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Phosphatases in the cellular response to DNA damage

Author(s): Freeman Alyson | Monteiro Alvaro
Hepatic manifestations of celiac disease

Author(s): Hugh James Freeman
Recent advances in celiac disease

Author(s): Hugh James Freeman | Angeli Chopra | Michael Tom Clandinin | Alan BR Thomson
Unusual presentation of cactus spines in the flank of an elderly man: a case report

Author(s): Suárez Andrea | Freeman Scott | Puls Lauren | Dellavalle Robert
A comparability study of 5 commercial KRAS tests

Author(s): Oliner Kelly | Juan Todd | Suggs Sid | Wolf Michael | Sarosi Ildiko | Freeman Daniel | Gyuris Tibor | Baron Will | Bakker Andreas | Parker Alex | Patterson Scott
Podcast Podcast Podcast

Author(s): Paul Nightingale | Sergio Diez de Medina
Theory of Thematic Curricula

Author(s): Carole Cook Freeman | Harris J. Sokoloff
Clinical application for the preservation of phospho-proteins through in-situ tissue stabilization

Author(s): Rountree C Bart | Van Kirk Colleen | You Hanning | Ding Wei | Dang Hien | VanGuilder Heather | Freeman Willard
Tropheryma whipplei Infection

Author(s): Hugh James Freeman
Characterization of Effluent from Textile Wet Finishing Operations

Author(s): Freeman Ntuli | Daniel Ikhu-Omoregbe | Pardon K. Kuipa | Edison Muzenda | Mohamed Belaid
The mEPN scheme: an intuitive and flexible graphical system for rendering biological pathways

Author(s): Freeman Tom | Raza Sobia | Theocharidis Athanasios | Ghazal Peter
It’s All Their Fault?

Author(s): Clyde Freeman Herreid
Multidrug resistant Kluyvera ascorbata septicemia in an adult patient: a case report

Author(s): Moonah Shannon | Deonarine Kavita | Freeman Clyde
Estimating the location of the open-closed magnetic field line boundary from auroral images

Author(s): N. Longden | G. Chisham | M. P. Freeman | G. A. Abel | T. Sotirelis
The impact of degree field on the earnings of male and female college graduates

Author(s): Catherine E. Freeman | Thomas D. Snyder | Brooke Connolly
Curve Length Estimation using Vertix Chain Code Curve Length Estimation

Author(s): Habibollah Haron | Shafry Rahim | Amjad Rehman | Tanzila Saba
Perivascular epithelioid cell neoplasm of the colon

Author(s): Hugh James Freeman | Doug L Webber
Obesity Hypertension: The Regulatory Role of Leptin

Author(s): Shilpa Kshatriya | Kan Liu | Ali Salah | Tamas Szombathy | Ronald H. Freeman | Garry P. Reams | Robert M. Spear | Daniel Villarreal
Mesenteric lymph node cavitation syndrome

Author(s): Hugh James Freeman
Lethal neuroendocrine carcinoma in ulcerative colitis

Author(s): Hugh J Freeman, Ken Berean
Malignancy in adult celiac disease

Author(s): Hugh James Freeman
Adult autoimmune enteropathy

Author(s): Hugh James Freeman
Adult celiac disease in the elderly

Author(s): Hugh James Freeman
Occupational cancer in developed countries

Author(s): Blair Aaron | Marrett Loraine | Beane Freeman Laura
Construction of a large scale integrated map of macrophage pathogen recognition and effector systems

Author(s): Raza Sobia | McDerment Neil | Lacaze Paul | Robertson Kevin | Watterson Steven | Chen Ying | Chisholm Michael | Eleftheriadis George | Monk Stephanie | O'Sullivan Maire | Turnbull Arran | Roy Douglas | Theocharidis Athanasios | Ghazal Peter | Freeman Tom
EpCAM nuclear localization identifies aggressive Thyroid Cancer and is a marker for poor prognosis

Author(s): Ralhan Ranju | Cao Jun | Lim Terence | MacMillan Christina | Freeman Jeremy | Walfish Paul
Differences in the BAL proteome after Klebsiella pneumoniae infection in wild type and SP-A-/- mice

