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Antibiotics in the prevention of the surgical site infection in orthopedic surgery

Author(s): Vučetić Čedomir S. | Dulić Borislav V. | Vučković Sonja M. | Prostran Milica Š. | Todorović Zoran M. | Nešić Zorica I. | Stojanović Radan M.
Titanium elastic nailing in pediatric femoral diaphyseal fractures

Author(s): Singh Roop | Sharma S | Magu N | Singla Amit
Management of dentoalveolar injuries in children: A case report

Author(s): Das U | Viswanath D | Subramanian V | Agarwal M
Treatment principles in the management of open fractures

Author(s): Cross III William | Swiontkowski Marc
Trans-iliac-sacral-iliac-bar procedure to treat insufficiency fractures of the sacrum

Author(s): Vanderschot P | Kuppers M | Sermon A | Lateur L
Automated Modelling of Evolving Discontinuities

Author(s): Mehdi Nikbakht | Garth N. Wells
Operative results of closed tibial plateau fractures

Author(s): Mathur Hitin | Acharya Shankar | Nijhawan V | Mandal S
Surgeons' beliefs and perceptions about removal of orthopaedic implants

Author(s): Hanson Beate | van der Werken Chris | Stengel Dirk
Open Reduction and Internal Fixation of Mandibular Fractures

Author(s): Pavan Kumar B | Sumanth Krishna | Rahul

Author(s): Siddhapara Mihir | Tikare Vijay | Ramana MV | Sutariya Bhavesh | Vaghasiya Bhavesh
Evaluation of the criticality of cracks in ice shelves using finite element simulations

Author(s): C. Plate | R. Müller | A. Humbert | D. Gross
Similarities between extreme events in the solar-terrestrial system by means of nonextensivity

Author(s): G. Balasis | C. Papadimitriou | I. A. Daglis | A. Anastasiadis | I. Sandberg | K. Eftaxias
Risk of infection after open leg fractures: a survey in 66 patients

Author(s): Zehtab MJ | Mirbolook AR | Syavashi B | Shahrezayi M | Mirmostafa S
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