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Author(s): Aponte Parés, Luis | Arroyo , Jossianna | Crespo Kebler, Elizabeth | La Fountain Stokes, Lawrence | Negrón Muntaner, Frances
Big and nonmethamorphic Triturus cristatus larvae from north-western Romania

Author(s): Severus-Daniel COVACIU-MARCOV | Alfred-Ştefan CICORT-LUCACIU1
Non-trough foF2 enhancements at near-equatorial dip latitudes

Author(s): E. Sambou | P. M. Vila | A. T. Kobea
Brightness variations of the northern 630nm intertropical arc and the midnight pressure bulge over Eritrea

Author(s): R. H. Wiens | S. Habtemichael | F. Andemariam | K. Welday | J. Criswick | S. Brown | S. Sargoytchev
Infinitely many solutions for an elliptic system with nonlinear boundary conditions

Author(s): Julian Fernandez Bonder | Juan Pablo Pinasco | Julio D. Rossi
Digital Government and Public Health

Author(s): Jane E. Fountain
Extending Our Reach

Author(s): Lynne S. Wilcox, MD, MPH
Modification of the low-latitude ionosphere before the 26 December 2004 Indonesian earthquake

Author(s): I. E.  Zakharenkova | A.  Krankowski | I. I. Shagimuratov
The project for a dig out installation of the geothermal water with the help of solar energy

Author(s): M.Pantea | Adriana Grava | I.M.Gordan | M.A. Silaghi
Existence of solutions for fourth-order PDEs with variable exponents

Author(s): Abdelrachid El Amrouss | Fouzia Moradi | Mimoun Moussaoui
EISCAT/CRRES observations: nightside ionospheric ion outflow and oxygen-rich substorm injections

Author(s): N. G. J. Gazey | M. Lockwood | M. Grande | C. H. Perry | P. N. Smith | S. Coles | A. D. Aylward | R. J. Bunting | H. Opgenoorth | B. Wilken
An Opportunistic Error Correction Layer for OFDM Systems

Author(s): Xiaoying Shao | Roel Schiphorst | Cornelis H. Slump
Amino Acid Synthesis in a Supercritical Carbon Dioxide - Water System

Author(s): Kouki Fujioka | Yasuhiro Futamura | Tomoo Shiohara | Akiyoshi Hoshino | Fumihide Kanaya | Yoshinobu Manome | Kenji Yamamoto
Is there a stratospheric fountain?

Author(s): J.-P. Pommereau | G. Held
Impact vesiculation – a new trigger for volcanic bubble growth and degassing

Author(s): D. A. Rothery | J. M. Sumner | O. Spieler | D. B. Dingwell
Jointly Decoded Raptor Codes: Analysis and Design for the BIAWGN Channel

Author(s): Auguste Venkiah | Charly Poulliat | David Declercq
Thermal ion measurements on board Interball Auroral Probe by the Hyperboloid experiment

Author(s): N. Dubouloz | J.-J. Berthelier | M. Malingre | L. Girard | Y. Galperin | J. Covinhes | D. Chugunin | M. Godefroy | G. Gogly | C. Guérin | J.-M. Illiano | P. Kossa | F. Leblanc | F. Legoff | T. Mularchik | J. Paris | W. Stzepourginski | F. Vivat | L. Zinin
ESR and EISCAT observations of the response of the cusp and cleft to IMF orientation changes

Author(s): I. W. McCrea | M. Lockwood | J. Moen | F. Pitout | P. Eglitis | A. D. Aylward | J.-C. Cerisier | A. Thorolfssen | S. E. Milan
Latitudinal extension of low-latitude scintillations measured with a network of GPS receivers

Author(s): C. E. Valladares | J. Villalobos | R. Sheehan | M. P. Hagan
Space weather impact on the equatorial and low latitude F-region ionosphere over India

Author(s): R. S. Dabas | R. M. Das | V. K. Vohra | C. V. Devasia
Sun-Earth System Interaction studies over Vietnam: an international cooperative project