Author(s): Ali Mehboob | Umstead Todd | Haque Rizwanul | Mikerov Anatoly | Freeman Willard | Floros Joanna | Phelps David
An Efficient Recognition Method for Drivers' Eye States

Author(s): Y. Jing-Dong | Y. Jing-Hui | C. Ze-Su | L. Jiang-Wei
An Efficient Structural Mouse Gesture Approach for Recognizing Hindi Digits

Author(s): N.F. Shilbayeh | G. Raho | M. Alkhateeb
The environment and vegetation of the flux measurement site near Skukuza, Kruger National Park

Author(s): R. J. Scholes | N. Gureja | M. Giannecchinni | D. Dovie | B. Wilson | N. Davidson | K. Piggott | C. Mcloughlin | K. Van der Velde | A. Freeman | S. Bradley | R. Smart | S. Ndala
GOModeler- A tool for hypothesis-testing of functional genomics datasets

Author(s): Manda Prashanti | Freeman McKinley | Bridges Susan | Jankun-Kelly TJ | Nanduri Bindu | McCarthy Fiona | Burgess Shane
Bm86 midgut protein sequence variation in South Texas cattle fever ticks

Author(s): Freeman Jeanne | Davey Ronald | Kappmeyer Lowell | Kammlah Diane | Olafson Pia
Ocean Measurements from Space in 2025

Author(s): Anthony Freeman | Victor Zlotnicki | Tim Liu | Ben Holt | Ron Kwok | Simon Yueh | Jorge Vazquez | Dave Siegel | Gary Lagerloef
Synthesis and curing of alkyd enamels based on ricinoleic acid

Author(s): Jovičić Mirjana C. | Radičević Radmila Ž. | Simendić Vesna B.
In-hospital resuscitation: opioids and other factors influencing survival

Author(s): Karamarie Fecho | Freeman Jackson | Frances Smith | et al
Local Flexibility within an Accountability System

Author(s): Benjamin Scafidi | Catherine Freeman | Stan DeJarnett
Intestinal lymphangiectasia in adults

Author(s): Hugh James Freeman | Michael Nimmo
Protein S blocks the extrinsic apoptotic cascade in tissue plasminogen activator/N-methyl D-aspartate-treated neurons via Tyro3-Akt-FKHRL1 signaling pathway

Author(s): Guo Huang | Barrett Theresa | Zhong Zhihui | Fernández José | Griffin John | Freeman Robert | Zlokovic Berislav
Administration of a tropomyosin receptor kinase inhibitor attenuates sarcoma-induced nerve sprouting, neuroma formation and bone cancer pain

Author(s): Ghilardi Joseph | Freeman Katie | Jimenez-Andrade Juan | Mantyh William | Bloom Aaron | Kuskowski Michael | Mantyh Patrick
Mucinous carcinoma in Crohn’s disease originating in a fistulous tract

Author(s): Hugh J Freeman | Tom Perry | Douglas L Webber | Silvia D Chang | Mong-Yang Loh
Update on collagenous sprue

Author(s): Hugh James Freeman
Litter type affects the activity of aerobic decomposers in a boreal peatland more than site nutrient and water level regimes

Author(s): P. Straková | R. M. Niemi | C. Freeman | K. Peltoniemi | H. Toberman | I. Heiskanen | H. Fritze | R. Laiho
Long-term natural history of Crohn’s disease

Author(s): Hugh James Freeman
Adult celiac disease with acetylcholine receptor antibody positive myasthenia gravis

Author(s): Hugh J Freeman, Helen R Gillett, Peter M Gillett, Joel Oger
Complications of collagenous colitis

Author(s): Hugh James Freeman
Free perforation of the small intestine in collagenous sprue

Author(s): Hugh J Freeman, Douglas L Webber
Colorectal cancer risk in Crohns disease

Author(s): Hugh James Freeman
Melanosis in the small and large intestine

Author(s): Hugh James Freeman
Incident venous thromboembolic events in the Prospective Study of Pravastatin in the Elderly at Risk (PROSPER)

Author(s): Freeman Dilys | Robertson Michele | Brown E Ann | Rumley Ann | Tobias Edward | Frölich Marijke | Slagboom P Eline | Jukema J Wouter | de Craen Anton | Sattar Naveed | Ford Ian | Gaw Allan | Greer Ian | Lowe Gordon | Stott David
AGRICOH: A Consortium of Agricultural Cohorts

