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Author(s): Dione Oliveira Moura | Francisco Sant'anna | Luiz Martins da Silva | Zélia Leal Adghirni
Human Rights and Consership in the Portuguese Press

Author(s): Isabel Salema Morgado
A First Human Case of Ocular Dirofilariosis due to Dirofilaria repens in Northeastern France

Author(s): Nicolas Argy | Marcela Sabou | Alain Billing | Christian Hermsdorff | Ermanno Candolfi | Ahmed Abou-Bacar
Laser Chemistry in France

Author(s): Jacques Joussot-Dubien
Evaluation of condition and technological performance of hybrid bester reared in standard and aquaponic system

Author(s): Lorena Dediu | Victor Cristea | Angelica Docan | Ion Vasilean
Triteleia peyerimhoffi comb. n., a remarkably variable circum-Mediterranean scelionid (Hymenoptera, Platygastroidea)

Author(s): Ovidiu Popovici | Ferdinando Bin | Lubomir Masner | Mariana Popovici | David Notton
New and revised maimetshid wasps from Cretaceous ambers (Hymenoptera, Maimetshidae)

Author(s): Vincent Perrichot | Jaime Ortega-Blanco | Ryan McKellar | Xavier Delclòs | Dany Azar | André Nel | Paul Tafforeau | Michael Engel
Charter Programmes Organisation in Tourism

Author(s): A. Zima | O. Zima
Ten years of integrated care for the older in France

Author(s): Dominique Somme | Matthieu de Stampa
Risorse digitali Digital resources

Author(s): Redazione Reti Medievali (a cura di)
The Offensive Efficiency of the High-Level Handball Players of the Front and the Rear Lines

Author(s): Cherif Moncef | Gomri Dagbaji | Aouidet Abdallah | Said Mohamed
Baron Gijom Dipitren, Guillaume Dupuytren (1777-1835)

Author(s): Bumbaširević Marko Ž. | Palibrk Tomislav | Lešić Aleksandar R. | Đurašić Ljubomir M.
Pilot in vivo toxicological investigation of boron nitride nanotubes

Author(s): Ciofani G | Danti S | Genchi GG | D’Alessandro D | Pellequer JL | Odorico M | Mattoli V | Giorgi M
HIV infection and hepatitis B seroprevalence among antenatal clinic attendees in Niger, West Africa

Author(s): Mamadou S | Ide M | Maazou ARA | Aoula B | Labo S | Bozari M
only: A Case Study In Projective Meaning

Author(s): Craige Roberts
The Fifth International Little Owl Symposium, 4–6 February 2011, Vic, Catalonia (Spain)

Author(s): Framis, H., B | Baucells, J. | Zuberogoitia, I. | Van Nieuwenhuyse, D.
Cross-market cost-effectiveness analysis of erlotinib as first-line maintenance treatment for patients with stable non-small cell lung cancer

Author(s): Vergnenègre A | Ray JA | Chouaid C | Grossi F | Bischoff HG | Heigener DF | Walzer S
Intra-family time allocation to housework - French evidence

Author(s): Dominique Anxo | Paul Carlin
The Insurrection of the English Underclass

Author(s): Takis Fotopoulos
Risk assessment in stock calf transportation from France to Italy: the contribution of road inspections

Author(s): Leonardo Nanni Costa | Mario Sapino | Sergio Pippione | Giovanni Mattalia | Mauro Saracco | Savino Di Trani | Cesare Zanasi
The stellar populations of the Milky Way in CFHTLS fields

Author(s): Guittet M. | Haywood M. | Schultheis M.
Exploitation de données AIS pour la cartographie du transport maritime

Author(s): Damien Le Guyader | David Brosset | Françoise Gourmelon
Spatial and temporal CO2 exchanges measured by Eddy Covariance over a temperate intertidal flat and their relationships to net ecosystem production

Author(s): P. Polsenaere | E. Lamaud | V. Lafon | J.-M. Bonnefond | P. Bretel | B. Delille | J. Deborde | D. Loustau | G. Abril
Modelling LAI, surface water and carbon fluxes at high-resolution over France: comparison of ISBA-A-gs and ORCHIDEE

Author(s): S. Lafont | Y. Zhao | J.-C. Calvet | P. Peylin | P. Ciais | F. Maignan | M. Weiss
Localising the nitrogen imprint of the Paris food supply: the potential of organic farming and changes in human diet

Author(s): G. Billen | J. Garnier | V. Thieu | M. Silvestre | S. Barles | P. Chatzimpiros
Predictability of soil moisture and river flows over France for the spring season

Author(s): S. Singla | J.-P. Céron | E. Martin | F. Regimbeau | M. Déqué | F. Habets | J.-P. Vidal
Spatial and temporal variability of biophysical variables in Southwestern France from airborne L-band radiometry

Author(s): E. Zakharova | J.-C. Calvet | S. Lafont | C. Albergel | J.-P. Wigneron | M. Pardé | Y. Kerr | M. Zribi
Ovatoxin-a and Palytoxin Accumulation in Seafood in Relation to Ostreopsis cf. ovata Blooms on the French Mediterranean Coast

Author(s): Zouher Amzil | Manoella Sibat | Nicolas Chomerat | Hubert Grossel | Francoise Marco-Miralles | Rodolphe Lemee | Elisabeth Nezan | Veronique Sechet
Portfolio theory application wtih gold numismatic assets and precious metal

Author(s): Camilo Prado Román | José Luis Coca Pérez | Pablo García Estévez
NIHSS and acute complications after anterior and posterior circulation strokes

