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Changes in the cerebral cortex in forensic schizophrenia patients: a magnetic resonance imaging study

Author(s): Puri Basant | Counsell Serena | Bustos Marcelo | Treasaden Ian
Forensic psychiatry revisited

Author(s): Nambi S
Legal status of persons with mental illness in Serbia

Author(s): Jovanović Aleksandar A.
Effect of milnacipran on suicidality in patients with mild to moderate depressive disorder

Author(s): Alla Avedisova | Vladimir Borodin | Ksenia Zakharova | et al
Routine risk assessment and care evaluation in outpatient forensic psychiatry; feasibility, predictive validity, and outline of a RCT

Author(s): van den Brink Rob | Troquete Nadine | Kwee Gwan | Schram Anne-marie | van Os Titus | Wiersma Durk
Forensic psychiatric care for psychotic patients in prison

Author(s): van den Brink Rob | van Tuinen Klaas | Wiersma Durk
Functional brain study of chronic traumatic head injury.

Author(s): Ceballos Alonso, Concepción | Pelegrín Valero, Carmelo, | Córdoba Díaz de Laspra, Elena
Fetishism and Kleptomania: A Case Report in Forensic Psychiatry

Author(s): Fatih ÖNCÜ | Solmaz TÜRKCAN | Özge CANBEK | Doğan YEŞİLBURSA | Niyazi UYGUR
Psychosocial interventions in a forensic department

Author(s): Markopoulou Maria | Georgiadou Olga | Dini Iordana | Tsiftsoglou Keranio | Bobotas Konstantinos
Multipl Incest Cose in a Family

Author(s): Sefa Saygılı | Sinem Gönenli
Predicting violent infractions in a Swiss state penitentiary: A replication study of the PCL-R in a population of sex and violent offenders

Author(s): Endrass Jérôme | Rossegger Astrid | Urbaniok Frank | Laubacher Arja | Vetter Stefan
Differences between homicide and filicide offenders; results of a nationwide register-based case-control study

Author(s): Putkonen Hanna | Weizmann-Henelius Ghitta | Lindberg Nina | Eronen Markku | Häkkänen Helinä
Psychopathic traits and offender characteristics – a nationwide consecutive sample of homicidal male adolescents

Author(s): Lindberg Nina | Laajasalo Taina | Holi Matti | Putkonen Hanna | Weizmann-Henelius Ghitta | Häkkänen-Nyholm Helinä
Notes on a Few Issues in the Philosophy of Psychiatry

Author(s): Singh Ajai | Singh Shakuntala
Characteristics of mentally ill offenders from 100 psychiatric court reports

Author(s): Elsayed Yasser | Al-Zahrani Mohamed | Rashad Mahmoud
Excursions into medical fields of activity at the Hannover Medical School: conception, realization and an evaluation over four years

Author(s): Geyer, Siegfried | Krentel, Harald | Grothusen, Christina | Nußbeck, Christina | Collatz, Jürgen
Mental health policy and development in Egypt - integrating mental health into health sector reforms 2001-9

Author(s): Jenkins Rachel | Heshmat Ahmed | Loza Nasser | Siekkonen Inkeri | Sorour Eman
Relationship of Substance Use Disorder to Aggression in Male Subjects with Antisocial Personality Disorder

Author(s): Ayhan Algül | Ümit Başar Semiz | M. Alpay Ateş | Cengiz Başoğlu | Ali Doruk | Servet Ebrinç | Erdal Pan | Mesut Çetin
Forensic implications of rape

Author(s): Novaković Milan
Anticonvulsant treatments of dysphoric mania: a trial of gabapentin, lamotrigine and carbamazepine in Iran

Author(s): Naghmeh Mokhber | Carol J Lane | Mohamad R Azarpazhooh | Elham Salari | Reza Fayazi | et al
From The Editor

Author(s): Cüneyt Evren
Expert consensus on hospitalization for assessment: a survey in Japan for a new forensic mental health system

Author(s): Shiina Akihiro | Fujisaki Mihisa | Nagata Takako | Oda Yasunori | Suzuki Masatoshi | Yoshizawa Masahiro | Iyo Masaomi | Igarashi Yoshito
The identification and management of ADHD offenders within the criminal justice system: a consensus statement from the UK Adult ADHD Network and criminal justice agencies

Author(s): Young Susan | Adamou Marios | Bolea Blanca | Gudjonsson Gisli | Müller Ulrich | Pitts Mark | Thome Johannes | Asherson Philip
Frequency of brain injury in a forensic psychiatric population

Author(s): Souza Carlos Alberto Crespo de
Notes on a Few Issues in the Philosophy of Psychiatry

Author(s): Ajai R. Singh | Shakuntala A. Singh
First Diagnosis of Gender Identity Disorder: Case Report

Author(s): H. R. Attar | M. Rasoulian
Epidemiological Survey of Suicide through the Forensic Medical Center in the Province of Kerman

Author(s): M. T. Yasamy | A. Sabahi | M. Mirhashemi | Sh. Seifi | P. Azar Keyvan | M. H. Taheri
The prediction of discharge from in-patient psychiatric rehabilitation: a case-control study

Author(s): Bredski Joanna | Watson Andrew | Mountain Debbie | Clunie Fiona | Lawrie Stephen
Forensic psychiatry determination of mental capacity

Author(s): Jovanović Aleksandar A. | Milovanović Srđan D. | Jašović-Gašić Miroslava
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