Author(s): Maria E. Leon | Laura E. Beane Freeman | Jeroen Douwes | Jane A. Hoppin | Hans Kromhout | Pierre Lebailly | Karl-Christian Nordby | Marc Schenker | Joachim Schüz | Stephen C. Waring | Michael C.R. Alavanja | Isabella Annesi-Maesano | Isabelle Baldi | Mohamed Aqiel Dalvie | Giles Ferro | Béatrice Fervers | Hilde Langseth | Leslie London | Charles F. Lynch | John McLaughlin | James A. Merchant | Punam Pahwa | Torben Sigsgaard | Leslie Thomas Stayner | Catharina Wesseling | Keun-Young Yoo | Shelia H. Zahm | Kurt Straif | Aaron Blair
Consensus Recommendations for Advancing Breast Cancer: Risk Identification and Screening in Ethnically Diverse Younger Women

Author(s): Alexander Stojadinovic, Thomas A Summers, John Eberhardt, Albert Cerussi, Warren Grundfest, Charles M. Peterson, Michael Brazaitis, Elizabeth Krupinski, Harold Freeman

Author(s): Cecile Petit | Wolfgang Reckers | Jean-Marie Becker | Michel Jourlin
Incidence and Severity of Lymphoedema following Limb Salvage of Extremity Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Author(s): Daniel Friedmann | Jay S. Wunder | Peter Ferguson | Brian O'Sullivan | David Roberge | Charles Catton | Carolyn Freeman | Neil Saran | Robert E. Turcotte
Development of an Oral Form of Azacytidine: 2′3′5′Triacetyl-5-Azacytidine

Author(s): Amy Ziemba | Eugene Hayes | Burgess B. Freeman | Tao Ye | Giuseppe Pizzorno
Trace methane oxidation studied in several Euryarchaeota under diverse conditions

Author(s): James J. Moran | Christopher H. House | Katherine H. Freeman | James G. Ferry
MAGIC Database and Interfaces: An Integrated Package for Gene Discovery and Expression

Author(s): Marie-Michèle Cordonnier-Pratt | Chun Liang | Haiming Wang | Dmitri S. Kolychev | Feng Sun | Robert Freeman | Robert Sullivan | Lee H. Pratt
The Progress of the Magnetic Hydrocyclone

Author(s): R. J. Freeman | N. A. Rowson | T. J. Veasey | I. R. Harris
The Framework of Image Recognition based on Modified Freeman Chain Code

Author(s): H. Hasan, H. Haron & S. Z. Mohd Hashim
First results for the solar neighborhood of the Asiago Red Clump Survey

Author(s): Valentini M. | Munari U. | Saguner T. | Freeman K. | Pasetto S. | Montalbán J. | Grebel E.K.
The kinematical evolution of the Galactic disk

Author(s): Anguiano B. | Freeman K. | Steinmetz M. | de Boer E.W.
Validity and Reliability of an Estimated Daily Intake Scale for Fat

Author(s): Gregory J Privitera | Chanel S Freeman
An Updated Algorithm for Estimation of Pesticide Exposure Intensity in the Agricultural Health Study

Author(s): Joseph Coble | Kent W. Thomas | Cynthia J. Hines | Jane A. Hoppin | Mustafa Dosemeci | Brian Curwin | Jay H. Lubin | Laura E. Beane Freeman | Aaron Blair | Dale P. Sandler | Michael C. R. Alavanja
Oil Detection in a Coastal Marsh with Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)

Author(s): Elijah Ramsey III | Amina Rangoonwala | Yukihiro Suzuoki | Cathleen E. Jones
Evaluation of specific activity of acid phosphatase in gingival crevicular fluid during orthodontic tooth movements

Author(s): Alireza Omrani | Manouchehr Mesripoor | Raha Kowsari Isfahan | Arash Motaghi
Book Reviews