Author(s): Boone M | Chillon JM | Garcia PY | Canaple S | Lamy C | Godefroy O | Bugnicourt JM

Author(s): Grenier B. | Simonet V. | Schober H.
Sensorial meat characteristics of non castrated lambs, ewes and wethers Características sensoriais da carne de cordeiros, ovelhas e capões

Author(s): Rafael Silvio Bonilha Pinheiro | Américo Garcia da Silva Sobrinho | Hirasilva Borba Alves de Souza | Sandra Mari Yamamoto
Quantitative traits of carcasses from different ovine categories Características quantitativas da carcaça de ovinos de diferentes categorias

Author(s): Rafael Silvio Bonilha Pinheiro | Américo Garcia da Silva Sobrinho | Ernani Nery de Andrade
Características de crescimento para avaliar o desempenho de ovelhas lanadas em cruzamento absorvente Growth characteristics to evaluate the wool sheep performance at cross-breeding

Author(s): Henrique Leal Perez | Américo Garcia da Silva Sobrinho | Greicy Mitzi Bezerra Moreno | André Gustavo Leão | Sandra Aidar de Queiroz | Antonio Tadeu de Andrade | Diego Barrozo
Características morfológicas “in vivo” e da carcaça de cordeiros terminados em confinamento e suas correlações Morphological characteristics in vivo and carcass of lambs finished in feedlot and their correlations

Author(s): Greicy Mitzi Bezerra Moreno | Américo Garcia da Silva Sobrinho | André Gustavo Leão | Rodrigo Vidal de Oliveira | Marcos Jun Iti Yokoo | Severino Cavalcante de Souza Júnior | Henrique Leal Perez
Desempenho e rendimentos de carcaça de cordeiros Ile de France desmamados com diferentes idades Performance and carcass yields of Ile de France lambs weaned at different ages

Author(s): Greicy Mitzi Bezerra Moreno | Américo Garcia da Silva Sobrinho | Rodrigo César Rossi | Henrique Leal Perez | André Gustavo Leão | Nivea Maria Brancacci Lopes Zeola | Severino Cavalcante de Sousa Júnior
Delayed postural control during self-generated perturbations in the frail older adults

Author(s): Kubicki A | Bonnetblanc F | Petrement G | Ballay Y | Mourey F
Sources and mixing state of size-resolved elemental carbon particles in a European megacity: Paris

Author(s): R. M. Healy | J. Sciare | L. Poulain | K. Kamili | M. Merkel | T. Müller | A. Wiedensohler | S. Eckhardt | A. Stohl | R. Sarda-Estève | E. McGillicuddy | I. P. O'Connor | J. R. Sodeau | J. C. Wenger
Physical and optical properties of 2010 Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruption aerosol: ground-based, Lidar and airborne measurements in France

Author(s): M. Hervo | B. Quennehen | N. I. Kristiansen | J. Boulon | A. Stohl | P. Fréville | J.-M. Pichon | D. Picard | P. Labazuy | M. Gouhier | J.-C. Roger | A. Colomb | A. Schwarzenboeck | K. Sellegri
Use of agricultural statistics to verify the interannual variability in land surface models: a case study over France with ISBA-A-gs

Author(s): J.-C. Calvet | S. Lafont | E. Cloppet | F. Souverain | V. Badeau | C. Le Bas
Effects of Dietary Supplementation on Phosphorus Metabolism in Sheep

Author(s): Dorinha M.S.S. Vitti | Ermias Kebreab | Jo?o B. Lopes | Adibe L.Abdalla | James France
Review of the Historical Evolution of Anatomical Terms

Author(s): Algieri, Rubén D. | Pró, Eduardo A. | Forlizzi, Valeria | Ferrante, María Soledad
Fungal Leaching of Heavy Metals from Sediments Dredged from the Deûle Canal, France

Author(s): Tayssir Hamieh | Henri-Charles Dubourguier | Nada Sabra
Comparing soil moisture retrievals from SMOS and ASCAT over France

Author(s): M. Parrens | E. Zakharova | S. Lafont | J.-C. Calvet | Y. Kerr | W. Wagner | J.-P. Wigneron
Evolution of spatio-temporal drought characteristics: validation, projections and effect of adaptation scenarios

Author(s): J.-P. Vidal | E. Martin | N. Kitova | J. Najac | J.-M. Soubeyroux
Temporal variations of evapotranspiration: reconstruction using instantaneous satellite measurements in the thermal infra red domain

Author(s): E. Delogu | G. Boulet | A. Olioso | B. Coudert | J. Chirouze | E. Ceschia | V. Le Dantec | O. Marloie | G. Chehbouni | J.-P. Lagouarde
Anthropogenic and forest fire pollution aerosol transported to the Arctic: observations from the POLARCAT-France spring campaign

Author(s): B. Quennehen | A. Schwarzenboeck | A. Matsuki | J. F. Burkhart | A. Stohl | G. Ancellet | K. S. Law
Questions of Logic, Philosophy, and Linguistics

Author(s): Marcio Chaves-Tannús
Relationships between respiratory and airway resistances and activity-related dyspnea in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Author(s): Mahut B | Caumont-Prim A | Plantier L | Gillet-Juvin K | Callens E | Sanchez O | Chevalier-Bidaud B | Bokov P | Delclaux C

Author(s): José Manuel SÁNCHEZ SANTOS | José Pablo ABEAL VÁZQUEZ
Biomass allocation to anchoring structures in the aquatic macrophytes from the subcontinental and Atlantic climates in Europe

Author(s): Józef Szmeja | Bernard Clement | Katarzyna Bociąg | Agnieszka Gałka | Piotr Skurzyński
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