. N.
Ketidakstabilan Gaya dan Interaksi Fluida-Struktur pada Turbin Sumbu Vertikal untuk Pembangkit Energi Arus Laut

Author(s): Ridho Hantoro | I.K.A.P. Utama | Erwandi Erwandi | Aries Sulisetyono
Nonlinear Analysis of Concrete Structural Components Using Co-axial Rotating Smeared Crack Model

Author(s): Mohammad Amin Hariri Ardebili | S. Mahdi S. Kolbadi | Masoud Heshmati | Hasan Mirzabozorg
A Fatigue Analysis of a Hydraulic Francis Turbine Runner

Author(s): José María Rodríguez | Gustavo Urquiza | Miriam Flores
A Fatigue Analysis of a Hydraulic Francis Turbine Runner

Author(s): José María Rodríguez | Gustavo Urquiza | Miriam Flores
Simulation of Human Phonation with Vocal Nodules

Author(s): Shinji Deguchi | Yuki Kawahara
Theoretical and numerical method in aeroacoustics

Flow Characteristics in Elastic Arteries Using a Fluid-Structure Interaction Model

Author(s): H. N. Oscuii | M. T. Shadpour | Farzan Ghalichi
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