Author(s): C. Amory-Mazaudier | M. Le Huy | Y. Cohen | V. Doumbia | A. Bourdillon | R. Fleury | B. Fontaine | C. Ha Duyen | A. Kobea | P. Laroche | P. Lassudrie-Duchesne | H. Le Viet | T. Le Truong | H. Luu Viet | M. Menvielle | T. Nguyen Chien | A. Nguyen Xuan | F. Ouattara | M. Petitdidier | H. Pham Thi Thu | T. Pham Xuan | N. Philippon | L. Tran Thi | H. Vu Thien | P. Vila
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Xiang-Gen Xia | Wei Zhang | See Ho Ting
Conservation of the stone in Cibeles Fountain, Madrid , Spain

Author(s): López de Azcona, M. C. | Fort González, R. | Mingarro Martín, F.
A plausible mechanism for auxin patterning along the developing root

Author(s): Mironova Victoria | Omelyanchuk Nadezda | Yosiphon Guy | Fadeev Stanislav | Kolchanov Nikolai | Mjolsness Eric | Likhoshvai Vitaly
New Prospects in the Understanding of Molecular Basis of Ageing

Author(s): Sheikh Arshad Saeed | M. Iqbal Choudhary | Kiran Fatima | Akbar Jaleel Zubairi | Imran Manzoor | Mahnaz Nuruddin Gitay | Seema Saeed

Author(s): E. M. de Gouveia Dal Pino | C. Melioli | A. D'Ercole | F. Brighenti | A. C. Raga
FOUNTAIN: A JAVA open-source package to assist large sequencing projects

Author(s): Buerstedde Jean-Marie | Prill Florian
Models of explosive volcanism

Author(s): A. W. Woods | S. M. Bower | M. I. Bursik
Restaurant outbreak of Legionnaires' disease associated with a decorative fountain: an environmental and case-control study

Author(s): O'Loughlin Rosalyn | Kightlinger Lon | Werpy Matthew | Brown Ellen | Stevens Valerie | Hepper Clark | Keane Tim | Benson Robert | Fields Barry | Moore Matthew
GPS Total Electron Content measurements at low latitudes in Brazil for low solar activity

Author(s): Aracy Mendes da Costa | J. Williams Vilas Boas | Edvaldo S. da Fonseca Junior
Knowledge and exposure to complementary and alternative medicine in paediatric doctors: a questionnaire survey

Author(s): Fountain-Polley Simon | Kawai Grace | Goldstein Amanda | Ninan Titus

Author(s): Secil OZKAN | Hakan TUZUN | Nilgun GORER | Mustafa Nuri CEYHAN | Sefer AYCAN | Selda ALBAYRAK | Mehmet Ali BUMIN
Fountain-driven gas accretion by the Milky Way

Author(s): Marinacci F. | Fraternali F. | Binney J. | Nipoti C. | Ciotti L. | Londrillo P.
Integrated nanophotonic hubs based on ZnO-Tb(OH)3/SiO2 nanocomposites

Author(s): Lin Hsia | Cheng Chung | Lin Yu | Hung Yann | Mou Chung | Chen Yang
An Opportunistic Error Correction Layer for OFDM Systems

Author(s): Shao Xiaoying | Schiphorst Roel | Slump CornelisH
Jointly Decoded Raptor Codes: Analysis and Design for the BIAWGN Channel

Author(s): Venkiah Auguste | Poulliat Charly | Declercq David
Indicators of the environmental state of the Bilećko Jezero Lake

Author(s): Dekic R. | Lolic Svjetlana | Gnjato R. | Trbic G. | Gnjato O. | Ivanc A.
Characterization of water quality parameters of the reservoir Utinga, Belém, PA, Brazil

Author(s): Vanilda de Magalhães Martins Vasconcelos | Claudinei Fonseca Souza
Video Transmission over Cognitive Radio TDMA Networks under Collision Errors

Author(s): Abdelaali CHAOUB | Elhassane IBN ELHAJ | Jamal EL ABBADI
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