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How far have we come: 170 years of research on Canadian Coleoptera

Author(s): Christopher Majka | Jan Klimaszewski
Antennal cropping during colony foundation in termites

Author(s): Christine Nalepa | Theodore Evans | Michael Lenz
Biodiversity information platforms: From standards to interoperability

Author(s): Walter Berendsohn | Anton Güntsch | Niels Hoffmann | Andreas Kohlbecker | Katja Luther | Andreas Müller
Book Conservation at West Dean College

Author(s): Uhteg, Abigail
Geographic phenetic variation in the golden apple snail, Pomacea canaliculata (Ampullariidae) based on geometric approaches to morphometrics

Author(s): Mark Anthony J. Torres | Ravindra C. Joshi | Leocadio S. Sebastian | Cesar G. Demayo

Author(s): Lega, Leonor | Contreras, Arturo Heman | Paredes, María Teresa
Comparative analysis of health institutions, personnel and service in private and public health sector in Serbia in 2009

Author(s): Gajić-Stevanović Milena | Dimitrijević Snežana | Teodorović Nevenka | Živković Slavoljub
Collaborative Educational Systems in the Virtual Environment

Author(s): Cristian CIUREA | Paul POCATILU
The Detection of Quartz that Based on the Improved Hough Transform

Author(s): Yin Yaping | Wang Yanlin | Liu Guili | Li Dong
Education for All: Issues and Challenges: The Case for Zimbabwe

Author(s): Bukaliya Richard and Mubika Augustine Kudakwashe
Cognitive plasticity in normal and pathological aging

Author(s): Fernández-Ballesteros R | Botella J | Zamarrón MD | Molina MÁ | Cabras E | Schettini R | Tárraga L
Bypassing multidrug resistance in human breast cancer cells with lipid/polymer particle assemblies

Author(s): Li B | Xu H | Li Z | Yao M | Xie M | Shen H | Shen S | Wang X | Jin Y
Undertreatment of COPD: a retrospective analysis of US managed care and Medicare patients

Author(s): Make B | Dutro MP | Paulose-Ram R | Marton JP | Mapel DW
Patients’ Perspectives on Factors That Influence Diabetes Self-Care

Author(s): E Shakibazadeh | B Larijani | D Shojaeezadeh | A Rashidian | MH Forouzanfar | LK Bartholomew
Is the Second Time the Charm? Investigating Trends in Online Re-enrollment, Retention and Success

Author(s): Alyse C. Hachey | Claire W. Wladis | Katherine M. Conway
Misdiagnosis of lip squamous cell carcinoma

Author(s): Fabiano de Sant’Ana dos Santos | Miguel Alfredo Isper | José Pereira Novo Neto | Antonio Carlos Marqueti | Cintia Piccolo Pereira | Felipe Gai Isper
OpenBologna: a strategic instrument for integrating students in curriculum development

Author(s): Katharina Schuster | Ursula Bach | Anja Richert | Sabina Jeschke
Preparing future teachers for inclusive education in Serbia: Current situation and needs

Author(s): Macura-Milovanović Sunčica | Gera Iboja | Kovačević Mirjana
In vitro placental model optimization for nanoparticle transport studies

Author(s): Cartwright L | Poulsen MS | Nielsen HM | Pojana G | Knudsen LE | Saunders M | Rytting E

Author(s): Irina Bosie (Ungureanu) | Andrei Puica
Communication and migration of an embeddable mobile agent platform supporting runtime code mobility

Author(s): Mohamed BAHAJ, | Khaoula ADDAKIRI | Noreddine GHERABI
Screening and Identification of Microorganisms for Degrading Essence and Spice

Author(s): WANG Liang | CAI Jia-li | DUAN Yun-xia | LV Jing-hua
TRPV1 Antagonists and Chronic Pain: Beyond Thermal Perception

Author(s): Michael R. Brandt | Chad E. Beyer | Stephen M. Stahl

HTML5 Microdata and

Author(s): Jason Ronallo
Unilateral Cleft Lip and Nasal Repair: Techniques and Principles

Author(s): John G. Meara | Brian T. Andrews | Emily B. Ridgway | Mohammad-Ali Raisolsadat | Mehran Hiradfar
Archaeometric Contribution for Heritage Management Compositional Analysis and dating of ceramics from a Portuguese collection

Author(s): Jayshree MUNGUR-MEDHI | Christopher Ian BURBIDGE | Maria Isabel DIAS | João COROADO
In silico identification of miRNAs and their targets from the expressed sequence tags of Raphanus sativus

Author(s): Charuvaka Muvva | Lata Tewari | K Aruna | Pabbati Ranjit | Zahoorullah S | KA Matheen | Hemanth Veeramachaneni
Neuropathic diabetic foot ulcers – evidence-to-practice