Author(s): L.O. Schuman | C. Hooykaas | Hans Nevermann | A. Teeuw | ? Slametmuljana | P. van Emst | J.D. Freeman | H.J. de Graaf | J.P. Cortemünde | A. Teeuw | Miroslav Oplt
Concurrent hippocampal induction of MHC II pathway components and glial activation with advanced aging is not correlated with cognitive impairment

Author(s): VanGuilder Heather | Bixler Georgina | Brucklacher Robert | Farley Julie | Yan Han | Warrington Junie | Sonntag William | Freeman Willard
Polygonal Approximation of Contour Shapes Using Corner Detectors

Author(s): Hermilo Sánchez‐Cruz | Ernesto Bribiesca
Cu (II) Removal from Synthetic Waste Water by Ion Exchange Process

Author(s): Edison Muzenda | John Kabuba | Freeman Ntuli | Mansoor Mollagee | Antoine F. Mulaba - Bafubiandi
Effect of pH on the Recovery and Grade of Base Metal Sulphides (PGMs) by Flotation

Author(s): Edson Muzenda | Ayo S. Afolabi | Ambali S. Abdulkareem | Freeman Ntuli
Process Intensification of Zinc Oxide Leaching Process Using Sulphuric Acid

Author(s): D Napo | Freeman Ntuli | Edison Muzenda | Mansoor Mollagee
Reflecting on Waste Management Strategies for South Africa

Author(s): Edison Muzenda | Mohamed Belaid | Mansoor Mollagee | Ntemi Motampane | Freeman Ntuli
Litter type affects the activity of aerobic decomposers in a boreal peatland more than site nutrient and water table regimes

Author(s): P. Straková | R. M. Niemi | C. Freeman | K. Peltoniemi | H. Toberman | I. Heiskanen | H. Fritze | R. Laiho
Trisomy 18 (Edwards Syndrome)

Author(s): Masoud Poureisa
Simplified Symptom Pattern Method for verbal autopsy analysis: multisite validation study using clinical diagnostic gold standards

Author(s): Murray Christopher | James Spencer | Birnbaum Jeanette | Freeman Michael | Lozano Rafael | Lopez Alan
Performance of InterVA for assigning causes of death to verbal autopsies: multisite validation study using clinical diagnostic gold standards

Author(s): Lozano Rafael | Freeman Michael | James Spencer | Campbell Benjamin | Lopez Alan | Flaxman Abraham | Murray Christopher
The effect of a physician-targeted intervention on metoclopramide prescribing practice

Author(s): Yang YX | Leonard CE | Freeman C | Hennessy S
A system for de-identifying medical message board text

Author(s): Benton Adrian | Hill Shawndra | Ungar Lyle | Chung Annie | Leonard Charles | Freeman Cristin | Holmes John
Chronic insulin treatment of diabetes does not fully normalize alterations in the retinal transcriptome

Author(s): Bixler Georgina | VanGuilder Heather | Brucklacher Robert | Kimball Scot | Bronson Sarah | Freeman Willard
Implementing recovery: an analysis of the key technologies in Scotland

Author(s): Smith-Merry Jennifer | Freeman Richard | Sturdy Steve
Intraoperative radiation therapy for advanced cervical metastasis: a single institution experience

Author(s): Zeidan Youssef | Yeh Alex | Weed Daniel | Terry Colin | Freeman Stephen | Krowiak Edward | Borrowdale Robert | Huntley Tod
Epithelioid hemangioma of the penis: case report and review of literature

Author(s): Ismail Mohamed | Damato Stephen | Freeman Alex | Nigam Raj
English and Black Walnut Phenolic Antioxidant Activity in Vitro and Following Human Nut Consumption

Author(s): Jacki M Rorabaugh | Ajay P Singh | Isabel M Sherrell | Michelle R Freeman | Nicholi Vorsa | Peter Fitschen | Christopher Malone | Margaret A Maher | Ted Wilson
Evaluating the Remote Sensing and Inventory-Based Estimation of Biomass in the Western Carpathians

Author(s): Magdalena Main-Knorn | Gretchen G. Moisen | Sean P. Healey | William S. Keeton | Elizabeth A. Freeman | Patrick Hostert
Improved Vertex Chain Code Based Mapping Algorithm for Curve Length Estimation

Author(s): H. Haron | A. Rehman | L. A. Wulandhari | T. Saba
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