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Giant Otters in French Guiana: A first report.

Author(s): Jaques H. | Pelsy C. | Thoisy B. de
Malaria or kalimbe: how to choose?

Author(s): Carme Bernard
A new species of Colostethus (Anura, Dendrobatidae) from French Guiana with a redescription of Colostethus beebei (Noble, 1923) from its type locality

Author(s): Philippe J. R. Kok | Ross D. MacCulloch | Philippe Gaucher | Erik H. Poelman | Godfrey R. Bourne | Amy Lathrop | Georges L. Lenglet
In Vitro Responses of Plasmodium falciparum Isolates to Five Antimalaria Drugs in French Guiana during 1994 and 1995

Author(s): Reynes Jean-Marc | Fargette Josiane | Gaborit Pascal | Yarde Steve
Molecular analysis of two local falciparum malaria outbreaks on the French Guiana coast confirms the msp1 B-K1/varD genotype association with severe malaria

Author(s): Legrand Eric | Volney Beatrice | Lavergne Anne | Tournegros Caroline | Florent Loïc | Accrombessi Doris | Guillotte Micheline | Mercereau-Puijalon Odile | Esterre Philippe
Phenology of marine turtle nesting revealed by statistical model of the nesting season

Author(s): Girondot Marc | Rivalan Philippe | Wongsopawiro Ronald | Briane Jean-Paul | Hulin Vincent | Caut Stéphane | Guirlet Elodie | Godfrey Matthew
Hmong Resettlement in French Guiana

Author(s): Patrick F. Clarkin
Rapid Urban Mapping Using SAR/Optical Imagery Synergy

Author(s): Christina Corbane | Jean-François Faure | Nicolas Baghdadi | Nicolas Villeneuve | Michel Petit
Feeding mice with diets containing mercury-contaminated fish flesh from French Guiana: a model for the mercurial intoxication of the Wayana Amerindians

Author(s): Bourdineaud Jean-Paul | Bellance Nadège | Bénard Giovani | Brèthes Daniel | Fujimura Masatake | Gonzalez Patrice | Marighetto Aline | Maury-Brachet Régine | Mormède Cécile | Pédron Vanessa | Philippin Jean-Nicolas | Rossignol Rodrigue | Rostène William | Sawada Masumi | Laclau Muriel
Genetic diversity of msp3α and msp1_b5 markers of Plasmodium vivax in French Guiana

Author(s): Véron Vincent | Legrand Eric | Yrinesi Joséphine | Volney Béatrice | Simon Stéphane | Carme Bernard
Branch xylem density variations across the Amazon Basin

Author(s): S. Patiño | J. Lloyd | R. Paiva | T. R. Baker | C. A. Quesada | L. M. Mercado | J. Schmerler | M. Schwarz | A. J. B. Santos | A. Aguilar | C. I. Czimczik | J. Gallo | V. Horna | E. J. Hoyos | E. M. Jimenez | W. Palomino | J. Peacock | A. Peña-Cruz | C. Sarmiento | A. Sota | J. D. Turriago | B. Villanueva | P. Vitzthum | E. Alvarez | L. Arroyo | C. Baraloto | D. Bonal | J. Chave | A. C. L. Costa | R. Herrera | N. Higuchi | T. Killeen | E. Leal | F. Luizão | P. Meir | A. Monteagudo | D. Neil | P. Núñez-Vargas | M. C. Peñuela | N. Pitman | N. Priante Filho | A. Prieto | S. N. Panfil | A. Rudas | R. Salomão | N. Silva | M. Silveira | S. Soares deAlmeida | A. Torres-Lezama | R. Vásquez-Martínez | I. Vieira | Y. Malhi | O. L. Phillips
Determination of the Plasmodium vivax relapse pattern in Camopi, French Guiana

Author(s): Hanf Matthieu | Stéphani Aurélia | Basurko Célia | Nacher Mathieu | Carme Bernard
The imprint of the Slave Trade in an African American population: mitochondrial DNA, Y chromosome and HTLV-1 analysis in the Noir Marron of French Guiana

Author(s): Brucato Nicolas | Cassar Olivier | Tonasso Laure | Tortevoye Patricia | Migot-Nabias Florence | Plancoulaine Sabine | Guitard Evelyne | Larrouy Georges | Gessain Antoine | Dugoujon Jean-Michel
Influence of climate and river level on the incidence of malaria in Cacao, French Guiana

Author(s): Basurko Célia | Hanf Matthieu | Han-Sze René | Rogier Stéphanie | Héritier Philippe | Grenier Claire | Joubert Michel | Nacher Mathieu | Carme Bernard
Dry-season retreat and dietary shift of the dart-poison frog Dendrobates tinctorius (Anura: Dendrobatidae)

Author(s): Marga Born | Frans Bongers | Erik H. Poelman | Frank J. Sterck
The Zymovars of Vibrio cholerae: Multilocus Enzyme Electrophoresis of Vibrio cholerae

Author(s): Freitas Fernanda S | Momen Hooman | Salles Carlos Andre
The low and declining risk of malaria in travellers to Latin America: is there still an indication for chemoprophylaxis?

Author(s): Behrens Ron | Carroll Bernadette | Beran Jiri | Bouchaud Olivier | Hellgren Urban | Hatz Christoph | Jelinek Tomas | Legros Fabrice | Mühlberger Nikolai | Myrvang Bjørn | Siikamäki Heli | Visser Leo
Sequence analysis of Plasmodium falciparum cytochrome b in multiple geographic sites

Author(s): Ekala Marie-Thérèse | Khim Nimol | Legrand Eric | Randrianarivelojosia Milijaona | Jambou Ronan | Fandeur Thierry | Menard Didier | Assi Serge-Brice | Henry Marie-Claire | Rogier Christophe | Bouchier Christiane | Mercereau-Puijalon Odile
Value of syndromic surveillance within the Armed Forces for early warning during a dengue fever outbreak in French Guiana in 2006

Author(s): Meynard Jean-Baptiste | Chaudet Hervé | Texier Gaetan | Ardillon Vanessa | Ravachol Françoise | Deparis Xavier | Jefferson Henry | Dussart Philippe | Morvan Jacques | Boutin Jean-Paul
Four new species of Sapindaceae from the Guianas

Author(s): Pedro Acevedo-Rodríguez
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