Author(s): Ndip A | Ebah L | Mbako A
A two-dimensional volatility basis set – Part 2: Diagnostics of organic-aerosol evolution

Author(s): N. M. Donahue | J. H. Kroll | S. N. Pandis | A. L. Robinson
A Preliminary Study on the Reliability of the Malay Version of the Quality of Life Inventory ™ Version 4.0 (PEDSQL) Generic Core Scales among Children with Disabilities in Kelantan, Malaysia: Parent-Proxy Report

Author(s): Azriani Ab Rahman | Nor Hashimah Ariffin | Kamarul Imran Musa | Wan Pauzi Wan Ibrahim | Mohd Ismail Ibrahim | Azizah Othman | Aniza Abd Aziz | Sakinah Harith | Normastura Abd Rahman | Hans Van Rostenberghe
Lessons Learned from Chicago Wilderness—Implementing and Sustaining Conservation Management in an Urban Setting

Author(s): Liam Heneghan | Christopher Mulvaney | Kristen Ross | Lauren Umek | Cristy Watkins | Lynne M. Westphal | David H. Wise
Agency Perspectives on Ngo Governance

Author(s): Douglas K Peterson
Factors influencing trust of teachers among students

Author(s): Kurnianingsih, Sri | Yuniarti, Kwartarini Wahyu | Kim, Uichol
Introduction to the Special Issue: From RIDGE to Ridge 2000

Author(s): Daniel J. Fornari | Stace E. Beaulieu | James F. Holden | Lauren S. Mullineaux | Maya Tolstoy
Esoterismo. Giornata di studi intorno al volume 25 degli Annali della Storia d’Italia Einaudi

Author(s): Caianiello, Silvia | Cambi, Maurizio | Conforti, Maria | Simonutti, Luisa | Sofia, Francesca | Castellano, Carolina | Cazzaniga, Gian Mario
A Vision for Filipinos

Author(s): Foundation for Nationalist Studies (FNS)
The Association Between High Blood Pressure and Cognitive Impairment in Elderly: A Brief Report

Author(s): Mahmudi MJ | Hedayat M | Sharifi F | Edalat B | Mirarefin M | Ghaderpanahi M | Fakhrzadeh H
What is the End-Point Determinant for Spatial Resolution: Photoreceptor Diameter or Contrast Sensitivity?

Author(s): Abbas Attarzadeh | Mohammad Hosein Nowroozzadeh | Mohammad Sharifi
Nonlinear Analysis of Concrete Structural Components Using Co-axial Rotating Smeared Crack Model

Author(s): Mohammad Amin Hariri Ardebili | S. Mahdi S. Kolbadi | Masoud Heshmati | Hasan Mirzabozorg
Relationship model and supporting activities of JIT, TQM and TPM

Author(s): Jirarat Teeravaraprug | Ketlada Kitiwanwong | Nuttapon SaeTong
Intelligent Control of a Sensor-Actuator System via Kernelized Least-Squares Policy Iteration

Author(s): Bo Liu | Sanfeng Chen | Shuai Li | Yongsheng Liang
Cloning and Sequence Analysis of Donkey Growth Hormone Gene

Author(s): Wenjin Zhu | Yongmei Su | Jianhua Wu
Review of the Historical Evolution of Anatomical Terms

Author(s): Algieri, Rubén D. | Pró, Eduardo A. | Forlizzi, Valeria | Ferrante, María Soledad
Hundred years of helping people

Author(s): Shapkin J.G. | Chalyk J.V. | Potakhin S.N. | Yefimov E.V.
The Inception and Formation of the Theory of Hyperfiltration Through the Ages

Author(s): Reza Abdi | Stephen Sandroni | Ramin Tolouian
Liver cytochrome P450 system as affected by endophyte-infected tall fescue seed extracts and ergot alkaloids

Author(s): Charles F. Rosenkrans | Zelpha B. Johnson | Ali S. Moubarak
Study to Cost of Air Spares Support Based on IPSO

Author(s): Fuhong Wang | Zhongbing Tang | Xiaohua Wang | Aiqin Mu
Free Will and Advances in Cognitive Science

Author(s): Leonid Perlovsky
Free Will and Advances in Cognitive Science

Author(s): Leonid Perlovsky
On the theoretical description of nucleation in confined space

Author(s): Jürn W. P. Schmelzer | Alexander S. Abyzov
Estruturas, Modelos e os Fundamentos da Abordagem Semântica

Author(s): Jonas R. Becker Arenhart | Fernando T. F. Moraes
Determination of views of disabled person and their families than disability in family in the Qazvin and Karaj

Author(s): R Ghasemi Barghi | R Hassanzadeh Ghulam | M Javadi | M Asadi | B Bayat | N Saiepour | H Choobineh

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